Do you want a device that can help clear and clean up the leaves off your lawn or around your home? Then look no further than getting a Ryobi leaf blower.

Leaf blowers come in handy to clear off leaves after a trim or clean up debris littering around your patio. Over the years, the Ryobi has become one of the popular and top brands of a leaf blower. They have multiple models that have received positive reviews, earning the company a great reputation.

But do you know the best models of this brand? Read on because this article brings you the best Ryobi leaf blowers and other essential information about these outdoor power tools.

For first-timers, it’s always challenging to find efficient and quality leaf blowers with great features. The reason is that there are several available models on the market with questionable quality that might make you regret ever investing in one.

So, to make things easier for you when shopping, we have taken the time to select the 5 best options that are of great quality and come with impressive features. Below, we provide a table of comparison and an in-depth review of these models.  

Top 5 Best Ryobi Leaf Blowers


Best Premium Leaf Blower – Ryobi P2108A 100mph


Do you want a durable leaf blower that can clear off those leaves in your patio without hassles? Then consider getting the Ryobi P2108A. This model offers you great durability and benefits to blow leaves with different speed settings and high accuracy.

A powerful leaf blower is one thing, but precision tops it off. This device offers both a powerful and precise clearing. The design is portable, and it provides comfort during the activity.

All you need is just one charge, and you’re set to clear out your yard in minutes. What’s more, it is easier to carry around for everyday clean up thanks to its lightweight.

Ryobi P2108A


As said earlier, the device is lightweight. This ensures a convenient leaf blowing exercise, making the task more fun than work. It also has a dirt scraper that allows you to loosen leaves and debris stuck to the ground.

Pressing the speed trigger helps to clear out the yard in a short time. What’s more, the blower is easy to operate and fun to handle.


The Ryobi P2108A sports an ergonomic design that ensures your comfort. It features a hanging hook on the device head. This part makes it easier to carry around while clearing leaves.

Additionally, it powers up to 100mph and 280 CFM at maximum operation thanks to the unique jet fan design.


Despite its fantastic design and unique features, the device lacks a good battery. After a long charge time, the battery goes off within a short time of use. It doesn’t last up to five minutes. 

The fast charge indicator also seems to be a sham. It charges slowly and wastes energy. So, to make it run for a longer time, you need to get a more robust battery, incurring more expenses.


The Ryobi P2108A offers up to two times more power than most cordless models of this brand. All you need is to install a heavy-duty battery, and you’re good to go. The design is smart and comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use.

If you treasure your control, you may want to get this model. Its variable speed trigger gives excellent control.

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  • It offers a good blowing power
  • The machine is lightweight and convenient
  • Easy to operate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cordless and enhance movement
  • Weak battery
  • It doesn’t charge fast
  • Short Working time

Best Powerful Leaf Blower -Ryobi RY40402A 155 mph 300 CFM

When it comes to blowing accuracy, very few models can stand up to the Ryobi RY40402A 155 mph. It features a 40V battery that enhances the blowing power and moves leaves away at 155mph.

It offers ultimate airspeed control with its variable speed trigger. This feature enhances the accuracy of directing leaves as you clean up.

Are you always worried about wet leaves? Worry no more as it can blow wet, dry, and heavy leaves off your lawn or patio.

It is the perfect outdoor power tool for lawns and hard surfaces. What’s more, the blower also has a soft-grip handle to improve comfort.

Ryobi RY40402A


This blower clears off the leaves with optimum precision and power. It’s convenient and cordless.

You can move it to anywhere around the yard to blow off leaves. There is no such thing as a pullback due to wire or cable.


The unique jet fan design increases the airflow and blows the leaves with much ease. This device also comes with a variable speed trigger for better precision. Furthermore, it features a 40V powerful Li-ion battery for optimum operation.

Ryobi RY40402A is cordless and uses charge power stored in a battery. So, no need for gas or diesel.


Users might need to get extra batteries to enjoy this gadget to the fullest. The battery and charger do not come with it as accessories, so you need to buy them separately. This costs you extra money, and the frustrating part is that the battery doesn’t last more than 30 minutes.


Rid yourself of your electric cable blower and enjoy the convenience of going cordless. With Ryobi RY40402A, you are sure of max blowing power and reasonable control. The soft-grip handle is perfect for user comfort. What’s more, it makes leaf clearing much easier and fun.

