A Look at the Generac Inverter Generator

The Generac GP2200I residential Inverter Generator can be purchased from most home improvement stores or even online. The fact is, it’s so easy to get confused about all the different models and types out there. With a number of different models and types available in the market, how do you know which one is the right one for you? To help you with your purchasing decision, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

Generac Inverter Generator

Does Generac produce its own electricity? – This is probably the most important question to ask yourself before deciding on the Generac inverter generator. True, the company manufactures these generators but they are actually gasoline generators that you plug into your vehicle’s gas tank. But unlike gasoline, the energy that is produced by the gasoline generator is eco-friendly as it comes from natural sources and will never pollute the air like gasoline does. Generac also produces its own electricity, which helps to reduce the total cost of ownership for your home.

Does Generac includes a fuel gauge? – Along with its name, the Generac inverter generator has a fuel gauge that shows you exactly how much fuel is remaining in the fuel tank. This allows you to make sure that there isn’t a problem with running the machine during a storm as the last thing you need is for it to stop working because you ran out of fuel. Most companies make this type of generator as part of the installation package.

How many power outputs does the Generac Inverter Generator have? – Most household owners are limited on the number of outlets they can place their Generac Inverter Generators in their homes. The standard generators come with two power outlets. However, if you install a larger, more powerful model, such as a 80 amp/hour unit or a two-outlet model, it will result in an increase in power output. If you are not concerned about power output, but want to be able to use your home appliances at maximum capacity when it is plugged into the wall outlet, you will need to purchase more outlets. This will allow you to run several appliances simultaneously and give you more power output for your money.

Is the Generac Inverter Generator quiet? – With a brand name like Generac, you can expect the quietness of the unit to be very good. Most companies who sell these inverter generators make it a point to build them so that they incorporate the most cutting edge technology and are built to be the absolute most durable. You don’t need to worry about having loud noise interrupting your sleep when the unit is powered on.

What is the Cost of the Generac Inverter Generator? – The cost of this unit will vary depending on the brand and model that you purchase. The average cost is somewhere around four hundred dollars and anything over that is considered a luxury. The newer models of the inverter generator make use of the best components and they result in some pretty impressive noise levels.

Does the Generac Inverter Generator run on battery power? – While the inverters do have batteries in them for backup use, they can also be run on gasoline or diesel. The diesel option is usually considered the most fuel efficient choice and is the most recommended for those who want portability. If you are looking for something that is lightweight and portable, you may want to go with the gasoline version of the Generac Inverter Generator.

Is the Generac Inverter Generator quiet when it is running? – As you can probably imagine, there are many different models of the invertor generators out there. Some have higher wattage output than others. Some have better efficiency than others. When you are looking at the various options that are available in portable and closed loop design, you may find that the Generac Inverter Generator series can offer you the power you need to get the job done while still being quiet and portable.

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