Using a Grease Gun

You may not be sure how to load a grease gun safely. This may be a dangerous task if you do not follow the manufacturers recommendations for proper grease use and storage. Grease guns are a staple in many automotive shops. They are also used frequently by auto body repair workers. Learn how to properly use one and avoid injury.

In using your grease gun you will need to start with an empty can. Place your grease gun in the center of the empty can. Your can opener should have a ring on the pull handle so you can pull the can close. There will be a slot or door on the top of the can. Use the screwdriver to pry this open and place your greasing rod inside.

When using them, you must remember to keep them as close to the surface as possible. This will ensure a good seal and prevent any moisture from leaking out into the rest of the work area. Always start your work with the oil level low, approximately one-half inch below the surface of the work area. Your grease guns are designed to release oil while being worked with, so the closer you can get your nozzle to the surface, the better.

The next step is to pull the car to the rear, but be careful as you do so. If you are working on a plastic surface, don’t pull it all the way to the rear because you may damage the plastic. Be sure to check your work area for any possible hazards. For example, if you are putting a piece of wood into a plastic feed tray you need to be sure the height of the tray isn’t too high or the wood could fall through and hit the floor.

Now that you have your gun loaded and ready to go you should always take special care when you start to work. You should always pay attention to your personal safety and never pull out the gun when you need to. Here are some more safety tips to help you make sure you use your grease gun safely.

First of all, it is important to keep your grease gun in a safe place, whether it is in your glove box, a bucket, or a two ways container. You should empty the contents of your bulk container before you even start applying the grease. This will help keep it clean and free from junk. Next, follow all the safety guidelines, and keep cleaning the grease gun according to the package directions. Follow the user’s manual for the exact instructions, and use only grease that was recommended by the manufacturer.

Finally, double-check that your greases are fresh when you apply them. Most grease guns will let you know when they are loaded with grease and will light up as soon as it gets warm, or about 180 degrees Celsius. If this light comes on then you should empty the contents and then re-load it. Make sure you pay close attention to the warning lights, and that you fill the container completely before you light up the other end. These tips will help keep your grease guns working properly and safely.

After all of these safety tips are followed, it is important to grease your guns again, after every few uses. Grease can get on and hard to clean the new grease, as well as getting on and hard to see the heads of the screw threads. This can cause a jam or other kind of damage to your guns if it gets in the way of how you are using them. You should also clean the work area following each use to make sure there is no oil or dirt remaining. Then you should dry the work area and use new grease to help keep your guns running smoothly.

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