The snow might be pretty to look at but can quickly become a nuisance for anyone that has to deal with it on their property. The buildup can occur quickly. especially during heavy flurries that occur throughout the year. If it snows heavily where you live, you know how annoying it can be to walk out of your home past the sidewalk. A snow blower can fix these problems by moving the snow away from the walking path you use it on.

More specifically, Snow Joe has managed to become a popular brand over the years, selling high-quality blowers that never rust or break in the compacted snow. Use them on your porch or driveway, it makes no difference. Below are five of the best brands from the company, chosen for their durability and plowing rate. Furthermore, be sure to read the Buyer’s Guide after the reviews to shorten down your picks. Let’s get started!

Comparison Table

This comparison chart shows each Snow Joe blower that’s listed in the reviews. If more information is needed, go to the product’s description that’s listed next to its title.

Snow Joe SJ625E
Motor: 15 Amps

Plowing Speed: 800 lbs

Width of Clearing: 21 inches

Weight: 35 lbs
Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB
Motor: 13.5 Amp

Plowing Speed: 500 lbs

Width of Clearing: 18 inches

Weight: 42 lbs
Snow Joe 323E
Motor: 10 Amps

Plowing Speed: 400 lbs

Width of Clearing: 13 inches

Weight: 13.8 lbs
Snow Joe SJ618E
Motor: 15 Amps

Plowing Speed: 550 lbs

Width of Clearing: 18 inches

Weight: 25 lbs
Snow Joe SJ615E
Motor: 11 Amps

Plowing Speed: 440 lbs

Width of Clearing: 15 inches

Weight: 24 lbs

Top 5 Best Snow Joe Blowers

Snow Joe SJ625E – Best Snow Blower for Thick Snow – Editor’s Choice

Snow Joe SJ625E

Snow Joe’s SJ625E is a remarkable thing to use during the wintertime. It’s built with good parts and can stand up to the cold icy terrain around you home, clearing away the snow efficiently. For a snow blower, it’s pretty light in weight, gauged at approximately 35 pounds. For this reason, you can move it around without much force on your part, but don’t take this as a weakness.

Assembly and Operation

Once put together, everything should stay in place without breaking. Speaking of which, it is a simple task to undertake. You can have it assembled and ready to go in less than an hour, thanks to the handy instruction manual included with the snow blower. Don’t worry about adding oil or gas to the SJ625E, it requires none of that to operate. You will have to plug it into an outlet, however. Make sure that you have one nearby your intended working area before you buy.

  • Very light in weight, moves around with minimal effort on the part of the user
  • Easy to assemble and comes with coherent assembly instructions
  • Zero maintenance is needed prior to usage (no oil change, gas, or priming)
  • The hinge that’s featured on the blower may change direction when compacted snow passes through

Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB – Best Wireless Snow Blower – People’s Choice

Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB

The Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB resembles the previous Snow Joe product in a lot of ways, yet has a few things that the other doesn’t.

For starters, there’s a battery charger included here, eliminating the need to use a wired connection to keep the machine running. And since it’s wireless, you can feel free to use this snow blower similarly to those that are gas-powered. Yet because there’s no gas connection, you won’t have to break out the oil or fuel to keep the motor running smoothly. It weighs slightly more than the first Snow Joe as well, a total combined weight of about 42 pounds.

Size and Movement

Weight shouldn’t be too much of a problem, mind you, so long as you use it in the snow that’s moderately compacted. Once the job’s done, storing is a breeze. The dimensions are sufficient enough for you to fit in a space that’s slightly smaller than what you would with a lawnmower. As for negatives, there are hardly any. Be prepared to give it a little muscle to keep the auger moving; it’s not always smooth sailing unless you’re moving it around. But overall, the iON18SB-HYB has what it takes to knock out large amounts of snow without stalling.

  • Doesn’t require an oil change
  • Keeps the noise pollution down when using the battery mode
  • Adjustable level for changing the direction of the thrown snow
  • Not much space is needed for storage
  • Must be pushed gently in order for the snow to move
  • Throws about 10-15 feet on average, not 20

Snow Joe 323E – Best Snow Blower for Small Driveways

Snow Joe 323E

The Snow Joe 323E is the smallest of the previous two but contains a surprising amount of power and plowing speed behind the motor. It uses a 10-amp, capable of pushing up to 400 pounds by the minute.

