Tips on How to Use a Grease Gun

How to load a grease gun? First, brush the entire surface of the grease gun with toothbrush until smooth. How to load a grease gun is easier when the surface is clean. Once you’ve thoroughly brushed it, load the gun and pull the trigger. It should go “punching” easily. Then, load a fresh cartridge and load the tool into the tool slot.

How to Bleed a Grease Gun? Load first, slowly and cautiously dump the tool into the tool slot and then pump the tool back (counterclockwise) to load the next round of oil. This process can cause trapped air between the moving parts of the tool. If the tool has a safety guard attached, you will want to remove the safety guard before proceeding. Then, load a fresh cartridge into the tool.

How to Clean Out a Grease Gun After reloading, run water through the new cartridge and follow manufacturer’s direction on the gauge to release the trapped air. Once the grease gun is empty, you will need to run a few strokes using the normal action to clean out the grease. Do not add any oil or lube.

Step 2: Loading A Grease Gun Once you have cleaned the tool and relieved the compressed air, load the tool by running it over the surface it will be loaded on, such as a plate or a threaded rod. This will form a foundation for the next step in the guide. You must now make sure the grease is fully integrated within the loading area. For this step, you will need a large sponge or brush to apply the grease to the loading area and work it in.

For the next step, you will want to look at your nozzle. Many greasers require a little bit of water to get a good firing result. If your nozzle is clogged, you may need to clean it before continuing. The cleaning solution, you will need is the same one you would use for cleaning the grease guns. Once you have added a little bit of water, take a dab of dish soap and scrub the entire surface until the dirt is removed.

Step 3: Grease Cartridges Once you have cleaned your grease gun, remove the loading component and locate your cartridges. If you are using a push-button type of model, they will all fit in one of the little caps under your cap. If you have a handgrip model, you will have to locate the trigger, which is underneath the cap. Once you have found both, pull on both trigger and push them towards the front to remove them from their little caps.

For the last step, you will want to check the amount of grease in your gun and replace the oil that you just used if it is too old. Many times, a little bit of grease goes a long way. If you have enough money, you can purchase an air compressor to blow up the little bit of excess grease you have. However, if you only have a few dollars to spend, you will be better off just replacing the oil.

That’s it! Just follow these steps to properly load and use your grease gun. Scrub the parts of the cartridge as you turn it over and load your next round. By doing this, you will ensure that your gun performs properly and you don’t have to do any special loading procedures to reload it each time you use it.

The next step involves the removal of the old grease gun cartridge. You will first pull it out using your wrench, while simultaneously applying enough pressure to lift the entire thing. When you pull the cartridge out, make sure to release the spring tension so that the spring doesn’t get damaged. After you have successfully pulled it out, take note of the tube that is left inside the gun. This can be used for future reference.

Now that you have removed the old one, you can continue by putting the new one on. Put the cartridge onto the new grease guns. Do not load it until the tube is seated in between the primer rails on the side of the machine. In order to prevent any air bubbles from forming around the gun, load a little bit at a time. Also, you need to ensure that the primer rail is lined up with the tube area so that air doesn’t form and cause damage to your machinery.

Once you are done, you should always remember to unplug the machine before moving about and begin your new job once all the parts have been put back in their respective areas. One of the most important things that you must do when working with grease guns is to protect your eyes. If you use your personal safety equipment properly, you should have absolutely no problems with your personal safety. Keep in mind that grease guns are considered highly dangerous machinery and there are many potential hazards when using them.

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