How to Cut a Table Saw Fence Without Any Damaging the Blade?

If you have a table saw at home, it is very likely that you know only the very basics of how to use it. This is fine for the most regular of users, but it does not help when you want to learn something new about your table saw. It might be time to take that new knowledge and expand your knowledge a little. You may want to take a look at the different types of fences that can be used on a table saw. This will give you a better understanding of how to square a table saw fence.

Table Saw Fences-What Kind Of Wood Should You Use To Safely Square A Table Saw Fence? When you are learning how to square a table saw fence you should make sure you are using the right wood. Wood that is too soft will not work well for this task, as hard wood will rip right through it. Soft woods like pine and cedar are best, as they are not easily damaged.

What Is The Best Material To Use For Table Saw Fences? Hardwoods are usually the best choice for table saw fences, as they give the best protection. However, if you plan on building a fence out of softwoods you may still want to consider using a soft wood in order to increase the strength of the fence and make it last longer. There are many softwoods that can be used successfully for this purpose, so you will not have any trouble finding what you need. You should also consider the type of fence you are building as well as the size of the blade for proper spacing and cuts.

What Tools Do I Need To Square A Table Saw Fence? In order to successfully square a table saw fence you will need a table saw, an angle grinder, a framing square, a spirit level, a tape measure, a measuring tape, a pencil and a hammer. This equipment should be easy to find at your local hardware store. If not, you can always check with your supplier or a neighbor to see if they have what you need.

What About Flashing? The most important part of a table saw fence is flashing. Without good flashing the fence will wear out quickly from constant use, which could lead to safety hazards. You should install a high-quality high-gloss steel flashing between the fence posts and between the blade and the fence itself.

How To Make Cuts On A Table Saw Fence? A simple but effective way to make cuts on a table saw fence is to use a spirit level. You should stand directly under the fence and mark the end of the string with your spirit level. Once this is marked on the string, use a small pencil to score the string along the line you marked. Then, using the screwdriver, you can unscrew the end cap off of the fence.

Use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess string, as well as the end caps, about a half inch away from the mark on the string. Secure the fence into place with screws. You may have to use a bit of pliers to keep the screws in place when you do this last step. Once you are done, attach the blade to the fence, making sure it’s square with the line on the table saw fence.

Here’s another quick and easy trick to help you make clean cuts on your table saw fences. You will need two metal skewers, about one foot apart. Stand just beyond the fence end, and, using one of the skewers, make three parallel cuts around the perimeter of the hole. Use the other piece of the skewer to cut a crosswise at the same point, as well as a crosswise at the beginning and end of the first cut. The angle makes a perfect 45-degree angle for cutting straight through the wood.

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