The dimensions are pretty narrow but large enough to clear most small sideways driveways, and decks. And because of the smaller weight, moving it around is a fast undertaking. It has excellent grip; you’ll never find yourself struggling to keep it on the path that you want. Small bits of gravel and pebble won’t prevent you from blowing, so don’t worry if you know a few foreign bits are passing through the machine.

Cleaning a Path Quickly

It stays grounded for the duration of its use, never going off track and moving loose snow fast. Try to not wait too long before breaking it out. It might not perform as well of snow that’s been sitting in the cold for a while. And be careful when removing snow from wooden surfaces, to not allow the lower parts to scratch the bottom.

  • Lifts easily and is simple to transport
  • Good for most small walkways, even those with a few pebbles in the snow
  • Not a strain on the arms
  • On wooden decks, the auger may touch the surface

Snow Joe SJ618E – Best Snow Blower for Handling

Snow JoeSJ618E

The Snow Joe SJ618E has a wide clearing width and excellent depth. You can manage to get about an 18-inch span with this, which stays constant thanks to the durable handle fitting onto the machine.

The auger at the bottom means business. Small rocks and pebbles won’t break anything, or even scratch them. It’s abrasive-resistant so don’t plan on changing any parts once the winter weather subsides. You’ll have it for a long time and storing for the next season is easy, no matter if you wish to take it apart or not. It doesn’t vibrate too violently as you push, and you’ll be able to keep it parallel to whatever surface you use it on.

High Performance on Loose or Wet Snow

Still, moving to different positions won’t be a chore, either. The rubber wheels in the back will hold firmly to the ice, snow, or pavement on which you plow on. Regardless of the snow is wet or dry, it will manage to pass through the machine and clear a path for you fast. As for improvements, you might get a little static when moving fresh snow that’s very dry, due in part to the friction that’s created when passing the chute. Because of this, try using the machine with a pair of gloves to minimize the chances of getting a small shock.

  • Causes no harm to wooden surfaces
  • Will pivot into a different position on the fly, if needed
  • Works well on dry and wet snow
  • May cause static shocks on dry snow due to an accumulation of static

Snow Joe SJ615E – Best Snow Blower for Throwing Distance

Snow Joe SJ615E

The final product is the Snow Joe SJ615E. It has an 11-amp motor, which isn’t as strong as some of the others. However, don’t let that turn you away, as there’s plenty to like about this piece.

First, the small motor is compensated by the fact that the dimensions (42.1 x 17.1 x 34.9 inches) are great for quick storage. But when it’s time to put it to work, you can keep the snow away from your sidewalks/driveway from the throwing distance alone. There won’t be any need for you to pass over areas just to cover snow that was blown too close to your initial plowing path.

Long Throwing Distance with No Gas Operation

The throwing distance is about 20 feet. After you’ve assembled it for the first time, you’ll be happy to see how well the machine starts up. There are no priming or oil changes needed, so push the blue button on the handle and that’s it. The chute that throws the snow is completely adjustable, having a 180-degree turning angle that’ll never get in your way.

The handle could be a bit taller but this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re very tall. But for most people, the SJ615E is more than enough to clear a walking path around your home during the winter. Recommended for people with moderate (but not heavy) snow accumulation.

  • Outstanding throwing distance
  • Starts up fast; no priming necessary
  • Has a chute with an adjustable angle of 180 degrees
  • Low handle height

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s more information to help you find the Snow Joe blower that’s best for you.

How Snow Blowers Work

Snow blowers work by passing snow through an auger, which is powered by a motor. Motors can be either election or gas-powered. While gas tends to have more power, the election is usually easier to manage. For example, with an electric motor, you can turn it on without priming, and the upkeep is much easier to do. There’s no need for oil or gas refills, and things should run smoothly for the entirety that you own the device.

To turn it on, You must press a button that’s usually housed somewhere near the handle grip. As snow makes its way through the machine, it comes out through a chute that tosses it in the direction you want. This is known as the throw. Throwing distance depends on the machine you’re using since different snow blowers have variant motors with different amps.

Why Snow Joe Blowers are Recommended

Snow Joe Blower are known for their stellar line of electric-only snow blower models and have been in business since 2004. They produce corded electric and wireless models, the latter of which are rechargeable with batteries. Strong and easy to assemble, Snow Joe blowers can operate in all sorts of snowy terrain, from heavily compacted to very loose snow. So long as you keep them stored properly, corrosion will never occur. Like their other lawn care products, Snow Joe makes them durable to the point of getting you through multiple seasons without breaking or any other need for repairs.

