For many residences, there’s no way to tell when the next blackout will strike. Sometimes happening without warning, knocking off power to loads of people at random periods. But there are ways to prepare yourself for the inevitable. Whether you live in a condo, townhome, or single-family dwelling is irrelevant.

Having a generator around means that none of your food will have to be thrown out of the fridge while you wait for power to restore, and no complaints from family/friends about the lack of an internet connection. Wen generators are designed to meet the needs of anyone thinking ahead. Take a look at the five products reviewed by the brand, then follow up with the Buyer’s Guide at the end.

Comparison Table

WEN 56203i
Weight: 39 lbs

Wattage: 2000

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Gas Tank Volume: 1 gallon

Dimensions: 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches

WEN 56200i
Weight: 48 lbs

Wattage: 1600

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Gas Tank Volume: 1 gallon

Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 18 inches

WEN 56380i
Weight: 110.8 lbs

Wattage: 3800

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Gas Tank Volume: 2.2 gallon

Dimensions: 23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches

Weight: 105.8 lbs

Wattage: 4750

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Gas Tank Volume: 4 gallon

Dimensions: 23.2 x 17.5 x 18.5 inches

WEN 56475
Weight: 112.5 lbs

Wattage: 4750

Engine Type: 223cc

Gas Tank Volume: 4 gallon

Dimensions: 26.6 x 17.1 x 17.3 inches

Top 5 Best WEN Generators


WEN 56203i – Best for Fuel Efficiency

WEN 56203i

While first on the list, the Wen 56203i is one of the lighter weight models featured. There’s a handle situated at the top of the generator, great for picking up and moving around when looking for a good spot to use it. And moving around you’ll do, given that it weighs only 39 pounds.

For this category of Wen products (and other competing generators, for the matter) it’s not easy to find. What is gained is ease of lifting, it lacks in rolling. There are no wheels at the bottom, so some with disabilities that prevent them from lifting might have trouble here. Remember this if you’re used to rolling generators.

Fuel Efficient

On the plus side, you’ll go through gas with this model at a snail’s pace. use unleaded whenever you can. If so, you can expect a gallon to last for as long as ten hours. But for many (especially people in small homes and/or apartments/condos), time is extendable to almost a day.

This is a four-cycle engine that relies on a string for starting up. However, don’t mistake this generator for your old weed eater or aging lawnmower. Pulling on it with vigor isn’t needed; most will have it up and running after the first or second.

The generator is advertised to power up to 2000 watts. Realistically, this number is about 200 watts lower than what is stated. Knowing this, you can expect the little red warning indicator on the front to illuminate when the 1800-mark wattage is met. Some probably won’t take the wattage this far but do use cation for whatever you’re powering when wattage goes over 1800. If you can manage that, you’ll find that the Wen 56203i is a great generator for any household.

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  • Uses fuel sparingly; one gallon of gas will last about ten hours
  • Typically stars up in less than three pulling attempts
  • Not a burden to lift around from one place to another
  • Warning indicators will usually flash after exceeding 18000 watts

WEN 56200i – Best Low-Volume Generator

WEN 56200i

The runner up to the previous product is the WEN 56200i. It has a similar look and feel to the 56203i, though a bit heavier.

It weighs about 50 pounds instead and has no wheels at the bottom. Don’t let that deter you from trying it out for yourself. If you can lift it and set it in a good spot, you’ll find that the power function on this box rivals any large home generator. After you first open it and turn it on, the first thing you’ll likely notice is how quiet its operation is. You’ll hear it since it is a generator.

Keep the Noise Pollution Down

But the noise level is unlike most units produced today, good or bad. Its body is strong, built with dense materials giving it a look that shows effort was put into its creation. It’ll be in your possession for many years, to which it can last so long as you drain the oil and fuel tank before long-term storage. Speaking of oil, it’s designed to turn off automatically when the oil level gets low.

This is to protect the engine from overheating, which would otherwise risk engine failure or even lead to a fire. Once you’re ready to pull it on, don’t bother getting worked up over several pulls. It’ll start after the first one, and run for as long as there are oil and fuel in the tanks.

Going back to its weight, the total specified is the weight of the generator once it’s been filled with fuel and oil. While 50 pounds wouldn’t be anything serious for the average generator consumer, the lack of wheels will probably be hard to ignore. It’s not exactly a small amount of weight to manage. Consider storing somewhere where the generator is close to the location where it’ll be used.

