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800 Watt Inverter Generator

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This Inverter Generator Can Go With You Almost Anywhere

This amazingly lightweight, quiet and compact unit is so portable; you can take it with you almost anywhere. It is a perfect companion for fishing trips, hunting trips, camping trips, tailgating, outdoor cooking and backup power generation. An industry-first circulating fuel pump permits this generator to operate at extremely high ambient temperatures which is ideal for activities during the summer in sand and on asphalt.

PortaSource Inverter IG800W circulating fuel pump

Industry First!
Circulating Fuel Pump

Other generators of similar size lose power at elevated operating temperatures because the fuel boils in the fuel supply line. The Porta Source IG800W uses a circulating fuel pump which constantly moves fuel through the fuel system and back to the fuel tank eliminating air bubbles in the fuel supply. This keeps the unit at rated power even in extremely hot conditions.

PortaSource Inverter IG800W 14hrs economyFuel Efficient

At 14 hours per gallon the fuel efficient IG800W runs for hours without needing a refill. There is no need to wake up in the middle of the night to refuel this generator while trickle charging your boat batteries or providing auxiliary power for low wattage night lights. The economy mode feature automatically adjusts fuel consumption and noise to the electrical load applied. Needing less fuel also means needing less space. In many cases an extra fuel can isn’t needed which saves room when packing equipment for day trips.

PortaSource Inverter IG800W lightweight tough sm

Lightweight and Tough

At a dry unit weight of 18.5 pounds this generator is 25 percent lighter than similar wattage generators. The small, lightweight IG800W is perfect for taking with you to those remote places where larger power sources would be cumbersome. A convenient carrying handle and impact resistant shell made from talc filled polypropylene stand up to back-country abuse.


PortaSource Inverter IG800W quiet operation sm Quiet Operation

At 58 (decibels) there’s no need to set your inverter generator long distances from your activity. The Porta Source IG800W is designed to be quiet with a cast iron exhaust header, noise-cancelling air intake, multi-chambered muffler, noise-suppressing housing and vibration-dampening feet. This unit is a perfect companion for activities where walls are thin and neighbors are in close proximity.


PortaSource Inverter IG800W compact sm


Keep the clutter off of your garage floor by storing this compact unit on a shelf or in a storage cabinet. Compact construction also has benefits during transport and use. This generator will fit easily in the trunk of a vehicle or on an ATV. It is well-suited for storing in your boat and charging the trolling motor batteries between tournaments.



PortaSource Inverter IG800W safely chargePure Sine Wave With Overload Protection

The IG800W Inverter Generator is gentle on your sensitive electronic devices. It eliminates the choppy, surging power that a less sophisticated generator will deliver by producing a “pure sine wave”. Another electrical safety feature includes an instant reset circuit breaker which provides immediate power after an overload condition instead of waiting for a thermal reset switch to cool off. Both of these features allow you to charge your cell phone, your electronic tablet, or even your laptop with confidence knowing that the vital internal components are protected.

PortaSource Inverter IG800W panelEasy to Start

A compression release on the surface of a single-lobe cam make pull starting easy. Cold starting and starting after fuel depletion are also easy due to a built-in primer bulb that gives the engine immediate fuel supply.



Comprehensive List of Features:

  • Circulating fuel pump
  • Economy mode
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Carrying handle
  • Multiple chamber muffler
  • Compression release cam
  • Intake and exhaust valve seals
  • Three ring piston
  • Oversized crank bearings
  • Forged crank shaft
  • Copper windings
  • Permanent magnet rotor
  • Grounding lug
  • Cast iron exhaust header
  • Low oil sensor
  • Pure sine wave
  • Circuit breaker
  • Outputs include a three prong 120VAC @ 6.5A NEMA 5-15R, and a two prong 12VDC @ 4A
  • CARB compliant


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Product Summary

This amazingly lightweight, quiet and compact unit is so portable; you can take it with you almost anywhere. It is a perfect companion for fishing trips, hunting trips, camping trips, tailgating, outdoor cooking and backup power generation.