Who Snow Joe Blowers are Best For

As previously stated, Snow Joe blowers are known for the excellent lineup of electric and cordless electric snow blowers. If you need such, this is the right product for you. Some of their most powerful models contain amps that are nearly comparable to some gas models. If you live in a region that experiences winter weather to the point of which you need to shovel yourself to your car or sidewalk.

You should consider a Snow Joe blower. Even people that already own a gas-powered blower might be relieved to have a backup around, especially if snowstorms are the norm in your region. It should also be mentioned that lowering your dependability on gas machines is a great way to make your home green friendly while saving you funds from less being spent on oil and gas.

Narrowing Down your Choice (And Why it’s Important)

Out of the five Snow Joe blowers reviewed, you should think carefully over the one that you pick. Remember that each machine has different motors and the level of throwing speed. Based on where you live and the type of snow that accumulates around your home, you might not need the most powerful models listed. For people with loose snow, a snow blower that’s less than 15 amps should suffice.

If your home has a small driveway, you probably won’t need a snow blower with a wide clearing path or depth, more so if you only experience flurries once or twice in the year. But for those that stay in high elevation locations or are northerly enough to justify a larger model, please don’t settle for less. In such a case, the bigger in terms of amp power and clearing width/depth is usually the best.

For several feet of snow, you need something that can push through the powder without getting stuck in the process. If not, your snow blowing could be similar to bringing down a large igloo with just an ice pick. You don’t want that to occur. In short, choose the model that best matches the weather you much put up with.

Using a Snow Joe Blower Correctly

Snow Joe blowers aren’t that different from other models that are made by other competing brands. Unlike those that operate with only gas, you won’t have to worry about any priming. They start with only the press of a button and can move with minimal effort in most cases. Some models might require that you give the machine a slight push as you plow, but nothing that would have you breaking out in cold sweats. Be sure to turn the chute in the direction you intend for the snow to blow, making sure that it doesn’t end up in a spot that you plan on plowing later (or your neighbor’s yard.

For many people, one pass should be all that’s necessary for you to clear a runway for walking. Driveways, depending on how large they are, might be a little more tricky. If your driveway is straight, things should be easy for you to manage. But curved and love driveways might require a larger plow instead. For decks, Snow Joe blowers will work wonders. Just ensure that you don’t let the auger touch the surface of your working area.

As with any power tool, remember that safety comes first. Keep plugs and electrical components of the blower free from water and moisture, and always watch yourself to ensure that the wire isn’t under your legs as you work (for wired blowers).

Some blowers may create a friction that produces a slight shock when touching it with your bare hands, due in part to the friction of compacted snow. Try out a good pair of gloves as you work, which is recommended even if this isn’t the case. You don’t want to end up with poor circulation from being in the cold for too long!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding snow blowers:

Will the Wheels have to be Replaced?

In most cases, the wheels of your snow blower should last for as long as the machine does. All Snow Joe blower wheels are solid, meaning that you won’t need to inflate them with air. They cling to all terrains, including snow, without sliding around.

Snow Fast do Snow Joe Blowers Work?

This can vary from machine to machine and depends heavily on the amount of snow that can be moved per minute. For all of the blowers listed above, you can get at least 300 or more pounds of snow removed every minute that passes. Keep in mind that these numbers are subject to change based on the amount of snow that has accumulated, and how compact it is.

What about Maintenance and Upkeep?

Since these are electric snow blowers, there’s not much you’ll need to do to keep them operating as expected. Check the auger for damage when you’re done using them, and try to avoid blowing in areas where you know there are a lot of small rocks. In most cases, getting a small pebbling or two through the auger won’t cause any damage to the auger. Take your time and until your comfortable with the area you’re working in, and the need for making repairs should below.


Did you find the right Snow Joe blower for you? Each of the five reviewed has outstanding power and clearing speed. There’s no wrong pick you could make here, but try to find one that best matches up with the snow accumulation to which you must clear. There are both wired and wireless models, along with blowers made for more small-scale clearing. And once you’ve found the right one for your home, get ready to say goodbye to excavating your way outside of your home with a shovel!

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