What Can an Ego String Trimmer Do For You?

Ego String Trimmer

What is an Ego trimmer? How do they compare to other brands of lawn care tools? Is one better than the other? These are all questions, many homeowners have been asking lately, as the economy has taken its toll on lawn care equipment sales, but also on budgets. The economy has slowed down on almost every consumer level, including lawn care items.

Ego trimmers are one type that has seen a slight increase in sales despite the economic downturn. A quality gas trimmer should be simple to use and operate, trim long grass and weeds quickly, and produce clean edges where trimming needs to be done. For these reasons, like the EGO 56-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Gas Trimmer it runs on one charge for up to thirty minutes on a full charge, making reloading the cutting unit easy, and feels balanced and comfortable in the hand. This model also has a two-year limited warranty.

One disadvantage of Ego trimmers, as with any corded tool, is the battery power source. Most trimmers require a small, nine-volt battery to operate. While nine volts may seem more-or-less ample for the task of trimming lawns, nine volts is not usually enough to run the Ego models. In fact, most models will only get their nine-volt power from the wall outlet.

A better alternative is the Ego’s twin, the Ego Triple Cell Trimmer. As the name suggests, the triple cell design allows the user to combine three batteries into one, giving triple the run time (at least for the same amount of hours of use). The triple cell design also means that there are fewer batteries to worry about running down, so that you can get more hours of use out of the trimmers. And for those who need to trim very large areas, the triple cell design will cut the time needed to trim from ten to five minutes. All of these are excellent benefits when you consider how little time it takes to work with a cordless trimmer.

The main drawback of Ego trimmers is the low battery life they offer. While the triple cells will give you plenty of power, it takes the battery quite a long time to recharge. This can be good news if you just need to trim grass, because the battery will be dead soon after using the trimmer. It won’t be useful for long-term use, however, since the battery will need to be recharged quite frequently. If you plan on using your Ego trimmer for more than a few minutes at once, it might be better to invest in a model with a longer battery life.

A common complaint about Ego string trimmers is that the cord can be an eyesore and get in the way of people walking around the yard. For this reason, many models come with a carrying case that can be clipped onto the handle of the trimmer. This case should carry the Ego trimmer head and all of its cords at the front or back of the case, keeping them out of the way. In addition, you can place the carrying case on the ground under your yard, so that it’s out of the way but out of the way when not in use.

For those who are looking for a good weed and grass cutter, the Ego trimmers line is hard to beat. They offer several different heads, including a weed whacker for small patches of grass, a leaf blower, which is great for landscaping large areas of grass, a dual-duty lawn mower which cut both lawn grass and weeds, and a chain saw that can be used on tough branches or trees. You’ll find these trimmers in most department stores and lawn and garden stores. An Ego string trimmer is a great tool for anybody who needs to maintain their lawn or gardens.

If you’re looking for a trimmer with a little more power, the Ego series trimmers are perfect. The Ego Trimmer Kicker is designed with the safety of the user in mind and has a cutting time of only thirty seconds, thanks to a powerful lithium ion engine. It comes equipped with a powerful cutting blade and a heavy duty cutting wire. Plus, the lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to take on your manual push lawn mower. The Ego String trimmer also has a lightweight design, allowing it to run on battery power for one hour on a full charge, but will still cut to the edge of the weeds when used repeatedly.

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