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  • It has a sleek and compact design
  • Operate quietly
  • Cordless and convenient to move around
  • No extra battery/charger accessory
  • Unstable battery life

Best Lightweight Leaf Blower – Ryobi OBL 18020S

Do you have a hard surface always full of leaves? Ryobi OBL 18020S is the right device to help clean up that mess. This device works great to blow debris off your decks and patios. It’s not only lightweight but also has a cordless design to enhance convenience.

It features an over-mold to ensure extreme comfort over extended use. This leaf blower also comes with the perfect noodle for heaped leaves. The high-speed nozzle releases air at a fantastic speed of 245km per hour.

The best part is that the battery is compatible with most garden power tools. And then, it makes cleaning easier and faster.

Ryobi OBL 18020S


It’s best to get this leaf blower due to its optimized pressure nozzle. This small-mouthed blower delivers powerful air at a high-speed of 245km per hour. Not even a heap of leaves, wet or dry, would stand a chance.

Additionally, it’s lightweight, has a soft handle, and doesn’t have a cord. This feature gives you better control of the machine and unrestricted movement around the patio.


The Ryobi OBL 18020S is a cordless leaf blower with a lightweight design. It uses a battery that powers the machine for long hours of use.

It uses a universal battery that is compatible with many other Ryobi power tools. Furthermore, it has a high-speed nozzle for better airflow and accuracy. The best part of all is that its over-mold handle is perfect for more extended use.


This gadget has a one-speed setting. Even though it’s a huge 245km per hour, you might need less airflow.

The device is suitable to blow dry and wet leaves, but running at a full blast only drains the battery faster. Hence, you need to get extra batteries to sustain power, so it runs for a long time.


The Ryobi OBL offers a mighty blow of air. This feature makes it stand out among other models. You need to buy a battery and charger separately as it doesn’t come with these items. However, it comes with a tool bag for other implements.

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  • High-speed nozzle for better airflow
  • It works great to clear off wet and dry leaves
  • Has an ergonomic over-mold handle
  • Small battery for massive speed
  • Handle not durable

Best Budget Leaf Blower – Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Compact Blower

Are you looking for a blower for your workplace and wood chop board on a budget? Then, the Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Compact Blower is your best option. Among all the others on our list, this is the cheapest option.

The device has three-speed settings that offer immense blow-off power. Furthermore, it provides extra convenience for a quick clean of your yard.

You don’t need to apply much power to carry it. The device is exceptionally lightweight.  

It’s the best blower for first-timers. This is due to the variable speed trigger that helps to improve precision.

This Ryobi disperses out a maximum airspeed of 160mph. It also doesn’t scratch your table surface as it has a rubber nozzle.

Ryobi OnePlus


What you have here is the perfect blower for your workspace and garden. You can blow off the dust with impressive speed and much ease. The 3-speed settings make it ideal for all working conditions because you can set low speed for light debris.

Above all, it’s lightweight and doesn’t give much stress to the carriage. With this power tool, you can clear off all the trash in a short time.


The device runs on a one+ 18Volts battery. This cell gives it the maximum power to function at the highest level with a simple charge.

It’s also cordless, providing you with a mobility advantage. Hence, you can walk to any length without restriction.

Additionally, it features a variable speed trigger with a three-speed adjustment. This power tool will be a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy enhanced precision and speed adjustments.


Despite its fantastic design, it lacks the blowing power for courtyard clearing and cleans up. The nozzle is also small, thereby causing the airflow to be weak.

Moreover, with a weakened blow power, it still drains the battery fast. A full charge would only take you through a 20minutes blowing task. Another biggest downside is that the 3-speed switch also malfunctions, and this further reduces the velocity.


The device is perfect for a convenient clearing of debris and water. Hence, it’s an excellent machine for your workshop and car.

It can clear off droplets of water from your vehicle. However, the Ryobi ONE+ 18volt is not suitable for your patio or garden, considering its low CFM. 

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  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Has three-speed adjustment settings
  • Features variable speed trigger for better accuracy
  • It is a cordless device
  • Has a Smaller nozzle
  • Offers Low speed and power
  • The battery drains faster

Best Heavy-Duty Ryobi Leaf Blower – Ryobi 40-Volt Baretool Lithium-Ion Leaf Blower

Do you want a blower with excellent battery life and heavy-duty cleanup? The Ryobi 40-Volt Baretool Leaf Blower is a perfect tool for a large yard. You can also use batteries of other Ryobi power tools to keep it running.

