Router edge guides are some of the most indispensable woodworking accessories on the market. These inexpensive add-ons boost the versatility and accuracy of even the most basic handheld routers. We rounded up 10 of the top-selling router edge guides in hopes of making your buying experience easier and more informed. Check out our product reviews and comprehensive buying guide!

Router edge guides are some of the most indispensable woodshop accessories. These simple tools make it possible for you to make straight, precise passes with handheld routers. We tested and reviewed ten of the top router edge guides in hopes of making your buying experience a little easier. Check out our top picks and buying guide in the sections below.

Top 10 Best Router Edges


Bosch Deluxe Router Edge Guide with Dust Extraction Hood & Vacuum Hose Adapter – Best Overall

Bosch Deluxe Router Edge Guide with Dust Extraction Hood & Vacuum Hose Adapter - Best Overall

The Bosch Deluxe Router Edge Guide is an excellent addition to any Bosch or Dewalt router. This tool enables you to cut up to 8 inches from the edge of any piece of wood. The onboard pivot plate enables this edge guide to double as a circle guide. You can make circular and arced passes as big as 32 inches in diameter.

This tool also comes equipped with a dust extraction good and vacuum hose adapter. As such, you’re sure to gain a safer, cleaner workspace. All of the equipment comes fully assembled. Plus, the required installation hardware is included.


Precision adjustments are relatively easy to make, though some customers experienced difficulties. It’s also worth mentioning that the dust port boasts a few design flaws.

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  • Compatible with a wide range of handheld routers, including all Bosch and DeWalt models
  • Cuts up to 8 inches from edge
  • Makes circles and arcs up to 32 inches in diameter
  • Includes pivot plate, extraction hood vacuum hose adapter (Hose adapter is compatible with 1 ¼-inch, 1 ½-inch, and 33-millimeter hoses
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Difficult to adjust
  • Issues with dust collection port

Dewalt Router Edge Guide for Fixed-Base Compact Router- Most Fixed Base Compact Router

Dewalt Router Edge Guide for Fixed-Base Compact Router- Most Fixed Base Compact Router

Next up, we have the Dewalt Router Edge Guide. This woodshop accessory is designed to work with just about any fixed-base compact router. This durable solid-metal device comes fully assembled. The slide is easy to adjust and locks in place securely.

You can use the Dewalt Router Edger to execute several different kinds of cuts up to 3 inches from the edge of a workpiece. This device eliminates frustration related to inlays and dadoes.


Customers had mostly positive things to say. However, a few users struggled to align these accessories with their routers.

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  • Constructed of solid steel
  • Easily attached to any fixed-base compact router
  • Easy positioning and execution of inlays, dadoes, and more
  • Cuts up to 3 inches from edge
  • Slides smooth and locks in place
  • Some reported compatibility issues

Dewalt Router Edge Guide with Fine Adjustment and Vacuum Adaptor – Best Fit for Dewalt Routers

Dewalt Router Edge Guide with Fine Adjustment and Vacuum Adaptor - Best Fit for Dewalt Routers

The Dewalt Router Edge Guide will give you precise cuts while keeping your workspace clean and tidy. This device features two rods (11 and 15 inches long) that are attached to a durable metal foundation. According to the manufacturer, the unit fits all Dewalt routers. It is also compatible with a wide range of off-brand routers. Still, we recommend that you check your router’s dimensions before hitting that buy button.

The unit enables you to make extra fine adjustments. Each turn of the dial adjusts the fence by 1 millimeter. Unfortunately, the graduations are only stamped into the fence.


Plus, it comes with an onboard shop vac attachment. It works well with 1 ¼-, 1 2/8-, and 1 ½-inch vacuum hoses. You have the option to remove the dust collector.

This edge guide comes fully assembled. Plus, it is super easy to install. You even get a set of extra wingnuts and springs. The knob locks down well to ensure that the fence does not move during passes.

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  • Features a vacuum adapter that is compatible with 1 ¼ inch, 1 2/8 inch, and 1 ½ inch hoses.
  • Compatible with all Dewalt routers
  • Backed by a solid 1-year warranty
  • Made from durable, rugged metal
  • Fine fence adjuster for precision positioning
  • Measurements are stamped into fence
  • Some users struggled to make fine adjustments

Bosch PR102 Palm Router Edge Guide – Best Edge Guide for Palm Router

Bosch PR102 Palm Router Edge Guide - Best Edge Guide for Palm Router

Bosch’s Edge Guide is well-suited for a wide range of palm routers. This unit slides right along workpiece edges to generate precise edges, slots, and grooves. The wide holding arms enable you to extend it as far as 3 ⅝ inches from the edge of a workpiece. The solid steel foundation ensures that it will not wobble or bend during use.


With all that said, the Bosch Palm Router Edge Guide is a budget-grade product. Some customers found that the guide was off.

That said, installation is easy. You should have no trouble setting up or executing your passes. If anything, you gain the peace of mind that comes with improved precision.

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  • Compatible with Bosch GKF125CE, PR10E and PR20EVS palm routers’ PR001 and the PR101 fixed bases and most other palm routers
  • Can be used with bits without bearings
  • Generates accurate slots and grooves up to 3 ⅝ inches from edge
  • Made from durable, rigid steel
  • Easy to install
  • Includes adapter
  • Completes that it is not angled correctly
  • Not suitable for professionals

Porter-Cable Router Edge Guide – Best Budget Pick

Porter-Cable Router Edge Guide - Best Budget Pick

The Porter-Cable Router Edge Guide is the perfect addition to most handheld routers. This indispensable accessory enables you to cut straight and grooved passes as far as 11 inches from the center of your bit.

