A lamp is a simple thing in the household.

But there are tricks everywhere: in order for your purchase to bring you only benefit and last a long time, it is important to approach the choice wisely.

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The luminous flux on the package is denoted as lm (lumens).

For example, a standard 60 watt incandescent bulb is about 660 lm, and 100 watt is 1,140 lm.

The power of a lamp is measured in watts (W) and indicates how much electricity it uses.

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The unit of measure for an LED lamp is the ratio of luminous flux to wattage, which usually averages 80-100 lm/W.

The color rendering index is Ra.

It shows how the light from the lamp conveys the hues of objects in the room.

The ideal value for this index is 100 Ra.

The angle of luminous flux is measured in degrees and is important for soffit lamps.

To illuminate a specific object, give preference to a lamp with a small angle, and for an entire room – with a wide angle, about 120 degrees.

The voltage is indicated by the letter V (volts) and indicates the level of sensitivity of the lamp to voltage fluctuations.

For LED lamps, it ranges from 100 to 240 V.

Light temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) and indicates whether the color of light comes from the lamp is warm or cold.

The lower the value, the warmer the light, and the higher the value, the cooler.

The approximate range is from 2,700 K to 7,500 K.

Useful information about LED lights: how to choose

Variety of bases.

The first most popular is the E27 screw base, 27 mm in diameter.

In second place is the E14 screw base, its diameter is 14 mm.

The GU 5.3 base is common in both 220V and 12V bulbs, most often in halogen, soffit or LED.

The GU 10 socket is typical for halogen mirror lamps or LED lamps with 220V.

The GX53 socket is suitable for GX fixtures – flat and big, and also for stretch ceiling lights.

The whole range of IKEA luminaires will run on LEDs.

Useful information about LED lights: how to choose

The heat sink in LED bulbs.

Any LED bulb has one and it is a heat sink, which is necessary because for these lamps their own heat is destructive.

Quality radiator consists of an alloy of aluminum, silver and copper and has ribs for a new heat sink – a guarantee that the lamp will last a long time.

Unfortunately, the better the quality of the lamp, the bigger the heat sink and the lamp itself, so if you choose a lamp by the principle “small but inconspicuous”, prepare for the fact that it will not serve you for a long time.

Useful information about LED lights: how to choose

Pulsation in LED lamps.

If it is written on the packaging that the pulsation factor is 0%, it is very good: in high-quality LED lamps, pulsation should be minimal.

The fact is that it can adversely affect vision, cause fatigue, headaches, and in general negatively affect health.

With the naked eye it is difficult to notice the pulsation, so be sure to check this indicator before buying.

There is also a simple, “people’s” way to assess pulsation – point your smartphone camera at it.

If you see moving bands – in front of you is a cheap and low-quality lamp.

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Let’s shed light: how to choose the right lighting in the interior.

Useful information about LED lights: how to choose.

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