How to Load a Grease Gun – The Proper Way to Arrange the Items

Are you thinking of buying a new grease gun for your garage or home maintenance needs? If yes, you need to know how to load it properly. You should know that a poorly loaded gun can cause injuries. So follow these instructions to know how to load a grease gun properly.

Grease Gun

Before you pull out the cartridge inside the grease gun, make sure that you have turned off the ignition. Also, you should turn off the gas and air and plug the mouth piece of your gun. Remember to wear safety glasses if you pull out the entire cartridge inside.

The fourth step is to pull out the old cartridge by pulling up on the piston rod and the slide in the back part of the gun. Use the index finger to support your elbow and pull out the old cartridge with the piston rod. It is important to be careful and not to spill oil onto the floor. Otherwise, you might risk getting oil on the floor and spoiling it.

The fifth step is to load the grease into the feeder tubes. Then, you can push the feeder down to fill the entire chamber. Now, you should check if the grease is properly loaded in the feeder tubes. If not, you should immediately change the tube or continue loading it with grease until it reaches the open position. For this, you can use a stick to push the grease down until the tube opens.

The sixth step is to place the grease cartridge into the grease gun. Place the lubricating ointment on the cocking mechanism and the piston rod before you pull the trigger. Pulling the trigger will allow the grease to spread inside the compressed air. The pressure caused by the compressed air will force the lubricant through the entire length of the grease cartridges.

The seventh step is to squeeze the trigger and slowly load the cartridge into the mini grease gun. Remember to load them in reverse order because if you load the first cartridge, it will knock the second one out. You also need to load the first one before you start to work on the second one. By doing this, you can prevent the possibility of overloading the second cartridge.

After all the steps above are done, you can replace the cap of the lubricating gland. Also, you can turn off the power and turn the ignition switch on. Before everything is completely dry, you can use the blowtorch to make sure that everything is well lubricated.

In addition, there are two types of manual and automatic grease guns. Automatic ones have a trigger and a squeeze handle. They are easier to use than the earlier type which does not have any trigger or squeeze handle. Manual type is more useful for larger areas. Therefore, it is recommended to get the manual kind instead of automatic one.

The first step you should take is to turn off the power at the circuit breaker box. After that, you need to unscrew the handle of the barrel. Then, you need to remove the entire barrel. Make sure that the entire thing is removed including the screw. After that, you should pull the whole thing towards you and place it into the washer or dryer.

Once you have placed the new grease gun into the washer, you should plug the entire thing back in. However, since you did not install the trigger yet, the gun will not fire until the next time you do the reloading. The next step you should do is to place the lubricating cartridge inside the tube and then turn on the power. By doing this, you will know how to load a grease gun according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

The last step is to place the lubricating moving parts inside the tube. Then, you should align the piston rod with the piston and slowly guide the moving parts into place. You should make sure that the rod fits perfectly with the rim of the cylinder. For those grease guns that do not come with the proper instructions, you can ask help from the manufacturer or a skilled individual to avoid any problems during the reloading.

The last step is to push the tube toward the muzzle. To do this, you can use the ratchet and the wrench. However, you should be aware that if you are using the wrench too much, there might be more pressure needed to push the tube down and the gun might get damaged. It would be a good idea to ask someone to help you with this step if you are not familiar with how to load a grease gun. Lastly, you should fill the tank of the lubricant and then blow in the air to ensure that the lubricant gets into the moving parts.

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