The industry-first circulating fuel pump permits this generator to operate at extremely high ambient temperatures. At the core of this lightweight wonder is a 40CC pushrod overhead valve engine. Oil consumption is greatly reduced by seals on both the intake and exhaust valves. A three-ring piston also minimizes oil consumption. Low oil consumption makes for a clean and efficient power plant.

Oversized crankshaft bearings and a forged crankshaft provide hundreds of hours of minimal-maintenance operation. An oversized oil sump and circulating fuel pump keep this unit cool which is also vital for extending engine life. The low oil shutdown protects the engine from running dry of oil which would destroy the machine. Copper windings and permanent magnets drive AC power into the inverter cell which is potted with epoxy for resisting dirt, water, and other solvents that may come in contact with the on-board computer. The air cleaner and muffler are specifically designed to cancel sound from both the intake and exhaust. A cast iron exhaust manifold keeps both combustion heat and noise captured in the combustion chamber.

The entire generator enclosure and rubber feet are specifically designed for sound and vibration dampening. The shell is constructed of talc-filled polypropylene and includes a convenient carrying handle. The AC power output is a pure sine wave. Pure sine wave output and the overload circuit breaker protect sensitive electronics from dirty power and power surges. In the box is a generator, instruction manual, the world’s best Philips screw driver (PN 16192), 12V charging cable with battery clamps, and a spark plug socket wrench.


800 Watt Specifications:

Engine Brand Viper
Engine Type 4-cycle
Engine Displacement 40cc
Max AC Output 800 W
Running AC Output 700 W
Run Time (@ 25% load) 8.2 hrs
Gas Tank Capacity .55 gal
Noise Level (@ 7 m) 58 dB
Weight(dry) 18.5 lb
Overall: 14″ H x 8.2″ W x 15.6″ D
Handle: 1

Typical Devices

Appliance Watts Starting Watts
Light bulb (75W) 75 0
TV (27”) 500 0
Radio 100 0
Box Fan (20”) 200 0
Inflator Pump 50 150
Phone Charger 25 0


Finish: Black shell with red removable panels Hardware Finish: Black Zinc
Number of Items Included: 5 Hardware Material:Steel
Rust Resistant: Yes Weather Resistant: Yes
  • Weather Resistant Details: Shock proof enclosure
Starting Wattage: 800 Watts (W) Running Wattage: 700 Watts (W)
Run Time at Half Load: 7 Hours Maximum Wattage: 800 Watts (W)
Engine Type: 4 Cycle Engine Brand: Viper
Engine Size: 40 cc Engine Horsepower: 1.34
Engine RPM: 5500 Number of Cylinders: 1
Phase: Single phase Voltage: 120 Volts (V)
Voltage Regulator: Yes Maximum Amperage: 6.5 Amps
Rated Amperage: 6 Amps Rated Frequency: 60 Hertz
Transfer Switch Included: No NEMA Rating: 5
Control Type: Digital Circuit Breaker Included: Yes
Overload Protection: Yes Starting System: Recoil
  • Number of Outlets: 2
  • Outlet Types:(1) 120V @ 5.8A, (1) 12V @ 4.5A
Remote Starter Included: No
Fuel Type: Gasoline Dual Fuel Use: No
Tank Capacity: .55 Gallons Fuel Included: No
Load Management System: Yes Fuel Gauge Included: No
Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
  • Overheat Shutdown: Yes
Low Oil Alert: Yes
Recommended Oil Type: 10W30 Oil Included: No
Noise Level: 58 Decibel Cooling System: Air-cooled
Muffler Included: Yes Spark Arrestor Included: Yes
Handles Included: Yes
  • Number of Handles: 1
Wheels Included: No
Mounting Pad Included: No Indoor or Outdoor Use: Outdoor use only
Residential or Commercial Use: Residential use only Eco-Friendly: Yes


Assembly Required: No Installation Required: No
Additional Parts Required: No  


Product Warranty: 1 Year product, 2 year engine


EPA Compliant: Yes CARB Compliant: Yes
CSA Certified: No CE Approved: Yes

What’s in the box

(1) Generator (1) Spark Plug Socket
(1) Phillips Screwdriver (1) Owner’s Manual
(1) 12V Charging Cable  



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