How to Properly Grease Your Grease Gun

Grease Gun

If your old grease gun is not working like it should, it’s probably time for a cleaning and oiling. Grease tends to build up in these things over time, and you can easily see when this happens because the gun will start to spit or shoot randomly. When you first purchase a grease gun, you may think it’s just a simple matter of replacing the BBs, but many people have no idea how to load a grease gun in the right way. Once you know how, you’ll never have to go through this problem again.

First off, you have to make sure your gun is loaded with lube. This is something that people seem to be forgetting lately, especially since they want greased guns that shoot ammo. While grease guns do make the ammo shoots straighter, you still want the lubricant to be there. A gun without lubricant is going to shoot poorly, but it is also more prone to jamming. If you don’t lubricate your grease guns, you are running the risk of damaging them while loading.

It is important to remove any excess oil, then wipe it on the outside of the barrel to remove any dirt or bits of dirt. Next, you have to make sure that the gun is loaded with grease cartridges and that the primer is clean. You can get a special cleaner that is specifically designed for this type of gun if you want to avoid damaging your grease gun. If you leave any oil on the inside of the barrel or anywhere near it, you will have a gun that shoots poorly and won’t operate properly.

Many people don’t realize how dirty their gun can get until they go to load a round and notice that the slide has rusted completely. This is something that you can prevent from happening by wiping down the slide and every other part of it as needed. However, many people simply don’t think to clean their grease gun or take care of it like they should. This is why you need a few basic tools to make it easy for you to perform these tasks. There are a few different types of cleaning tools that you can use for greasing your own gun.

Some people like to turn the spring back on before they start cleaning the grease gun. Doing this allows you to simply twist off the excess oil and replace the old cartridge with a fresh one. It is important to keep in mind that you should never mix up the grease and water as this can lead to a serious chemical reaction that could potentially damage your gun. If you don’t know how to do a new cartridge, you can find instructions that are included with the new cartridge when you purchase it.

The first step to cleaning your grease gun is to load the new cartridge and run it through the gun. You should then load the gun with some kind of lubricant such as silicon or molybdenum oil. If you don’t already have this on hand, you can buy some from your local hardware store. When you load the new cartridge, you should begin by unscrewing the loading mechanism and then unscrewing the spring and cap. These parts will need to be replaced and then the entire assembly should be removed.

The next step to cleaning your grease guns involves removing the old lubricant and replacing it with new one. You can accomplish this by using a tube of new lubricant that is wide enough to go all the way around the outside of the gun. You can use a funnel to get the excess lubricant out of the tubes as you go. Once the lubricant is replaced, you can then hook the tubes over and hook them back on to the bottom of the gun. This is where you want to put the tube of lubricant so that it starts spreading out before it has a chance to fully penetrate the gun’s walls.

If you are using a manual grease gun that does not have any kind of cap, you can also take apart the nozzle and clean out all the grease fittings on it. Some people like to use the oiling tool as a way to keep their guns clean even after they have been used many times. If you are interested in keeping your equipment clean after every use, you should seriously consider buying a grease gun and learning how to properly grease it. Grease fittings make it easy to make sure that you have the best possible gun when you are working on something or cleaning your equipment.

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