Cleaning Your Grease Gun Properly

It is perfectly acceptable to leave leftover grease in a can of compressed air. It is suggested only to release the compressed air pressure from a grease gun through the nozzle by drawing back the handle and locking the spring into the compressed position. Otherwise, accumulated oil could separate from the grease as the compressed air is released over time. You can prevent this by leaving the can upright on a countertop or table.

Grease Gun

When using a grease gun, it is important to check the scan first to make sure there is no oil remaining in the barrel. This is because oil will eventually seep into the bore and cause the grease to harden. If oil is present in the barrel, then the next step is to wipe off the excess oil with a damp towel and then tap the can with the butt of your hand on the underside of the nipple to remove any excess oil. Be certain to clean the barrel completely before reloading your gun.

The first step in greasing your gun is to determine how much grease is in the can. This will allow you to know how much air pressure to add to the can in order to create the proper amount of heat. The formula for calculating how much grease to add is: NRT x 1000. In order to get an accurate answer, you should take the manufacturer’s recommendation and multiply this by the weight of the grease in the can.

The first thing to do is to insert a measuring tape into the can in order to determine the level of grease. Once the tape is at the top, then you can add one ounce of air pressure to the can and then draw a mark on the tape so that you know where to add the air pressure. Next, you should put the gun into the can in order to see how much air pressure is created. To calculate the amount of air pressure that you need, you will divide the gage by fourteen. The Gage is equal to one half of an inch.

The second step is to insert your measuring cup into the end of the plunger in order to make a mark. Next, you should remove the cap from your grease guns. The cup and plunger should be placed back into the gun, after which you can continue with the next steps. The first thing to do is to insert the air compressor into the can. Next, you should turn on the air and once the air is powered on, then you should move the plunger to the front and then push it down.

The third step is to turn your attention to your index finger. You should apply pressure to your index finger until it runs out of room. Next, you should pull out your needle nose pliers. This tool has the ability to pull out a small tube like structures.

The fourth step is to place the needle nose pliers in your mouth. You should take your index finger and slowly insert it into the can. The greasy oil will come out of the top. This can be a very difficult task if you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge when you are cleaning your grease gun properly. It takes patience to clean these guns because it takes time to allow the oils to flow from the can through the lubricating system.

The last step is to pour the can of oil into your new cartridge. It is best to have your lubricant already inside the gun before you start using it. Then, you should close the plunger tightly. The greasy oil should flow into the bottom of the cartridge. Next, you should follow all the step by step instructions from the manual. Grease guns are very useful tools.

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