With a beautiful chandelier in the house becomes both lighter and cozier.

We’ve chosen 20 modern options that will brighten up the interior for fall.

Leroy Merlin has a lot of pretty.

We always knew that the Leroy Merlin hypermarket chain carefully monitors trends.

Each season the assortment is replenished with many topical new products for fashionable interiors of different styles.

This time we paid attention to the lamps, selected 20 most interesting and now will show them to you.

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Industrial chandeliers with rough elements were and still are in vogue.

It turns out that they can look majestic if you use a technique taken from the classics: multi-story.

As a result, this chandelier seems much more elegant than a typical loft-style fixture.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Simple geometry and clear lines are the main features of minimalism and high-tech style.

Do not be afraid of sharp angles, you can always soften them with other elements of the interior.

Light and clear chandelier without unnecessary decorations and accents is a great option for those who have enough complications outside the house.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

One big plafond and nothing extra is fashionable.

We will see many variations on this theme, but the classic one is a frame, draped in textile, and a pleasant shade for the eyes.

This kind of soft pink would be perfect for a bedroom, a child’s room, a young girl’s room.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

The futuristic design is good because it leaves unlimited room for imagination.

What do you associate this chandelier with? We associate it with a five-pointed star shining in the sky, or even with a spaceship.

Evenings under such a chandelier are bound to be interesting and full of pleasant communication.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Modern classics are chosen for interiors more often because it is a compromise style.

There is no elaborate decor and classic pomp that tires you, but there are no ultra-modern lines and angles that some people find uncomfortable.

The perfect chandelier for those looking for the golden mean is in front of you.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Closeness to nature and natural materials have long been in fashion, and such chandeliers are still at their peak.

Lighting fixture – an inverted wicker basket, each of us is familiar, brings back memories from childhood and causes a desire to go to the cottage or the countryside.

To experience such emotions in a city apartment is priceless!.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

The bright color and bold design seem appropriate for a child’s room in the first place.

This is really true, because children love toy lights.

But this chandelier can safely be used in the kitchen, and not even in one instance, but in several, for example as a pendant over the bar counter.

In general, there are a lot of options, and your imagination will help you.

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Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Elegant chandelier with frosted lamps in the spirit of neoclassic will surely appeal to many people.

Soft diffused light, restrained design and pleasant color scheme – this is a recipe for a successful chandelier, which will look worthy in any interior.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

And this is a typical black steampunk style chandelier that many will choose for their lofts.

It will fit compactly under a low ceiling, give interesting shadows and illuminate a large area perfectly.

The functionality is top-notch, and the design, as you can see, is the most up-to-date.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

The simpler the better – this is one of the important rules when creating a modern interior.

White plafond under the ceiling will perfectly cope with the lighting of the room and make the room visually lighter.

It is not for nothing that these chandeliers are often chosen for Scandinavian interiors, which need a lot of air and light.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Natural materials and black metal – two trends that seem difficult to combine organically in one object.

It turns out you can! Without the metal frame this chandelier would be too simple, and without the pleasant touch of natural trim it would be rough and cold.

Everything together is a perfect mix.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

This chandelier will appeal to you if you want to not just light up a room, but also make the light become part of the decor that will turn an evening interior into a magical place to relax.

The lamps pointing in different directions will create an unusual play of shadows, glare on the walls and non-monotonous lighting.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Just look at this children’s light fixture in fancy yellow.

I wonder if it’s the bears or Mickey Mouse.

Either way, your child will love it, and the different levels of shades will evenly illuminate the room.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Classic crystal chandeliers usually look like jewels, because the light is so beautifully reflected in the facets, glittering and shimmering.

This magical idea can be safely used in a modern interior, replacing the small crystal parts with large faceted elements.

The light will be solemn, magical and airy.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

This unusual lamp is unlikely to look good in a neutral interior, but if you show a little courage and originality, you will be surprised how unusual your home will be.

The combination of minimalistic forms and classic design will turn anyone’s head!.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

This chandelier looks like a mysterious spaceship to us.

It wants to look at it, it attracts attention, and your guests are sure to notice it.

That’s why the interior for such a chandelier should not be simple, with complex elements, special decor and modern technology.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

A chandelier frame decorated with translucent drapery is a well-known technique that helps to create coziness and make the lighting softer.

Such chandeliers are most suitable for bedrooms, they are easy to maintain and can come in a variety of shades.

A pleasant pink color will make the interior warmer.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Wicker and white light fixtures are the most common choices for Scandinavian interiors.

This chandelier combines two trends, it is pleasing to the eye, comfortable and ideal for lighting a separate area, such as the dining room.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Making the interior beige is a solution that is still chosen by so many people.

And although we often urge our readers not to be afraid of color, a monochrome beige interior can also be very interesting and stylish if you choose the right furniture and decor.

And this is the kind of chandelier.

Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin

Colored metals add personality to an interior, make it more vivid, even if you use only natural shades.

It is great if along with this brass chandelier you will use another one in the interior, with copper, gold and chrome coating.

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Choosing a new chandelier at Leroy Merlin.

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