Guide to Using a Grease Gun Cleaner

It is alright to leave leftover grease in a can of compressed air. However, it is advisable to release the air pressure in the can by pulling the handle forward and then locking the barrel in the extended or retracted position. Also, oil could separate from the grease over time due to the increased pressure placed by the compressed air spring. Never attempt to refill the can either. If the can has stopped working, discard it and call a professional.

Some canisters are made of plastic and it is not suitable to leave grease guns in them. The plastic can warp and the gun could leak oil. Grease guns should never be stored upside down or reversed. If you use a canister that is made of metal, make sure you put some form of wax between the canister and the base to keep the metal parts of the canister clean. Otherwise the metal parts could become corroded with the oils.

When using a grease gun, you must ensure that the container is well drained before beginning to fill the barrel. Do not exceed five minutes in filling the cartridge. First, make sure that the air valve on the top of the cartridge is open. Next, you should insert the brass or steel sleeve or plunger into the bottom of the empty cartridge and then draw the gun back completely out.

Some users find it difficult to follow the instructions on how to use a grease gun properly. If this is your case, here are some simple guidelines that will help you follow the directions. First, you should always have a clear view of the needle adjustment. In addition, you should be able to see all the air vents as well as the air powered pivot rod and the barrel.

The first step is to place the empty cartridge on the top of the air powered grease guns’ Lever. Place the second cartridge on the bottom of the lever and turn it in its slot. Next, you should place the third cartridge onto the bottom of the cylinder and turn it in its slot. You should repeat your action in sequence until you notice that both the cartridges are in their appropriate slots. Then, you should close the safety valve.

Now you can move on to the second step which is to turn on the gun. When you turn on the gun, the air cylinder should rotate and the needle will rotate to the right position. This allows the air to pass through the piston. The needle’s spool should rotate at the same time. In order to draw the gun back, you should simultaneously open the lever on the top of the cartridge and pull the piston down.

The last step is to position the needle on the down position so that it points to the floor. Then, you should close the lever on the top of the cartridge. You should place the cap on the barrel of the grease gun clean and you should shake the gun’s cylinder.

After completing these steps, you should place the cap on the barrel of the gun and the crank-rod handle to the open position. The gun should now run without any problems. However, there is one thing that you should pay attention to when you are cleaning this type of guns. You should make sure that the gun is in an open space so that the grease will not accumulate in one area of the gun. Also, you should ensure that you do not jam the pump or plunger-rod handle when you are cleaning it.

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