What You Should Know About the Different Types of Paintball Guns

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a grease gun? Grease guns were first created back in the 1800’s to help with removing stubborn grease from tough metals like aluminum and copper. Today grease guns can be used for many different things including removing grease from rubber and plastics. These items will never get sticky again if you learn how to use a grease gun the right way! Here is some information on how to use a grease gun and what the benefits are.

Grease Gun

When selecting grease guns, it is important that they have safety as your number one priority. Grease guns can only be used for restricted purposes, so you need to make sure the item you select is safe for the type of job you plan on doing. Grease guns will only work with lubricated parts so you need to ensure that any type of lubrication is allowed. Air powered guns will give you great coverage without the risk of leaks which can be very messy if not caught in time.

You will need to adjust the amount of pressure on the gun in order to reach the right pressure level for the job you are attempting. The amount of pressure will be dependent upon the type of application you will be completing. If you are looking to clean small pieces of furniture you can increase the amount of pressure with a larger pump while if you are looking to remove a thick layer of grime you should use a smaller pump. In most cases, a greaser gun will allow you to perform multiple applications until the job is complete.

To use a grease gun, it is important that you prepare the surface to be cleaned. This is usually done with a spray bottle or a sponge. The gun can come with a variety of attachments including a rotating drum or a rotating needle. It is a good idea to practice at a local paintball range to become comfortable using the gun and its various functions. It is also a good idea to learn how to use the various accessories included with the grease guns.

One accessory that is useful for many jobs is a zerk oil bearing. This bearing is used with the rotary pump in order to increase both air flow and suction. In addition to this accessory you may use one of the available replacement bearings as well.

Many people enjoy painting their guns so having a spool of extra paint is always handy. A grease gun works just as well as a paintbrush and you will have extra oil to add to your gun when you need it. Many of the guns will also include a barrel adjuster which allows you to fine tune the flow of the barrel to get the right amount of paint applied. The adjustable barrel lever allows you to make adjustments to the barrel to get the right amount of paint on the shot.

You may find that after you have painted the gun you have not added enough grease to the barrel and it is not closing properly. This is commonly found when you use the handle the wrong way, by pulling it towards the body. To fix this simply move the handlebarrel to the open position. You should not need to do this often but when you do it may help your paintballing experience.

If you are a beginning paintball player and want to shoot faster you can use a lower-powered grease gun. These guns normally only contain a low one or two horsepower but still produce plenty of pressure output. Low pressure output means that you will not achieve a very high velocity. However, if speed and reliability are important to you then this low pressure output might be what you are looking for.

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