How To Load A Grease Gun

A grease gun is an inexpensive tool used to coat mechanical parts with grease and also called lube. Grease guns can be either internal or external. Internal grease guns have a small reservoir that holds a small amount of grease. External grease guns have a larger reservoir and greater capacity.

Grease Gun

How do you hook up a grease gun? With your mechanic’s license, or other identification, you can simply place the nozzle of the gun into the appropriate hole on your pump, making sure the suction is on. Next, you will need a jar with a tight fitting lid, like a drinking straw. Place the jar in the appropriate spot on your machine, like the underside of your cup. Your machine should not be plugged into anything while you are working.

Before you begin, make sure that there is no dirt or grease inside of the grease guns’ containers. You will also want to turn the machine off. Once you have turned it off, you will need to open the lid and take some time to inspect the pieces. Make sure they are all intact and in good condition. Many manufacturers recommend taking the oil filters out when cleaning the grease guns’ components. It is best to remove all the dirt and grease fittings before putting the pieces back together.

One of the first parts you will notice is the drain plug. This is the rubber O-ring that attaches to the bottom of the grease gun holding reservoir to prevent the oil from siphoning into the holding container. Remove the plug and wipe away any excess dirt with a rag. After this you will notice the cap. You will need to look for small metal pieces to determine if the cap needs to be replaced or not.

Next you will have to turn the valve on the top back to make sure that there are no oils or dirt inside of the cartridge. This is especially important if you have an automatic loading grease gun. If you have an older model then the valve may not engage because the oil seal has been worn away.

There should be a black cartridge in the lower tank alongside a white rubber tube. Turn on the machine and set it up as described in the manual. As you load grease it should feed through the feeding tube and into the upper tank. To prevent air bubbles from forming, close the feeding tube. Once the entire container of the grease gun has been loaded you will need to turn the valve on the top back to engage the valve inside the grease gun’s body. Check the amount of excess grease in the tank and make sure that it is draining properly.

It is important to note that if you are using a high performance grease gun you will require more than one type of lubricant. For this matter you will require two different types of lubricant: one for the zerk fitting and one for the syringe fittings. For the zerk fitting you will require heat-resistant o-ring, which can be purchased from any grease gun supplier. There is a special type of o-ring called a polyethylene o-ring. For the syringe fittings, you will require an internal rubber tube, silicone hose, coupling, and an external rubber tube.

The next step on how to load a grease gun cartridge is to remove any old air lock. You should remove the plastic air lock from its valve. The valve may be located under the needle or alongside it. Take note that the air lock should not be removed from its original place while you work. Instead you should put the new grease cartridge on top of the old air lock and compress the new cartridge with the syringe.

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