Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about table saws, and they’ll tell you that many of the fences included with the table are replaceable. Sure, not all of them are bad, but they’re oftentimes cheaply built, difficult to square, and susceptible to short-term damages. But factory produced doesn’t have to be what you settle for.

There are numerous table saw fences made individually, some of them exclusive to one brand, and others built for multiple products. Below are ten of the best fences you’ll find anywhere, selected for built quality, assembly time, and performance during cuts. Don’t forget to read to Buyer’s Guide at the end, which entails the particulars to shortening up your options.

Top 10 Best Table Saw Fences

Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System – Best for Fast Assembly

Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System - Best for Fast Assembly

The Delta 36-T30T3 is a fence-rail combination, the former of which extends to an impressive rip length that’s great for precise cuts. With this model, you’ll never experience any kickback, and all moving parts are built with high attention to detail.

Easy to Square

Keeping the bar square is easy; no longer must you adjust the top of the bar to keep your cuts being unclean. Give the 36-T30T3 a shot for its straightforward operation. It’s one of the easiest fences to use with little to no tinkering.

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  • String tubes and rail s that don’t bend or break under ordinary stresses
  • Maintains its square once set up is complete; rarely needs adjusting
  • Unlike some fences, no drilling on table saws is needed to get a proper fit
  • The fence faces are tightened too tightly than what’s needed
  • Locking lever may slip after several cuts are complete

Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly – Best for DW745

Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly - Best for DW745

Up next is the DW745 Fence. It’s a complete replacement for the table saw model of the same name, and produced as a standalone product by the popular tool brand. The fence itself comes with clamps for you to keep things from moving around as you work. Maybe surprising to some, that is a perfect fit for the DW745. That means no work is necessary after putting it together.

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  • Clips are included with the fence
  • Doesn’t need to be altered in order to fit the DW745
  • Good assembly instructions
  • Fits only one particular model of a Dewalt saw
  • The portions of the fence that are plastic feel as if they’re easily breakable

1500mm/ 60″ Digital Saw Fence Readout – Best for Accurate Cuts

1500mm/ 60

Have you tried building a table saw fence from scratch? If so, the 1500mm/ 60″ Digital Saw Fence Readout is as close as you’ll get to a mass-produced one.


For beginners, understand that calibration is required to get things running here. To do so, slice a piece of wood that you don’t need, remembering not to measure it off. A four-inch cut will suffice. After that, proceed to cut, pressing the calibrate button with a 3.195 reading. The digital controls are very useful once you get the hang of them. It’s a fence most recommended to anyone doing serious carpentry work.

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  • When instruction is followed, calibration is an easy process
  • Mounting brackets are strong, and will connect to rail in the shape of a rectangle
  • Fence is removable when calibration is needed in the future, thanks to an attached magnet that’s included
  • Calibration back to zero must be done often

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence – Best Fence Accessory

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence - Best Fence Accessory

The Carter Magfence 2 isn’t a table saw fence like the others. Instead, it’s only an extended bar that’s magnetized at the bottom. The magnet’s power is immense and doesn’t move once you’ve got it in the position that you want. There are two of them, strong enough to carry about 90 pounds. On the downside, the instructions are difficult to make up, but switching magnets shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

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  • Magnets are switch activated
  • Has a non-proprietary track that’s compatible with with a variety of boards
  • Magnets have a 90-pound weight capacity
  • Instructions aren’t thorough enough

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails – Best for Long Boards

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails - Best for Long Boards

The Shop Fox W1410 Fence is another rail/fence bundle, both pieces are built well and easy to adjust. It’ll fit on multiple units, though you should still check with the manufacturer to get the proper measurements of your table, then compare to the fence’s specifications once done.

Rail Quality

The rails slide as they should, helping you to stay square on the table with little pausing to adjust repeatedly. Have a can of your favorite aerosol-packaged lubricant around; the moving part to the fence will need a spray before you cut for the first time.

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  • Locks up well and holds steady when cutting
  • Easy to adjust with multiple tables
  • Cutting doesn’t require lots of movement
  • May need additional lubrication

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 26-Inch to Right – Best for Material Quality

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 26-Inch to Right - Best for Material Quality

The Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System is better for beginners than the previous model might be, and easier to assemble. Still, drilling should always be expected. Vega recommends 3/8 holes if you do this. It has two brackets, featuring auxiliary brackets for modifying the height.

Vega Accessories

Rails are double; put one in the front and back of your table saw. When doing this, your rips will maintain a clean cut, with little to zero splintering. You don’t have to use the top rail if you don’t want, as it’s optional.

