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Fields Edge M220 Pivoting String Mower

Fields Edge M220 Pivoting String MowerThe Multi-Tool for your Fields and Lawn

Those that have used string mowers realize that they are a great multi-purpose tool capable of both mowing down a fallow field and trimming around obstacles within an established lawn. The M220 from Fields Edge has made this versatile machine even more effective. Featuring the wheel pivot system, and Clear-Cut cutting head, the M220 from Fields Edge is the most versatile string mower on the market today.

Fileds Edge M220 Clear Cut Cutting HeadClear-Cut™ Cutting Head

The high density cutting line on the new M220 string mower last 4 to 5 times longer than typical designs, due to the unique attachment system of the Clear-cut head. In addition to long line life, when it does come time to replace the line, changing line on the Clear-cut is quick and easy. Just slide the line into the passage and you’re back to cutting in only a few seconds. Lastly, the Clear-Cut head is a superior cutting tool. With cutting line at two levels on the head, once vegetation is cut and loose, it is immediately blown clear of the head allowing each revolution of the head to cut more effectively.


Fields Edge M220 ActionWheel Pivot System

With the Wheel pivot system, the Fields Edge M220 is also great for trimming. The M220 is the first string mower to feature the stand-up wheel pivot system, allowing the user to off-set the head position during operation. Pivoting the wheels positions the cutting head in the ideal location for trimming along fences or retaining walls.

Fileds Edge M220 Wheel Pivot System






Fields Edge M220 Stays RunningThe Fields Edge Stays Running!

Remove obstacles in your path without having to restart your engine. The head engagement bail on the handlebar keeps you safe, but the engine keeps running. With other string mowers once you let go of the handle bar, the engine quits.





Fields Edge M220 Well Balanced Over Sized Wheels Well-balanced with over-sized wheels

The Fields Edge M220 is well balanced and super easy to maneuver and the large diameter wheels glide over uneven terrain.





 Fields Edge logo

Rolling String Trimmer with 173cc Viper
Engine M200

Powered by a powerful yet quiet 173cc Viper® engine the M200™ string mower from Fields Edge™ chops down your unsightly weeds and stubborn brush with ease. The larger 14 inch wheels allow you to float through thick grass, weeds, brush, nettles and other foliage too difficult for push mowers to overcome.



One all-terrain machine mows, trims and clears brush.


Tool-less cam locks for compact storage and transportation.

Superior Design

Durable, one-piece, seamless deck reduces vibration.


High-wheel design floats over uneven ground and through tall weeds.



  • Engine: Viper® 4-cycle
  • Rating: 173cc, 5.9 ft-lbs engine torque
  • Cutting Swatch: 22″
  • Cutting Line Dia.: .155″
  • Wheel Dia.: 13.625″
  • Cut Height: 1.5″-3.0″
  • Weight: 68 lbs



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