How to Use a Grease Gun

Many a grease gun owner has run out of priming solution in their gun’s cylinder. Sometimes this happens after shooting a large amount of grease at a time. It is very important to always have a fresh priming solution on hand when using your gun. Read on for some basic tips to properly prime your gun and keep it primed through the changing seasons.

Grease Gun

If you have a semi automatic or fully automatic gun, ensure that you do not load more grease than the gun can handle safely. Also be careful when loading a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun that you do not put excessive pressure on the trigger as this can cause the gun to jam. Once you purchase a new grease gun, there is no grease left in the old hose, so you will have to prime it prior to use to clear all that old air out. Take your gun out to the target area and place a pellet of BB’s in the chamber. Once the BB’s have reached their destination, cock your gun and load the gun again.

Step Four – Once you have completed step 3, take your old BB gun and start off by pulling the slide back towards you. This will help you load the spring chamber. Step Four – Once your gun is loaded, place your new BB’s in the chamber and load the slide into place. Make sure that the primer is seated correctly. This is what we refer to as cocking the gun. Step Five – Now you must cock your gun in a natural manner. Do not use the typical cocking action that you would utilize with a standard gun.

Step One – In order to properly load your grease gun you need to make sure that the priming fluid is seated correctly. It is located below the bolt assembly and it must be securely pressed against the primer. It should also be able to move freely around the bore, as well. After all is seated, you will want to bleed the gun. Bleed it by pulling the slide away from the magazine well and letting the BB’s bleed out into the barrel.

Step Two – If you are using a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun, you will need to bleed the gun manually. First you will need to locate the trigger and make sure that it is in proper working condition. Next, place the grease gun in its correct place and turn on the gun. It will begin to bleed grease as you pump the gun.

Step Three – To complete step one, you will need to load up the magazine well. Load the magazine well, but do not load the entire cartridge. Simply load up a magazine piece at a time. Then place your gun into the upright position. Continue in this position until you hear the gun fire, which should be around ejection.

Step Four – With the gun loaded, you can now start greasing up the primer. The primer should have already been loaded into the gun. Place a small amount of grease onto the tip of the primer. Once you have placed the primers into the priming tube, simply load the primers into the tube. This will start the priming process.

Step Five – Finally, with the gun in place, you will want to place the work area in an open area. Make sure that the work area has enough room to move around without bumping into anything. Once the primers have Loading in place, you will want to fire it up and watch the primers pop out. There should be around two seconds of delay before the primers pop out. Once the primers have been ejected, make sure that you wipe down the work area with a rag so that the grease stays away from your work area.

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