The Ego String Trimmer Has Great Power

Ego String Trimmer

Ego String Trimmer Review – Is Ego trimmers any good? If you’re looking for a quality weed whacker that won’t break your bank, then check out what the Ego has to offer. This brand of weed whacker is a lightweight cordless weed eater that also includes a powerful motor. With the Ego trimmer, you never have to leave home without it.

Ego batteries don’t last as long as you may think, but that’s okay because Ego’s replacement batteries can last up to ten times longer than standard rechargeable batteries. So much for the average person with a trimmer that doesn’t last through more than one season. The Ego batteries are rechargeable with the included cord. To change out the batteries, all you need to do is remove the battery charger from the Ego battery, pop in the new one, and plug it into a power outlet. That simple, easy to do process for a small fee.

Ego trimmers feature a patented cutting mechanism that works differently than other trimmers on the market today. The Ego battery uses a patented charging system that allows it to remain on until it’s fully charged. This charging system does not spill gas like other trimmers that release harmful chemicals into the air and onto the grass. Also, the Ego trimmers motor is housed inside the trimmer itself. There’s no oil, dirt or debris to contaminate your lawn when using Ego trimming tools.

A heavy duty, fully automatic cutting shaft can reach very far with minimal work. The Ego battery weighs 2 pounds, so it will not add much to the weight of your lawn while you’re using it. You can take the battery out as soon as you finish using the trimming tool, pop it back in, and go about your day as usual. A heavy duty shaft can cut a three inch perimeter with just a couple of pulls of the cord.

The Ego trimmer features a cutting line that will work with any string or weed wacker. Simply attach the cutting line to the bottom of the trimmer body. Attach the optional weed wacker and you are ready to go. Just pull the cutting line down and push the weed wacker up, and the trimmer will go right along with it. If you do happen to miss a beat, just push the string wacker down a bit and push the trimmer back up again.

An optional carburetor will allow you to operate the Ego String Trimmer even more efficiently than the engine can. The carburetor allows you to use just 12 volts of electricity to run the trimmer since the carburetor will power the spark plug which is connected to the carburetor through a carburetor tube. The carburetor also increases the life of the battery and allows you to go longer between recharging and cutting the weeds because the battery is not being used to generate more heat for the cutting line.

In our Best String Trimmer Review we did a side by side comparison of the Ego trimmers electric versus the push axel and weed eater carburetor. While the trimming ability of both of these trimmers is pretty good, the Ego trimmer seemed to edge out the two trimmers because of some of the higher settings on the Ego trimmers. This extra power seemed to translate into longer casts and a better overall trimming ability. The extra battery life was also pretty nice.

When choosing a battery powered string trimmer it really comes down to your own personal preference. Most people find that the extra battery life is worth buying a little extra power and run the Ego String Trimmer on a lower setting so that they can go longer between recharging. Those who like cutting large areas of weeds or who are looking for a good all purpose trimming machine will be more swayed in their choice over the Ego series of trimmers. Either way Ego makes some great string trimmers that are perfect for any job around the house.

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