It requires a 40v battery for maximum function. Thus, it delivers a 500cfm and 110 mph speed for quick clean up. It also features a variable speed trigger for improved control by the user.

If you want a device that is comfortable to use, this is one device to have handy. This Ryobi 40-Volt Leaf Blower features a soft handle grip. This offers comfort when you’re holding it.

Additionally, it features a jet fan design that guarantees gas-like power. You can press the turbo button to initiate the maximum power.  

Ryobi Baretool


This leaf blower is a major upgrade to the 2019 model RY40460. Hence, you can use some of its accessories like a battery and charger. The blower delivers optimum power when set to max speed. The turbo button makes it easier to initiate maximum capacity, a fair speed adjustment.

The lithium-ion battery provides you longer clean-up time without an electric cord. Another significant part is that it has a soft-grip handle that provides enough comfort. What’s more, the variable speed trigger improves your control.


It comes with a jet fan design that delivers increased airflow. This power tool also has a turbo button for max power. The speed goes up to 110mph and 500cfm when on maximum capacity.

Above all, it sports a cordless design for easy movement and has a variable speed trigger for better control.


The battery drains quickly. You can’t use this device for more than 30 minutes before it goes off. When compared to similar models, the gadget pales in the battery department.

Its power is like a hand fan without the turbo button. Another downside is that the plastic nozzle material is slippery and inferior.


This leaf blower makes life more comfortable, especially during the fall. The variable speed trigger is an excellent addition that helps give you improved direction. You only need like 3-4 extra batteries for a better and more powerful clean up.

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  • Features Turbo button for quick max power
  • It is cordless and convenient to use
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle and grip
  • The nozzle is flattened and of low quality
  • The battery is weak and does drain fast

Comparison Table

Ryobi P2108A
Cubic feet per minute: 280 CFM

Fan Speed: 100 MPH

Weight: 5.79 lbs.

Battery Voltage: 18 V

Ryobi RY40402A
Cubic feet per minute: 300 CFM

Fan Speed: 155 MPH

Weight: 5.49 lbs.

Battery Voltage: 40 V

Ryobi OBL 18020S
Cubic feet per minute: 200 CFM

Fan Speed: 150 MPH

Weight: 3.52 lbs.

Battery Voltage: 18 V

Ryobi One+
Cubic feet per minute: 93 CFM

Fan Speed: 160 MPH

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Battery Voltage: 18 V

Ryobi Baretool
Cubic feet per minute: 500 CFM

Fan Speed: 110 MPH

Weight: 7.24 lbs.

Battery Voltage: 40 V


How Do Leaf Blowers Work?

The way this machine work is quite simple. They operate on the centrifugal force concept that transfers from the center of a spinning object towards its edge. It works similarly to those rides on fairgrounds that rotate continuously, making you sick and noxious.

The leaf blower has a compeller, and as it spins, it sucks air through a vent located at the back of the blower. This air is then forced down a funnel and then blown out at speeds of up to 250mph. This simple reaction is what blows leaves all about your garden floor.

Why You Need to Get Ryobi Leaf Blower

Although you must have seen them in infomercials, you still doubt whether Ryobi models worth investing in or the leaf blowers are generally necessary. Well, they are incredibly versatile machines that make tidying of leaves on your patio or garden a lot easier. And Ryobi, as a renowned leaf blower brand, further simplifies the whole process.


Ryobi focuses on convenience, and nothing is more exciting than using a time-saving machine. They cut work hours into minutes.

With air traveling at high speed out of the machines, you can quickly round off your yard clearing and move on to other things. This advantage is more than enough reason to get a Ryobi leaf blower.

Worth Every Penny

Some might consider the leaf blower to be a high-end investment or even a luxury item. Compared to rakes, if you factor in the amount of valuable time saved with this machine, you will realize that this offers great value for the money. Hence, this is a great tool for those who value their time.

Prevent Aches and Pains

The conventional leaf clearing methods involve a great deal of bodily exertion. The constant bending, gathering, and picking of leaves can leave you completely tired and might even cause aches.

