Changing Your Grease Gun

Grease Gun

Grease guns have many uses in the workshop, garage or even on the farm. It is a common tool that is used by mechanics and do it yourselfers. The question is how to use a grease gun? Below are a few tips for cleaning and maintenance of grease guns.

A grease gun consists of two parts the tube and the air bleeder. First, you will need to start with an empty air compressor tank, which can be obtained at a local hardware store or you can purchase one online. Next, you will need a long piece of cord that is typically around 25 feet. Cut the cord, so it is about one inch longer than the gun tube itself. This will be the air tube, which you will pull back into the gun.

After cutting the cord you will want to secure it in place with either a nut choke or a screw cap. You can find these at your local hardware store. Once the tube is in place you will want to connect the ends with an air compressor hose to the battery-powered grease gun battery, which is usually located somewhere near the front of the pistol grip. The battery should be attached using a wire harness.

Once the battery is connected, you will need to attach the tube to the greaser’s barrel. To do this you will twist the tube around the barrel and secure it with a nut choke. Then you will align the air nozzle to the bore of the gun. You will find that the tube will need to be reattached to the breech block, which is located in the upper part of the barrel.

After making sure the tube is securely fastened to the barrel of the gun you will want to replace the spring in the gun. To do this you will tie a knot in the end of a long piece of rope and then tie the end of this rope to the other end of your new spring. By doing this you will form a loop on the end of your new spring, which you will attach to the grease gun’s hose. The end of this loop you will tie to the threaded portion of your gun’s magazine.

Your next step will be to turn your suction power on. The best way to determine if your suction power is powerful enough to get your new cartridge out is to simply stick your finger inside the suction cup. If you feel a suction cup snap against your finger, you are in luck because that means your suction gun is powerful enough to remove cartridge at this point. Next you will need to look for your loading options. There are three loading options available on most grease guns, which include magazine extension, magazine priming, and a blow-back loading option. Each method of loading is explained below.

Magazine Extension – This is probably the easiest method of changing your grease gun’s magazine. Simply take out your new magazine and attach it to your old barrel. Now, twist the barrel until it is nearly straight and place the new magazine tube onto the threaded portion of your gun’s magazine. Then put a few turns of your wrench on the tube and slowly twist the barrel to fully seat your new tube. You will now need to gently feed the BBs through the magazine tube and out the other side of your gun.

Magazine Priming – For most grease guns, this is the fastest method of changing your magazines. Simply take your new, BB-filled magazine and load it into your gun’s chamber. Next, place a BB-filled sleeve onto the primer housing and load the priming into the sleeve. Now you simply need to load the priming into your gun’s chamber and feed the BBs through the magazine tube and out the other side of your gun.

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