Unique Features Of The K-Body Revolution 12HP Clamp

Parallel Clamps are commonly used in many different sectors and industries. These tools are widely used because they are simple, effective, fast, and accurate. The clamps are designed to be used on wood or plastic materials. They are used worldwide for various applications. Let us see who makes the best parallel clamps in your market.

Parallel Clamps

In this article, you will learn about the best clamps for your use. You should first understand what a parallel clamp is. It is an industrial tool that is used to join two pieces of wood or plastic. The tool is used for attaching two boards of opposite edges together by screwing or nailing them together from the center. They are manufactured in different sizes, shapes, and types. Hence, it is always a challenging task to select the right one among the large collection of these tools.

The best clamps parallel to be found on the market are produced by Rainbird, Job Shop, Moen and Farrel. These companies manufacture a wide variety of clamps parallel to each other based on their specific application. Each of the manufacturers have distinct products with unique features. Let us see some of the advantages of these clamps beside their performance level and usability.

Most of the best parallel clamps come with ergonomic handle and lightweight frame. The frame is made up of high tensile aluminum alloy. The ergonomic handle is made from polycarbonate material which reduces handling pressure on the palm and forearms. This reduces fatigue, thereby enhancing the clamping force of the equipment.

Weight is the fourth most important factor that influences the clamping force of these tools. High poundage means high clamping force. Hence, when purchasing the best parallel clamps, make sure they are light in weight otherwise they will not help you much when installing or maintaining your heavy equipment.

To find out the clamping time of these tools, you can calculate the pounds per inch of clamping force using the graphite formula. The graphite formula gives the pounds per inch of clamping force for different length and diameter of the post. Some of the most popular types of clamps have been in use since decades. Some of these clamps are made up of different materials and have different dimensions.

Clamp size is another factor that influences the cost of these clamps. Smaller jaw depth parallel clamps cost less than the ones with greater jaw depth. In addition, if you choose the right type of clamp with the right capacity for your purpose, you will be able to get the right price. For example, an eight-inch jaw depth clamp will cost less than a ten-inch jaw depth clamp. This is because the ten-inch clamping capacity is used when installing very heavy equipment.

If you want to save more money, buying guide offers you good information on where to buy these clamps at low prices. It also has information on what to look for when buying your parallel clamps. You should buy these clamps from a trusted and quality dealer. There are many dealers online today, but only few are trusted and quality.

The K-Body Revolution 12 is an excellent clamping system for your work. It features all the quality that you expect from K-Body products. The product also features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for its users to install and use. With the help of the included electric model, the user can easily and quickly tighten and remove the parallel clamp. With this product, you can achieve a perfect and accurate installation in just two steps.

These clamps also come with unique features. The handles of these clamps feature anodized hardware, which ensures that they resist rusting. The stainless steel clamps have black oxide handles and are designed to meet corrosion resistant requirements. They are available with variable or single handle operation. This is one of the main reasons why this equipment is highly valued by construction companies.

These clamps have anodized aluminum frames with five-point locking mechanisms. The frames have a black oxide finish, which makes them extremely durable. The locking mechanism of these clamps is made from five-position locking. The locking mechanism is made using dual-point locking system. With this, the handle locks up or unlocks automatically, depending on the applied handle position. A spring-loaded locking mechanism of the handle makes the handle to open or close at any time.

The K-body revo has a total clamping capacity of 1500 square inches, which is more than the capacity of most hand held clamps. This allows the company to meet various demands of their customers. These clamps are not only used for large projects, but are also used for regular DIY projects. The built in double joints make the process of measuring easy and ensure accurate measurement results.

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