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TruFuel 4-cycle fuel with TF3 gives top performance

TruFuel 4-Cycle Fuel for Lawnmowers TruFuel 4-Cycle Fuel for Generators TruSouth TruFuel 4-Cycle Fuel

TruFuel Triple Threat Fuel Enhancement

Powerful detergent to prevent deposit

  • Cleans fuel system
  • Prevents deposits

Friction Modifier

  • Improves Performance through two separate mechanisms
    • Cleans your intake valves and fuel injectors
    • Reduces friction in the upper cylinder area through a friction modifier

Stabilizer inhibits oxidation and reduces corrosion

  • Triple corrosion protection
    • Reduces Steel corrosion
    • Reduces Silver corrosion
    • Reduces Copper corrosion

TruSouth TruFuel 4-Cycle Fuel with TF3

Improves gasoline stability

  • Improves resistance to gasoline oxidation

The only engineered 2-cycle fuel ready to use – straight from the can.

TruSouth TruFuel CansTruFuel is a high performance, ethanol-free fuel that’s precisely mixed with the most advanced synthetic lubricant and performance enhancing additives available. Just pour it from the convenient 32 ounce can into your 2-cycle equipment and go. No measuring. No mixing. No mess!

And unlike normal gas that begins to break down after just 30 days, TruFuel remains fresh more than 2 years after opening the can due to its proprietary formulation. Get to work faster and protect your equipment with TruFuel.

The TruAdvantage

With TruFuel, you get unmatched convenience, performance and protection. It’s what we call the TruAdvantage.

TruSouth TruCheckTruConvenience

We’ve already mixed it to the precise ratio your equipment needs. All you have to do is pour. No measuring. No clean up. No more trips to the gas station. And with our vapor tight seal and childproof cap, no more worries either.

TruSouth TruBoltTruPerformance

TruFuel isn’t ordinary gasoline. It’s high-octane fuel. Uniquely engineered. Blended without ethanol. That means easier start up, smooth idling and quicker trigger response. And, it’s mixed with synthetic oil for superior lubrication. So, your equipment performs when you need it to perform, and lasts longer.

TruSouth TruShieldTruProtection

TruFuel NEVER contains Ethanol!

Ethanol may be OK for automobiles…not so good for 2-cycle engines in leaf blowers, line trimmers and chain saws.


What most people don’t know is that over 75% of the gasoline sold in the US contains ethanol and that big problems can arise when gasoline containing ethanol is left unused for extended periods of time.

Why? The ethanol in the gasoline attracts water from the atmosphere and the two bond together – a process called “phase separation.” Having water in your fuel mix is… not good.

Ethanol is also a powerful solvent and when separation occurs, it often degrades rubber fuel lines and plastic components causing unnecessary maintenance problems and reduced lifespan for your outdoor power equipment.

TruFuel is specially engineered for 2-cycle engines – it NEVER contains ethanol.


Is it right for my equipment?

TruFuel is specially engineered for air-cooled, 2-cycle engines that require a gas and oil mixture for fuel. That means all line trimmers, chainsaws and leaf blowers needing either a 40:1 or 50:1 mix.

Is it right for me?

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, emergency responder, own your own landscaping company, or manage a huge maintenance department, TruFuel is designed for you. That’s because it delivers precise fuel and lubrication, every time. And, its unique formula and stabilizers ensure a 2-year shelf life after opening. So, you always get fresh, powerful fuel that performs and protects.

Which Mix Ratio Do I Need?

To ensure the right fuel for the brand of weed eater, leaf blower, chain saw, or other piece of 2-cycle equipment you use, consult the chart below.

TruSouth tabletop

Maruyama Craftsman
Stihl Poulan
Echo Troy-Bilt
Husqvarna McCulloch
Shindaiwa Yard
Ryobi Machines
Homelite Weedeater


How to handle it.

Remember, TruFuel contains gasoline, so it’s important to use extra care when handling.

To Open:
Grasp can firmly.
Depress the safety tab.
Twist tab past the locking mechanism and unscrew.

To Close:
Screw cap down tightly – make sure cap turns past the childproof locking clip.

It is also recommended that you use a small funnel when pouring TruFuel and a clean rag to wipe up any spilled liquid.

How to store TruFuel.

TruFuel should always be stored in a cool, well-ventilated area.
Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of 120 degrees fahrenheit.


What makes TruFuel go?

TruFuel’s main component is a proprietary premium fuel with a minimum octane of 93 RON and a target RVP of 7.5 psi. Manufactured from selected blend stocks without benzene, olefins, or oxygenates, it has an extremely low sulphur content and never contains ethanol. This ensures optimum performance for your air-cooled, 2-cycle engines while helping prevent rubber and plastic part breakdown. The lubricant component of TruFuel is an advanced synthetic oil with an ashless anti-wear additive package that virtually eliminates piston seizure due to deposits and ensures proper engine break-in. TruFuel’s synthetic oil has passed all test requirements for JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, and API TC as required by Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Shindaiwa, Ryobi and Maruyama.

What makes TruFuel safe?

When it comes to safety, rest assured that TruFuel is truly safe. We package it in a specially engineered metal can with a closure system that offers a secure seal, childproof cap, which is self venting for easy pour. This design enables the can to meet NFPA and BIC requirements for class 1A and 1B flammable product storage.

Material Safety Data Sheets

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