What Are Grease Guns?

A grease gun (pellet type) is a commonly used handheld tool used for smooth lubrication of equipment. The primary function of the grease gun is usually to apply grease to an oil fitting or ‘nut’ via an aperture. The channels within the ‘nut’ allow for the fluid to be pumped in and around the fitting without clogging. There are usually a feeder and a nozzle for the fluid as well. The feeder is designed to keep products (from the nozzle) from spilling out into the air. This can be very useful when there is a risk of oils and lubricants spouting over or onto another surface when a pump is involved in the process.

Grease Gun

To fire a grease gun, pull the trigger back slightly. The primer will get compressed and ignite the gunpowder inside the barrel. The gunpowder will then fill the feeding channels in the barrel and propel the fluid to the appropriate point on the other side of the nozzle. This is usually a very high velocity result.

Grease guns are normally used on machinery which produces large amounts of friction or moving parts. This may include: metal shop machinery, vibratory machine tools, racing cars, pumps, bulldozers, cranes, mining equipment, etc. Some of these pieces of machinery are so important that the failure of even one of them can cause severe business consequences. Grease guns have been used to help prevent jamming and maintain proper functioning of such machinery.

There are two types of grease guns, which use either a hand-driven trigger mechanism or a trigger mechanism which is controlled by a remote control. The difference in the two types is the mechanism that is used to operate a hand-driven gun is very simple while a trigger mechanism uses a gear or bolt. Using a hand-driven trigger mechanism is more convenient for someone who doesn’t want to disturb their work with the gun. They can also be used manually for maintenance or cleaning of the gun.

If you own a hand-driven grease gun, then you have the option to change the air pressure of the air or gas supply. You do this by changing the nozzle. In order to change the nozzle, you must remove the old air tube and insert a new tube. Once you have inserted the new tube, you must place the needle valve on the open end of the valve. Then you must screw the valve firmly into the open end of the valve.

A lever is used to operate the pump. This lever is known as a crank lever. One type of crank lever has a pair of teeth while another type of crank lever has a single tooth. The term “coupler” refers to the device that allows the operator to control the flow of oil through a grease gun.

Another important factor of grease guns is cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when one person uses the same gun to clean up the mess from another person or animals. The person who uses the gun must wear a mask that will prevent them from inhaling the dirty gun smoke back into the persons or animals that are being cleaned. It is possible to eliminate cross-contamination by requiring that only one person to use a particular type of grease gun.

Grease guns are used for many applications. Some people use them to clean up oil spills in the home. Others may use them to lubricate the moving parts of machinery. Whatever the application, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in order to ensure that you are using the appropriate type and amount of lubricant. The lubricant and other grease fittings must be used properly or the equipment can fail and cause catastrophic damage.

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