Keep everything wrapped up to avoid exposure to the elements and rust buildup. Overall, the WEN 56200i is a solid generator for the company and has the best eco-mode. The attribute is on some of the other generators, but it shines here. You’ll save lots of gas and oil, and the engine will never churn out “dirty” electricity.

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  • Keeps the vibrations to a minimum
  • Eco mode that actually works in lessening the amount of power required to keep it running
  • Will shut down when the oil is low
  • Always starts up on the first pull
  • Has about a 50-pound weight total when oil and fuel are added

WEN 56380i – Best for Longevity

WEN 56380i

The Wen makes up for what some of the lighter versions under the brands don’t feature. At this stage, lifting requires wheels, and this model has two strong wheels to the rear of the engine.

The 56380i isn’t an everyday generator; it bears no cage. The multimeter stays readable in the day or night without hurting the eyes from looking at small numbers; it’s conspicuous. As it runs, the noise level remains acceptable all the time, even if multiple refrigerators are being run from it.

Built to Last for Years

The designers were aiming for longevity, as is apparent to see. It’s not going to break on you when handled and maintained well. Before you begin, be sure to add oil to the tank before running a fuel line. After that, plug in your desired electronics and run from your home. It has 3800 watts, good enough to meet the needs of a household with more than one person.

Keep an eye out for oil leaks, however. It is likely to happen along the front of the drainage tube. Keep the generator level and it should lower the chances of leaks. But other than that, there are no major areas of criticism for the 56380i.

There are four rubber feet at the bottom that keep all parts underneath from scratching against whatever area is below. Exhaust bearable when the generator has enough air to vent out well. Take your time following the instructions provided, and your experience with the 56380i will be pleasant.

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  • Very clean electricity that changes sensitive devices without stalls and/or long-term damages
  • Noise pollution is low to the point of not causing a disturbance to anyone nearby during the evening hours
  • Solid construction that’s built to last for many years
  • Power lasts for about 12 hours of nonstop heavy use before refueling is needed
  • May leak oil around the drainage tube area

WEN DF475T – Best for Safety Features


The Wen DF475T Dual Fuel is a generator that can power a medium-sized home without any problems. It has the traditional look and appeal of an old-school generator, featuring a cage to keep it from toppling over when turned on.

The cage also keeps in level. Most of the controls and plugs are on one side of the product; you don’t have to position it next to your home in an awkward manner. The fuel tank is at the top and pours well. If you must flush it after storing it, doing so is painless. Its wheels will hold up under rocky, snowy, or wet conditions without breaking off.

Sure, you’ll have to put them together but the instruction manual for assembly is easy enough to follow. You don’t have to be an expert at generators to put it together and get it running. The dimensions are just small enough for it to fit inside most trucks.

Where to Use It (And How it Keeps you Safe)

Put it in the back of a flatbed when going out for special events that call for generator power, such as tailgating, camping, or even transfer from storage during a power outage. It’s made for dwellings with multiple inhabitants and can keep everyone powered on for many houses without anything breaking (when used correctly).

One small feature that’s worth mentioning is the fact the both 110-volt AC outlets are GFCI. They’re usually placed inside bathrooms to prevent shock. And since many people use generators in semi-outdoor areas, it could prevent accidents from happening during inclement weather. It’s safe to say that electrical fires are out of the question as well.

On a less exciting note, the unit is about 100 pounds in weight. Generators are known to be pretty heavy, with this one being no different. But with a 4750-watt capacity and large fuel tank capable of holding four gallons, it’s not shocking. Put the wheels and handle to good use when finding a spot for it to rest. Have someone help you and the weight problem goes away. RV and AC/DC hookups shown on the body, your power needs are all taken care of with the DF475T. Purchase it as a temporary power source for your family.

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  • Ready to use after the wheel and fuel line are attached (needs oil as well)
  • Not too loud when running on gas
  • Two GFCI outlets on the generator
  • A little over 100 pounds in weight

WEN 56475 – Best for RVs

WEN 56475

Last up is the WEN 56475, a heavy but powerful generator that acts as a backup for power in homes, small businesses, and workshops of various kinds. If used for the latter, you can expect to power most of your power tools, from band saws, drills, and welding equipment. But if this will be solely for emergencies, it’ll perform better than expected.

There are plenty of handlebars for you to carry it along without ever noticing the weight. It helps when finding where you want it to go. And with a tank that holds four gallons, you here are won’t need to be refueled for at least half a day. This is assuming that you use the generator nonstop for the entire 12 hours nearing its wattage capacity.

