Types of Grease Guns

Grease Gun

A grease gun (pumping) is an automatic garage and auto grease gun used for general lubrication. There are basically four kinds of grease guns: hand-powered, automatic, pump-driven and stick-driven. A grease gun (pumping) uses an air-powered compressor that is usually mounted on the bench next to the auto grease pump. In a typical auto grease gun the compressor generates air in a cyclone action that forces a stream of compressed air through a tube; this air is used to lubricate a wide variety of fitting components, such as valves, rings, o-rings, bolts, and so on.

Grease is pumped into a particular area by means of a suction hose that is attached to the appropriate fitting devices. The compressed air expands the grease as it goes through the hose and forces it into the appropriate area. Usually an air compressor, electric motor, and battery are using to power the equipment. There are a few things you should know when using a grease gun.

First of all you must aim the nozzle of the grease gun at the precise centerline of the bearing you wish to lubricate. You should also make sure that the rotation speed and the airflow are appropriate for the type of fitting you are using. Some grease guns have a feed tray that allows the contents of the tank to enter the right groove at the right time. These feed trays must be cleaned after each use to prevent overheating.

One thing to remember about pressure grease guns is that the air compressor may not always generate the right amount of pressure. In this case you will need to either increase the air pressure in the tank or turn the nozzle clockwise. The compressed air expands as it goes through the barrel of the tool, thus applying more pressure to the expanding gasket. In this case it is important to only use the correct type of battery-powered pressure gun.

The diameter and length of the aperture in which the needle will fall varies with the type of grease gun. For example, if you choose a gun with an open-ended aperture, you will likely have a better chance of applying grease to the bearing you want to lubricate. If the needle does not fall within this aperture, then the chances of achieving good flow and suction are reduced. This can prevent a clogging of the rotating mechanism.

A popular option for a grease gun is the hydraulic coupler. These devices are commonly used on a variety of bearings. The fluid pressure generated by the pump moves the large hydraulic coupler to match the flow coming from the oil source. The two types of fittings are often confused for one another, however they are used in very different ways.

Cordless grease guns generally come equipped with a hose that attaches to the bottom of the unit. This hose, which may be long enough to reach over the end of a truck bed, usually attaches to an outlet on the side of the truck. This outlet is connected to the valve on the valve cover or regulator. These types of fittings are commonly used for pressure applications, especially when using the electric type of pressure relief.

A final type of grease gun can be a handheld unit. These are typically used in repair shops or garages where the user has limited access to tools. The user holds the device with both hands and applies a thin, even layer of lubricant to the moving parts, such as bearings or ball bearings. A rotary type wrench or socket is used to loosen the bolt or nut in order to remove the worn out portion. This type of tool should be used with extreme care as it does have quite a bit of power behind it. Make sure to read the instructions and safety precautions associated with the grease gun before using it for any kind of grease application.

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