Using the Fulton Precision Gauge

Miter Gauges

A miter saw is a common machine tool used for professional woodturning and woodworking projects. Many different variations of the saw can be used depending on your needs. A miter gauges is a tool used for holding small workpieces in a precise cut position while still being cut on spinning machines, band saws or on rotating Sanders. The miter gauge slides into a specially designed slot on a machine being utilized.

The standard types of miter gauges are steel, aluminum and brass. Each are designed to withstand the maximum amount of force placed on them for precise, smooth cutting. Each metal used in the miter bars or gauges is specially alloyed to resist corrosion. Brass and aluminum make the best choices when purchasing a miter gauge.

Wood is the most frequently used material for miter gauges. The best way to cut wood is to use a wood shaper or miter saw. These tools are designed for cutting materials that are closer in size to the slot. Wood shapers and miter gauge are designed to fit right inside the slot in the woodturning machine to give you the most accuracy in cutting the wood.

When using wood shapers or miter gauges to cut small pieces of wood, the edges of the piece need to be sharpened as much as possible. If the edges are too blunt, the wood will not be cut properly. Sharpening the edges of the saw blade will also help it cut the wood more smoothly and evenly.

Miter gauges can also be fitted with stop covers. Stop covers are essential for any saw table that contains teeth that will cut through soft materials like oak but not too hard like maple. Without the stop cover, the teeth of the saw table would catch on things that the softer woods are not meant to cut through, like branches of the tree. A miter gauges will often have several stop covers to match the finish of the miter saw blade. They may also have a cover that fits over the entire blade.

Miter Slot saws will often have miter gauges with steel teeth. A good miter saw will allow you to make long straight cuts, and these teeth will be very straight when they are installed into the table saw. Because the steel teeth are very straight, the wood cut will be very smooth and evenly. Many people prefer the look of a miter slot than a miter gauge because it allows the blade to move freely across the wood.

You can find many affordable Miter Gauges on the internet. You can also buy the actual Miter Gauge system as well as the Miter Slot saws and have the saws delivered to your home. There are many affordable Miter Gauges available, and there is one out there for you. What you need to do is determine which blade style you want, and then you can find the best table saw miter gauges out there. You can even shop for the system online and find the best overall value on your Miter Gauge system as well as the best deal on the blade and the miter slot itself.

A miter slot and a quality blade can be found on any of the many affordable Miter Gauges available. The accuracy of the blade is what makes this an excellent choice, as the accurate angle and the depth that are achieved will give you a smooth finish. Once you have made your decision and purchased your system, you will be amazed at the accuracy and the detail that you can achieve with a Fulton precision gauge. Once you purchase one of these superb Miter Gauges, you will wonder how you ever tried to cut that material without it.

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