Low in Noise, High in Compatibility

The noise level of the 56475 is one of the lowest found on any generator made by the company. Because of how much it weighs and the wattage capacity, this might shock you. But the noise is bearable. You can even hear conversations around you with the machine turn on direct in your line of sight. RV hookup is well done. When you plug in the adapter to link to your RV, things will stay put as you would expect.

The noise does it a bit louder depending on what you run. For example, using the generator for several refrigeration units could spell lots of noise pollution. But if you’re only powering one cooler and a couple of electronic devices (such as a TV and laptop), nothing annoying will enter your ears when near the unit.

Regardless, the Wen 56475 is good for large homes. Check that you have the proper amount of gas to keep it running. Your supply won’t deplete too fast and no dirty electricity will damage your belongings.

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  • Volume is low enough for other nearby sounds to be audible when standing in front of the generator
  • Good handles for carrying and positioning the generator on various types of terrain
  • The RV hookup isn’t loose-fitting a stays in place when in use
  • Gets louder when powering high-wattage electronics

WEN Generator – Buyer’s Guide

How do WEN Generators Work?

Wen is the name of the company that produces generators. The lineup shown above is their gas-powered machines, most of which contain four-stroke engines. A four-stroke engine is commonly four in portable fuel-dependent tools such as gas chainsaws and motorized lawnmowers. Because fuel is needed to generate electricity, oil is also a necessity. Keep some nearby to use a Wen generator.

Why WEN Generators are Needed

Emergencies can happen when one least expects them to. Almost every region on earth can experience an event that could require the use of a generator. From forest fires to blizzards, power outages can occur with unpredictability. To be prepared, one must carry safety items at the ready, and consideration for electrical appliances that must be run while waiting on ordinary power to be restored.

People with CPAP machines or oxygen tanks might need a nonstop source of electricity to keep themselves well. A Wen generator can help with these needs since most of their product contains wattage capacities much higher than the wattage of medical equipment made for individual use.

Who Should Buy a WEN Generator?

Wen generators are useful for people living in homes with more than one resident. While generators will work well in such an environment, you could also use one in a condo or apartment building provided there’s a place for you to store the unit.

Campers traveling in RVs would also be better off with a gas generator for backup or emergency power. Most models contain RV outlets, so hooking one up to get power flowing through your entire vehicle is easy to do.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right One?

Wen generators are varied in size, weight, and wattage capacity. There are other differences as well, but these are the primary areas that you should focus on. If you require something that’s going to be used for longer than one day, the heavier generators should be the first that you look into.

But for someone that just wants backup power for a couple of hours leading up to a full day, the smaller models should keep you powered. More wattage indicates more devices that are possible to be powered from the generator. Don’t acquire the biggest, heaviest version if you know that a single refrigerator or TV is the only thing that you’re going to use the generator for.

Functionalities of WEN Generators

Generators have about the same functions throughout the entire category. Then convert gas, fuel, (and in some cases, solar power) into electricity capable of powering home appliances. They operate with oil and gas, most models working at their best with unleaded fuel. When turned on, Wen generators provide electricity without the violent shaking of competing fuel generators. And less intensive vibrations translate to less noise pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Store a Wen Generator?

You can store your Wen generator in areas that are cool and dry, Look for ways to prevent moisture from getting inside the engine, to prevent rust. Wrap up the entire generator before placing it back in the box. Most include a plastic sheet that you can reuse when the generator light isn’t needed anymore.

Can a Wen Generator be Turned On Indoors?

Never use any gas-powered generator in a closed-off space. Fuel-powered generators release toxic into the air that could travel through your ventilation. Always place the unit somewhere outside, preferably in a location with good ventilation.

How Can I Maximize Fuel Efficiency?

Wen generators have an “eco-mode” switch that lowers the fuel consumption of the engine when using its electricity at a significantly lower wattage than its capacity. This will allow your fuel and oil to last longer when powering single devices.


Which of the five generators is your favorite? All are made by the same brand, Wen. Remember that each generator varies in weight and wattage capacity. The best for you might differ for someone else. But the overall most recommended product is the WEN 56203i. It has all the bells and whistles that consumers look for in a generator, capable of working individual use or in a multi-family home.

However, this isn’t a put down to the other four generators featured. Go with one of those if they have features more important to you. Then take comfort in knowing that you’re more prepared to handle the unexpected than you were before picking your Wen generator.

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