Installing Grease Guns

Many people wonder how to use a grease gun. Well, how to use a grease gun starts by reading this article. This brief article may contain Amazon affiliates and as an Amazon Associate make money from qualifying orders. If you have never used a grease gun in the past, it may be difficult to know just where to begin.

Grease Gun

The first step is putting the gun into the tank. You do this by tilting the gun at the very bottom or ground level. You may need to add oil to the barrel if it is new. Once oil is added, you should pull the pin and extend the barrel. This extends the barrel out, making it ready to be greased. With the barrel pulled out, pull the plunger up, creating a suction chamber, which pulls out the grease from the barrel.

After pulling the gun barrel out, you should work your way to the tip of the rod handle. The pull of the plunger should pull the grease gun barrel straight up. It may be necessary to pull the handle a little bit harder than stated above to get the barrel straight. Once the barrel is straight, push down on the rod handle to lock it in place.

For the next step, you will need to install the gun barrel onto the canister. You should put the cartridge onto the canister in the proper spot for the size of the barrel. If you are using a canister that is too small for the proper size of the grease gun cartridge, you should either change or repair the canister before continuing. This will ensure that you get the proper fit.

On the other hand, if you are working with a canister that is too large, it may be necessary to disassemble the gun and then reassemble it before you install the grease gun. In this case, you will have to make sure that the threads on both ends are properly aligned. You will need to practice a little bit before you can get the feel of the gun to be right so that you can ensure that the gun is installed correctly the first time.

Next, you will want to practice inserting the brass or steel BBs into the grease guns. The greased cartridge should be able to grip the BBs with minimal movement. You can test this by using a rubber mallet to strike each BB. The width of the strike should be one that does not jam the gun.

When you are satisfied that the grease guns are installed correctly, you can then turn your attention to the final step: installation of the barrel. The installation process of the barrel may require some practice before you can get it to fit comfortably without too much effort on your part. To ensure that the barrel is well installed, you will want to make sure that the primer is seated properly and that it is tightened appropriately. The primer should be seated tightly to ensure that the pressure of the compressed air does not ruin the plastic component of the barrel.

After you have finished assembling all of the parts and installing the components, you should inspect the gun for any type of damage that might have occurred during the greasing process. You should also test the trigger mechanism to ensure that it functions correctly. If there are no issues found, you are now ready to fire away the BBs in the gun. Once the BBs are fired, the compressed air should push them down the barrel at the correct velocity. By paying close attention to these steps, you will be able to assemble and install your own grease guns with ease.

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