Feel free to choose classic lighting fixtures – no one will call you conservative, and here’s why.

At the end of June the Nightbloom collection of lamps from the cult Spanish brand Lladró and the world famous designer Marcel Wanders was presented in the flagship showroom That’s Living in Moscow.

The company is known for its skillful handmade porcelain products and commitment to classical techniques, and Marcel Wanders added a touch of his famous eccentricity to the design of the new collection.

Nightbloom collection was inspired by the idea of dancing flower petals in the wind, each object is made of the finest porcelain as a three-dimensional relief model.

It took a year to create the collection.

Francisco Sirojeda, the commercial director of Lladró was present at the presentation and we were able to talk to him a little bit about the classic style and the fixtures in it.

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We got five important thoughts on how and why the classics are alive and will live forever!.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier

Francisco Sirojeda, commercial director of Lladró, Tatiana Gramón, broadcaster.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier

1. classics become flexible.

You can’t do the same thing year after year, century after century, and hope to retain consumer love just because it’s a classic.

You have to be able to surprise, but stay true to yourself! Handmade labor and recognizable floral design can be combined with the innovative visions of geniuses like Marcel Wanders.

A true artist will cherish the traditions and history of the brand, but will create a new and unique product that stays within the classics – and attracts fans of the modernity.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier

2. There are some things that are priceless.

It’s first and foremost about people, not just materials, although crystals and porcelain are incredibly fragile, delicate and complex materials that a true fan of classics will appreciate.

The main thing – it is handmade, which can be seen in the smallest details of each lamp, in the artful decor, in the fine painstaking work of professionals.

You look at a classic fixture and see how they worked on it, because this work is not hidden behind minimalistic forms and machine technology.

You realize that you own a unique piece and are proud of it! Human warmth makes classic lighting fixtures priceless.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier

3. Art doesn’t get old.

No one removes seventeenth-century paintings from their walls because that’s not what’s in vogue today.

You don’t hide great masters’ sculptures in the closet because they were created too long ago.

I like to think that a quality classic light fixture deserves the same fate.

It should be on display! Like a painting on the wall, so should a chandelier on the ceiling.

We often forget about ceilings, that they need to be decorated too, and a beautiful classic chandelier blooms on the ceiling like a magic flower.

And it will be beautiful today, twenty years from now, and two hundred years from now.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier


If there is a concept, there is nothing to be afraid of.

It is very important to choose the right classic chandelier and the setting for it.

You need to take into account the decor, the furniture, the shape of the sofa, choose textiles, so that the classic chandelier does not seem ridiculous against the background of the interior.

I myself am a fan primarily of table lamps, and I know that they are often bought on the leftover principle.

Bright classic pieces can take all the attention in an interior, so you need to set accents beforehand.

That’s the job of a good designer.

There will be more opportunities to create a proper classic interior today and in the future.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier


Now everyone knows what a sense of proportion is.

Twenty years ago, before the age of the Internet and globalization, many people created interiors at random, inspired solely by their own desires.

In Russia, for example, even today many people like to use a lot of decor, bright, noticeable things at once.

An overabundance of classic decor gives the opposite impression – it is tedious and uncomfortable for perception.

But time goes on, and people begin to understand that the main thing is not quantity, but quality.

One beautiful classic lamp not only does not spoil the interior, but even gives it a highlight, enlivens it, creates the right atmosphere.

While too much classic decor – it is hard to perceive, it is tiring.

Know the measure – and you will always be in the trend!.

5 reasons why you’ll love a classic chandelier.

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