Because there are only two brackets on the main rail, it might be a good idea to purchase some more separately. Once the fence makes it to your home, open the box and put it together. This will take no longer than 40 minutes to have set. Just don’t forget to take off the rulers and reset it. Chances are high that you’ll have to it since the position won’t likely conform to your table saw.

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  • Fence is built of mostly metal, with few plastic pieces
  • Not proprietary; will attach to table saws from multiple brands
  • For most, installation takes less than 30 minutes
  • The primary rail is secured by only two brackets
  • Ruler will probably need to be detached, as it’s already fixed but in a position that might require changing

Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence with Standard Rails – Best for Rip Cuts

Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence with Standard Rails - Best for Rip Cuts

The Shop Fox W2005 is a fence suggested for older table saws that are still in good condition. You’ll need to carry out some minor assembly when it comes, but nothing too unfamiliar. Rip cuts are where it shines the brightest, however. If you cut along the grain more than anything else, the results will show with fewer repeat passes to correct mistakes.


The entire unit is a bit on the heavy side, and the drill bit will dull the first time that it’s used. Break out your own drill bits and you’ll never have to stress over the flimsy pieces that are featured with this Shop Fox brand.

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  • Though quick to dull, comes with a tap and drill bit
  • Especially useful for making cuts that are aligned to the grain (rip)
  • Good compatibility with classic table saws, such as those made from Craftsman
  • Heavy; assistance during assembly is advised
  • Low-quality drill bit/tap

Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 50-Inch to Right – Best for Compatibility

Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 50-Inch to Right - Best for Compatibility

The Vega USO Table Saw Fence System consists of fence and rails, made well and manufactured to last a long time. Adjusting is its strong point, as is adding additional bars to the font of the primary fence bar.

Getting it Set Up

Be prepared to file down your castings when you can. Instructions for getting the fence ready aren’t the best in the world, but readable. The fence’s height is also impressive, allowing the machine to fit with lots of varied table saws.

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    li>The half-inch fence height will fit well with any brand table saw
  • Made from steel that’s very dense; bending isn’t likely
  • Not too heavy (about 38 pounds)
  • When installing, the casting must be filed down as they’re very rough

Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails – Beet for Rip Capacity

Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails - Beet for Rip Capacity

The Shop Fox W1720 is made of aluminum but won’t rust under normal storage. There are also steel highlights along the bar, particularly close to the bottom. Wear pads are removable.

The lever lock is Steel and aluminum fence body; Adjustable fence wear pads; Magnified cursor lens; Easy single locking cam action lever holds the fence. Rip cut maximum is gauged at 50 inches maximum, not as high as some on the list, but good nonetheless. Use caution when moving the fence’s legs around. The legs are bendable and may need to be replaced if this happens.

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  • Made from both aluminum and steel
  • Rails slide well without the need of too much force
  • 50 inch capacity of rip
  • Easily bendable legs

Shop Fox W2006 Classic Fence with 7-Foot Rails and Legs – Best for Customization

Shop Fox W2006 Classic Fence with 7-Foot Rails and Legs - Best for Customization

The final product is the Shop Fox W2006, good for varied table saws and guaranteed to last long after the date of purchase. The legs are powerful and stuff, keeping still as you pass the blade through your cuts. It’s mountable, something done to the ease of not requiring any instructions.

Drilling Preparation

Do you have a drill at the ready? Drilling is likely needed, though not with all tables. In any case, the W2006 is more than enough for any woodworker, regardless of experience or not. Hook it up to your saw, then get ready to make accident-free cuts once and for all.

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  • Reinforced legs prevent the saw from moving during cuts and rips
  • Extended rails add extra rip length (54 inches at the most)
  • Mounting most table saws to the fence is easy to do, without reading the instructions provided
  • Drilling will likely be needed; not enough holes

Comparison Table

Delta 36-T30T3
Fence Length: 37 inches

Rail Length: 57 1/2 inches

Material: Steel

Dewalt DW745
Fence Length: 36 inches

Rail Length: N/A

Material: Aluminum

Wixey WR700
Fence Length: 36 inches

Rail Length: 63 inches

Material: Steel

Carter MF II
Fence Length: 16 inches

Rail Length: N/A inches

Material: Aluminum

Shop Fox W1410
Fence Length: 37 inches

Rail Length: 47 inches

Material: Aluminum

Vega U26
Fence Length: 36 inches

Rail Length: 40 & 48 inches

Material: Steel

Shop Fox W2005
Fence Length: 37 inches

Rail Length: 46 inches

Material: Aluminum

Vega U50
Fence Length: 36 inches

Rail Length: 70 inches

Material: Steel

Shop Fox W1720
Fence Length: 42 inches

Rail Length: 79 inches

Material: Aluminum

Shop Fox W2006
Fence Length: 41 1/5 inches

Rail Length: 84 inches

Material: Steel

Table Saw Fence – Buyer’s Guide

How to Use a Fence in Conjunction with a Table Saw

If you’re unfamiliar with the way that fences work, knowing how to work alongside table saws can save you a lot of trouble, and avoid a lengthy (and costly) return. A table saw is a cutting device with a circular saw fixed into a slot on a table. Most models are made of metal or steel.

