What Is A Black & Decker String Trimmer?

Black  Decker String Trimmer

Are your Black & Decker trimmer worth its price? Does it do a good job for cutting grass? Does it come with accessories like a storage tray? Do you find the price a good deal? Here are some answers to your questions about the brand and model of your trimmer.

Overview: Brand: Black & Decker are known as one of the best brand names in the yard care industry for trimmers, including their cordless and corded line. Models: The line includes several models that vary in features and power. Some of the most popular models are the Reel Lawnmower and the Cordless Grass Chopper. Power: The cordless grass chopper is a smaller model compared to the reel mower. Cordless models include a compact base and an electric cutting path. The cordless model can be used on lawns that don’t have a deep cutting path.

What’s all the fuss about? The electric trimmers from Black & Decker are designed for ease of use, powerful transmission, and a quiet cutting sound. The electrical components of the trimmers transmit electromagnetic signals, which stimulate the blades and get them to work quickly and efficiently. There is no need for a flywheel or other electrical components.

Are the blades quiet? Yes, the blades are very quiet. You won’t hear it next to your neighbors walking by. Compared to gas-powered trimmers, the electronic cutting path motor and transmission are much quieter. Most electric trimmers generate less than sixty decibels. Compare that to the four hundred decibel emissions from gasoline powered lawnmower!

Is there a different cutting pattern? In addition to a fine cutting edge, the cutting patterns of the Black & Decker string trimmers are designed for more specific purposes. For instance, they have a trimmer with a cutting depth that is three inches deeper than the trimmers that use blades with a one-inch depth.

How long will a battery last? batteries last from one to five hours, but generally they can last up to ten hours. Most string trimmers do not use large battery packs, so you should not expect to run out of juice in a hurry. If you change the cutting angle on a regular basis, you should be able to get several more hours of use out of each battery.

Is the cordless trimmer portable? The cordless trimmer is not as portable as an electric or gas powered lawn mower. However, many models come with a cord that allows it to be transported by hand. For even greater portability, consider purchasing a model with a two-foot cord. This allows the user to operate the cutting tool without any additional cords.

Are there any other special features? Yes, in addition to the standard features, some of the best cordless trimmers on the market include state-of-the-art technology. For example, some models of the Black & Decker line include a remote control with built-in receivers. Other models, like the Hunter trimmer head, have a built-in oscillating feature that provides an excellent trimming action.

How much does the average battery consume? Cordless trimmers will typically last between fifty and one hundred hours. This is a typical operating life time, and it will vary based on the model used. Additionally, the wattage (at) of the batteries will determine how long a battery can provide power. More watts equal more cutting time, so keep this in mind when considering which model will meet your needs. To determine the maximum wattage that a model can perform, simply measure the total available lighting from the tool’s wall socket.

Does the unit have an automatic line feed? An automatic line feed keeps an electrical current running that eliminates the need for manual operation. However, if the power is cut, the automatic system will shut off automatically. If you plan on operating your new black & Decker electric trimmer without an automatic feature, you should purchase one that has a battery backup feature.

What is the battery life? Most battery choices for a black & Decker trimmer are lithium ion. They are safe to use as they do not produce harmful toxins, but there are some brands of trimmers that do use nickel cadmium or lithium polymer. In fact, these batteries are only recommended for operation over up to an hour at a time.

Are there any safety features or parts that might come in handy? On the whole, most cordless trimmers have a rubber bumper around the perimeter of the trimmer line, a self tightening mechanism, and an automatic line feed. However, some models do have a few extra items that might be helpful. Most reviewers say that the safety elements are great, although many consider the blade adjustment system to be a little flimsy.

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