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QuickSplit 12 Ton Log Splitter W1265V

Earthquake Logsplitter W1265VThe new QuickSplit 12 Log Splitter delivers versatility to log splitting. What’s great about the QuickSplit 12 is the adjustable splitting beam. The beam can be at waist height or low to the ground. With the beam in the lowered position, the splitter can be hauled by an ATV over rough terrain without tipping. The QuickSplit 12 delivers compact size but packs the punch of a 196 cc Viper engine.


Compact log splitter with adjustable splitting beam

The Quicksplit 12 Ton log splitter from Earthquake has plenty of strength to go along with its compact size. With an adjustable splitting beam and hauling capabilities, the Quicksplit is a versatile log splitter that gets the job done.

  • Innovative 2-position splitting beam
  • Tow your W1265V and trailer together (off-road use only)
  • Tongue extends, making room for ATV rack
  • Unique splitting wedge design to split logs faster
  • Also available with Briggs and Stratton Engine


  • Engine: Viper
  • Rating: 196cc
  • Max Splitting Force: 12 Tons
  • Max Log Length: 21″
  • Wedge Height: 5″
  • Hitch: Pin Style
  • Weight: 221 lbs

Compact Electric 5 Ton Log Splitter W1200

Earthquake Logsplitter W1200With the W1200’s electric motor there is no need for gasoline. Its long-lasting wheels are made to withstand abuse and the easy-grip handle makes it simple to transport. Like every Earthquake product, the W1200 is a powerful and versatile machine that will make any outdoor job easier and less time-consuming.


Portability Without a Hitch

You just plug it in and start splitting. An easy grip handle allows you to take the splitter where you want it. For the occasional campfire or just enough wood for the weekend the Earthquake W1200 gets the job done.

  • Rubber-coated handle is perfectly placed for transport
  • Electric motor means no need for gasoline
  • Long-lasting wheels are made to withstand abuse
  • 50-state compliant


  • Engine: Electric 1.75hp,60 hz, 15 amp
  • Rating: 1.75 hp
  • Max Splitting Force: 5 tons
  • Max Log Length: 20″
  • Wedge Height: 4.125″
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year limited


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