What You Need to Know About Grease Guns

A grease gun, also referred to as a grease gun or grease remover is just a tool used for the task of loading greases with a standard gasoline or propane tank. It’s most commonly seen in garages or work shops to clean out the grease from between tires or to remove stubborn dirt and grease from tools. More importantly, it’s great for home DIY projects where you need an inexpensive way to clean grime off of all sorts of surfaces such as sinks, flooring, furniture and appliances.

Grease Gun

How to Use a Grease Gun? Simply insert the nozzle of the tool into the target area, which is usually a can or the like. Position the tip of the gun so that it creates a jet stream of grease or oil. For this process to be truly effective, you’ll want to spray a generous amount into the targeted area, since this method depends on gravity for its suction. You can either let the can dry up on its own (self-cleaning) or you can let the can air dry.

How to Fill a Grease Cartridge? If you’re going to be filling a grease gun with a standard model grease cartridge, then the process is pretty easy. Just pop the empty cartridge into your can, add your desired amount of cleaner and shake vigorously to mix. Then simply push the trigger to shoot the contents out of the can.

How to Use a Grease Gun After You Have Used It Once your old cartridge is dry, the easiest thing to do is to simply unscrew the top and take it out. Then you can simply replace the grease gun with a new one. However, if you need to reuse the old grease gun, you need to keep the following things in mind. First of all, make sure you have enough greasing solution handy to adequately cover your old gun’s base.

Can I Use a Grease Tube In My New Grease Gun? If you purchase an aftermarket grease gun, the easiest way to use it is just like you would with your old tube-type model. Simply open up the can, fill it with your desired amount of grease (usually about two cups), place the trigger in the can, and shoot away! However, you may find that you need to get an electric grease gun to accomplish this task successfully.

What’s All the Fuss About the Lever and the Barrel? The lever is the part that you use to activate the gun’s mechanism, and it looks sort of like a long metal tube coming out of the barrel (at one end). The lever attaches to a long metal sleeve on the bottom of the frame, and the entire assembly moves up and down when you push down on the trigger. The key to working a greased gun with a Lever, however, is to always keep one hand lower than the other, so that the gun’s mechanism can work more smoothly and easily.

Can I Run my Grease Gun on Normal Oil? Using grease guns without heavy-duty oil can be difficult because of the amount of friction between the gun and the grease. Grease tends to expand, and consequently, it can sometimes be difficult to get the gun started without a lot of “rushing.” If you are using a can of standard oil, you should be able to pump it full of oil before you start the process. After you have pumped some oil into the can, you can go ahead and start up your new grease gun. Some canister type grease guns take an additional step to prevent air from entering the canisters, but these guns are not as common.

What About Loading Options and Power Source? The loading options available for a battery-powered grease gun will generally depend on the type of gun, as well as on the type of grease being used. For example, some guns will load using the screw loading method, where the grease is loaded in the magazine by turning a crankshaft. A wheeled crank is then used to load the gun, and then it is turned to wind the gun. This is a good option if you don’t want to spend time reloading your gun from scratch.

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