The saw is usually placed in the center, with rails for the fence housed along with its exterior positions directly in front of the user and the other side of the table. This is what supports the table saw fence. The concept is almost similar to a 3D printer, though the fence is tasked with providing a position to what you’re cutting with as perfect a right angle as possible. This is known as “squaring.”

A table saw fence alone might not be enough to keep a proper square with certain tables or with certain objects that you’re cutting. A small wooden piece may need additional fencing to keep the cuts clean. Other pieces might come out better with additional room on the fence and railing, to provide maximum rip capacity. This is the space from where the saw rests, to the farthest edge on the fence. It’s important for cutting longer pieces of wood more than smaller one-offs, so look for a higher rip capacity when anticipating work on longer boards.

Why Table Saw Fences are Needed

Table saw fences provide safety to woodcutters, better cutting precision, and shorter work time from fewer repeat attempts to make a proper cut. As with all tools and tool accessories, safety is everything. You never want to use a saw without having the right pieces to make the cuts easier for yourself, and that’s what a fence does by allowing the wood to be positioned in a fixed spot that won’t make it move or jerk when you’ve got the saw running.

Kickback can still be a problem, but this risk is eliminated greatly with a fence or additional accessories such as a riving knife. Precision is done since the wood moves only in one direction with a fence installed, sliding down the front of the fence until the cut is complete. You’ll find that fewer repeat passes are needed, and none at all with the right fence saw.

Who Should Use a Table Saw Fence?

A fence should be used by anyone that’s working with a table saw. Most table saws will include one with the main product, though they’re sometimes of poor quality and unreliable. This isn’t true for all models though, and some brands even sell them separately.

You’ll find proprietary saw fences for some of the most popular brands, though older tables tend to fit more fences. But with the correct assembly and alterations, even some fences that are proprietary to a particular brand could be converted, given that fences are pretty basic in design.

For the most part, everyone should have a table saw fence, and an extra in storage just in case the one being used breaks. As a DIY-er, you should build one yourself, or find the correct size after choosing one of the products featured in the reviews. Do take note that building your own table saw is best done by people with experience in using more than one fence model. A beginner may not want to take this route.

Why Picking the Right Saw Fence is Pertinent

As mentioned, not all table saw fences are built to fit with all table saws. The table saw that you’re using might not fit with some of the models evaluated, while others could take nearly all of them. The best way for you to know is by measuring the length and width of the table carefully, and going by the suggestions of the manufacturer. Of course, some manufacturers will only recommend fences produced by them. As long as the measurement of the rail and fence aligns with the saw that you’re using, fitting it to your table is possible.

Saw Fence Functions

A saw fence keeps cuts straight and reduces crookedness in the board that you work on. Sometimes, this could necessitate the use of additional fences that are magnetized at the bottom, especially for boards with odd shapes. Rails may or may not be needed by you. Do pay attention to see if they’re included with the fence if you need them. Some fences are sold as individual products without any rails at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I know If I need a new Table Saw Fence?

The easiest way to tell is by looking at your work. If you’re noticing crooked boards that are inundated with splinters in the cuts, then it might be time to eliminate that with a fence that squares better than the existing one.

How long does the average Table Saw Fence Last?

A fence and its railings can last as long as the machine it’s housed on, provided that you’re careful with your tools when they’re used. Still, aim for less plastic and more metal/steel pieces when longevity is important.

Are Digital Fences better at Squaring than Non-Digital?

This can depend on the experience of the user. If you’re not careful when cutting, then a rough cut will be the result of even the best, most high-quality table saw and fence. However, provided you have a good fence, it’s generally more difficult to make mistakes.


Due to the limitations and recommendations of some table saws, it can be hard to judge which fences are better than others. The fences that are used for only one brand are good, but those built for multi-brands are better in regards to compatibility. In any case, the Delta, 36-T30T3, Dewalt DW745, and the Digital Saw Fence Readout (numbers 1-3 respectively) are outstanding.

But don’t forget to check out the other seven, more so if your table saw requires that you do more than the normal assembly, such as drilling holes, to get a proper fit. Stick with the ten and you’ll be in good hands, no matter which fence makes its way to your doorstep.

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