But these outdoor power tools eliminate most of the manual effort involved in clearing leaves. Now you won’t have to go through the physical stress to get this done. You only need to point and aim your blower at the leaves, and it’ll do the rest.

Work Great for Clearing Snow Too

The versatility of the leaf blowers comes in handy once more. These machines are not only used for leaves but also for clearing off the snow too.

So, if you reside in an area with dry and light snow, a leaf blower will be a valuable machine in your tool shed. However, it works best on snow that is not more than an inch or two. Any more than that might be too much for the blower to handle

Who Should Buy This?

Whether you are looking to purchase a leaf blower for the first, or you’re a long-time user of other types, you should consider buying this Ryobi battery-operated model. This is also very useful for fans of the brand, who already own other different types.

To make things clear, there are gas and oil-powered leaf blowers, but they are often difficult to use by first-timers. The battery-operated or cordless models only require you to fit in the battery and pull the trigger.

Also, it requires minimal upkeep compared to the gas or corded types. Overall, cordless Ryobi models are suitable for first-time users or people that have used other types of leaf blowers.

Why It is Important to Choose the Right One

Cordless leaf blowers offer great mobility and optimum efficiency, which is achievable through battery power. You only need to turn on the machine and focus the nozzle toward the leaves. It is a whole lot more convenient than their gas-powered counterparts.

Moreover, cordless models operate silently, as opposed to motorized or gas leaf blowers. So, you don’t have to go through that obnoxious noise typically generated when working.

Additionally, you can carry cordless blowers over long distances, a feat that is unattainable with its wired counterparts. And to cap it all off, they don’t cost so much to maintain if you prevent damage or jam to your machine. It always functions at 99% capacity.

Functionalities of Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blowers

Over time, cordless technology has greatly improved, coming up with models that can compete with gas models. These maintenance-free machines offer great mobility, making them the perfect choice for homeowners.

18v to 24v Leaf Blowers

These machines are designed to blow off hard surfaces like patios and decks, effectively replacing the brooms and rakes. They are also great for indoor use, like in your garages and cars. Some models are even powerful enough to clear off straw and leaves from your lawn.

Cordless blowers usually make use of the same batteries as other machines with identical voltage lines. So, if you own Ryobi cordless power tools such as saws and drills, you will get to save money on battery replacement.

36v to 80v Leaf Blowers

Blowers in this class feature outstanding run time and perform on the level of gas-powered blowers. Models with this voltage range can operate as powerfully as their gas counterparts, but with the benefit of a lighter weight. The run time is also significantly greater than that of blowers with 18v-24v.


Q: What Batteries Do Ryobi Blowers Use?

Ryobi typically utilizes lithium-ion batteries for its cordless power tools. Depending on your model, the size of the required battery will differ. You most likely would need an 18V, but a 40V may also work great for the job.

Q: Do Ryobi blowers Use the Same Batteries as Ryobi Cordless Drills?

No, Ryobi leaf blowers do not make use of the same batteries. Most Ryobi cordless models take up to 40v while other products from this brand use batteries with higher voltage.

But the power output comes in handy. It makes the work so much quicker. No longer do you need to sweep your garage or driveway. All you need is a point and blow.

Q: What Controls Come with Ryobi Blowers?

Ryobi blowers typically feature the basic power controls. However, some models are designed with adjustable settings, allowing you to adjust the airspeed of the leaf blower. This feature comes in handy when dealing with sensitive materials that require much air output.

Q: How Long Does the Battery Last?

The batteries last about 15-20 minutes at full blast, which is just enough to cover a lengthy patio or sidewalk. You can get a backup battery if you want.

As stated earlier, Ryobi typically takes 18V batteries, but depending on the model, you may also use a 40V battery.


Most gardens, lawn, or patio have leaves and dirt littering almost everywhere during the fall season. The sight alone can make you uncomfortable when you think of how to get it out. That’s why a leaf blower is a useful tool for clearing them off.

However, only a few brands guarantee great functionality and durability. And Ryobi is among the best on the market. Its models come with many impressive features that make the work easier and faster.

The top five Ryobi leaf blowers in this review are all durable and have impressive features that make them stand out. So, if you are looking for a cordless leaf blower, you can choose any of the selected models above.

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