How to Load a Mini Grease Gun – A Beginners Guide

Grease guns come in handy in many different applications. They are also known as gun-mounted grease removers. They can be used to clean up oil and grease buildup on machines or equipment. In addition, they can be used for household applications like removing dirt and grease from appliances, hoses, ductwork, and sinks. And it’s even possible to get a gun that works as a spray gun!

You’ll need some basic tools to get your grease gun running. A pair of pliers will get the job done, but make sure you keep one hand free, so that you can take a second look at the load you are about to unload. To start, you’ll need a heavy-duty air compressor and a set of tools. Put them near the air tank in your car, truck, boat, etc.

Next, you’ll want a new grease gun properly loaded with a new supply of old grease. If possible, remove the old grease from the old barrel, and set aside the empty cartridge. Next, load the new cartridge into the old barrel’s feed tube. Slide the piston forward and slowly crank the barrel toward the tip.

There are two screws on the top of your old gun cartridge. Remove them and slide the new cartridge into place, making sure the primer is seated securely. The next step is to turn the power assembly on. When it’s powered on, it’s time to attach the piston and barrel assemblies.

Load the lubricant from the container onto the end of the piston. You may have to use a longer screwdriver to reach the end of the lubricant tube. Once you’ve securely pressed the lubricant onto the tube, it’s ready for the next step of loading grease guns properly. You may have to experiment to see how much lubricant is required, but approximately half a cup is generally sufficient.

Next, load a small amount of paint into the loading mechanism. Remember to wear eye protection when doing this so as not to have bits of grease splattered all over your clothing and possibly your eyes. Load the mechanism up and down until the paint reaches the tip of the barrel. Stop periodically and tap the butt of the gun to make sure the lubricant is completely coating the whole barrel. You may also want to use a Q-tip to test for cracks or other damage at the tip of the barrel.

After the entire barrel has been covered with grease, you can move on to putting the lever handle in place. The first step is to hold the handle downward at its full open position, with the butt of the gun pointing to the ground. With a steady rhythm, rotate the handle in a clockwise direction until it reaches a slight angle to the barrel. Stop and repeat the process for each side of the nozzle, ensuring that the same amount of oil is being used on each side.

The last step involves another screw, this time on the left side of the assembly. With the screwdriver under the cap of the cartridge, you will loosen the spring clip that attaches it to the end of the unit. Once the clip is loosened, you can pull the tab and the threaded end of the cartridge out of the assembly. You may need to experiment with the type of clips and their respective instructions, but once you have removed the spindle and cartridge from the gun, you are ready for the final step.

Once all the screws are loosened and the clip is out, you can remove the bolt and clip feed plate from the bottom of the mini grease gun. Next, take your new cleaning and lubricating kit and disassemble the assembly, carefully removing the bolt and feed plate as well as the pump. If you have a mini-gun that does not use a hopper, you may have to disassemble the entire assembly while standing on a step or similar area.

Next, you will need to attach the new pump to the mini grease gun’s cylinder and guide the fitting into the bore of the gun. The easiest way to do this is to place the rod in the bore and turn in a clockwise motion until the fitting comes into contact with the rod. To help keep yourself from stripping the rod, you can install a washer in the port before you push the rod in to help support the rod. With the rod in place, you will now need to fill and refill the tank to be sure the gun is ready to fire.

The next step in how to load a mini grease gun is to load the cleaning and lube cartridge into the hopper. You should note that it is important to get the correct type of cartridge because the old one may not work properly with the newer version. Most gun stores will stock both types, but if you are short on time you can probably find a local shop online to get the cartridges for free. After you have loaded the cartridge into the hopper, you will now need to secure the spring clip. Once this is done, you should check the valve to ensure it is not damaged and try to reseat it in the valve to see if your gun fires properly.

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