How to Replace Your Grease Gun Head?

Grease Gun

The grease gun is probably one of the many tools you will find at your work place or factory. It is possible something you seldom use but it is important to understand its internal-workings, how it works and its parts and how to operate a grease gun properly. Basically, it uses a mixture of oil and grease to create a moving device that spins around while applying it. It is similar with the typical paint sprayer. You can just simply apply it and use it to clean up those stubborn marks and stains on different types of materials.

Grease Gun Steps One: Load grease gun into the chamber and fill up its tank with grease and oil solution. Start the gun and pull the trigger to start rotating it. As soon as it starts to move, pull the rod handle back so that the barrel spins. Rotate it at high speeds if need be and continue to pull the rod handle back until you feel it gets heated up. Do not stop until you see the entire barrel gets covered in spray or oil.

Grease Gun Step Two: Once the grease gun has warmed up, you can now proceed to cleaning the barrel. Using the damp rag or paper towel, wipe the entire barrel to remove all the traces of the grease. Make sure you do it well especially if the material you are going to clean is sensitive. After that, you can now proceed to wipe off the excess oil from the barrel. You need to make sure you get rid of all the extra oil first before you can proceed to using the parts and accessories of your equipment. Otherwise, you may find some residue that can affect the performance of your equipment.

Grease Gun Step Three: To remove the residual grease on the rubber plunger assembly, you can either use the paper towels or a brush. Once you have thoroughly cleaned it using the paper towels or brush, rinse it under warm running water. This will remove the remaining traces of grease. Then, you can proceed to replacing the rubber plunger assembly. Just make sure you place the whole unit back into its slot once it is in one piece. Note that grease use can affect the operation of your equipment so you must be careful.

Grease Gun Step Four: You need to make sure that the greasing mechanism of your gun is working properly. The first thing you need to check is the pressure gauge. If you find that the pressure gauge has already been reset to its normal mode, then you know for sure that the greasing mechanism of your gun is working perfectly. However, if you find that it has not been reset to normal mode, then you should check if there is a problem with the double-check valve. This is used to ensure that the gun does not leak any type of fluid when it is in working condition.

If there is still no change in the pressure gauge and the double-check valve, then you should check if the prime component of your grease gun needs to be replaced. First, you need to make sure that the prime component is correctly seated into its slot. Then, you should use a solvent spray to completely clean the part and remove any type of debris that was embedded into it. Make sure that you have removed all types of dirt before you can start replacing the part. In addition, you can also use lubricant if there is still some dirt present. This will make the smooth movement of your gun reliable.

Grease Gun Step 7: After you have cleaned your grease gun head, you can now proceed to the part that is directly below it. This is the shaft that is located at the end of your gun’s handle. You need to take note that the end of your handle is directly opposite the spring that is loaded. Therefore, you need to turn the handle clockwise to loosen it up, then pull it back. Make sure that the spring is completely unwound before you can continue with the next step.

Grease Gun Step 8: The final step is to inspect the seal around the nozzle. Since the seal is made out of rubber, you need to ensure that it is not damaged or cracked in any way. You can make sure by inspecting the rod handle as well. The color of your gun will also tell you if the rubber has cracks or not. In order to maintain its proper function, you need to properly maintain your grease gun so that you do not need to use it for quite a long time.

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