The unit boasts three different sets of holes that are compatible with the provided holding rods. These holes have 2 ⅜, 3, and 5 ⅛ centers. As such, it can be attached to most routers.


Some customers have reported that the Porter-Cable Router Guide does not work with all the supposedly compatible models. Usually, this comes down to the spacing of the holding bars. Be sure to cross-reference the dimensions before purchasing this for your router.

We also noticed that the guide plates bent when this was in use. Some customers were able to fix this by adding a rigged piece to the back of the edge guide. Moreover, the unit struggled as a circular guide.

Our Verdict

The Porter-Cable doesn’t offer the precision of a professional-grade router guide. Still, this is an excellent accessory for any newbie or budget-minded woodworker.

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  • Made from rigid, durable anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with a wide range of Porter Cable handheld routers
  • Coarse and fine adjustments
  • Bends easily
  • Compatibility issues

Bora Router Dado Jig – Best Dado Jig

Bora Router Dado Jig - Best Dado Jig

This plastic accessory works with the WTX Track System, the Nora NGX Track System, and the Bora Saw Guide System Tracks. Still, you can use it with most routers.

The unit enables you to make straight, accurate dadoes, rabbets, and mortises. It’s super easy to install. No drilling or bolting is necessary. You can easily adjust the guide to your clamp edge. The large plate ensures that the edge guide is consistently steady and easy to handle.


Since the router base is not secured to the guide, you need to apply consistent pressure. Otherwise, you risk tipping it over. We also took issue with the fact that the plastic is easily warped and damaged. Plastic seems like a poor material choice. Still, the Boru unit gets the job done without causing much hassle.

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  • Makes accurate, straight dadoes, rabbets, and mortises
  • Relies on the WTX track
  • Bright orange plastic
  • Weighs just 0.6 pounds
  • Compatible with ¼, ⅜, and ½ inch bits
  • Large plates make for easy handling
  • Not compatible with palm routers
  • Excess pressure will release Bora Router Dado Jig from your rail.
  • Made from cheap plastic

Hitachi 323342 Straight Guide Assembly for the Hitachi KM12SC Router – Best Hitachi Router Guide

Hitachi 323342 Straight Guide Assembly for the Hitachi KM12SC Router - Best Hitachi Router Guide

This router guide is compatible with the Hitachi KM12SC Router. It is a simple product that is sure to improve the versatility of this specific router model. The holding rods are 2 2/8 inches apart. Each rod is 8 millimeters in diameter. Consider the specs carefully when pairing this with anything other than the listed Ryobi router.

We loved how easy it was to assemble, install, and adjust this guide. The mechanism is simple yet effective. You can easily cut up to 7 ⅜ inches from the center of your bit. Keep in mind that the unit is heavy and rigid. Still, it slides nicely along the edges of most workpieces.


Moreover, the unit is rigid and well-built. You can expect it to hold up even after multiple woodworking projects. Best of all, it costs less than $20. It is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Some customers reported that their guide did not include the required mounting screws. You should be able to find the necessary hardware at your local home and garden store. There’s a good chance that these parts were also included in your router kit. While you’re at it, grab an Allen wrench. You’ll need this to secure the rails to the base.

Our Verdict

Still, the product works as advertised. It provides a solid and unrelenting straightedge for straight passes. It will get you through just about any DIY project.

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  • Simple, effective design
  • Compatible with Hitachi KM12SC Router
  • Easy to install
  • Features a convenient 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unfortunately, this unit does not include the required mounting screws.
  • It is hard to make precise adjustments.

Ryobi 6090080 Router Straight Edge Guide – Best Ryobi Router Pairing

Ryobi 6090080 Router Straight Edge Guide - Best Ryobi Router Pairing

This Ryobi product is durable and rigid. The edge is an excellent addition to any Ryobi router. However, we recommend that you double-check the rod spacing specs before assuming it is a good fit for your particular model. The rods measure 0.25 and 0.5 inches in diameter.

Customers seem to agree that this router edge instantly boosts the versatility of a router. It is capable of creating precise straight and grooved cuts of varying sizes.

The unit measures 14-by-9-by-1 inches and weighs approximately 2.8 pounds. The attachment screws are included with your purchase. The little device is easy to install and poses little to no learner curve. The adjustment rods enable you to work up to 8 1/4 inches from the edge of a workpiece. Moreover, the unit slides nicely along the edge of workpieces.

There are also onboard holes that are suitable for attaching a wood fence. It ensures that you can get more surface area without having to purchase a pricey, bulky router table or additional accessories.

Installation was super easy. It helped that the product came fully assembled.


While most customers were pleased with the Ryobi Router Straight Edge Guide, we did notice a few common complaints. Some people suggested that the price was a bit steep for such a simple mechanism. Others were frustrated to find that the guide was not compatible with their specific router model.

Our Verdict

We strongly recommend this to any Ryobi router user who is looking to make more accurate, precise passes. You’re sure to see an immediate difference in the quality of your woodwork!

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  • Capable of creating both straight and grooved cuts
  • Enhances most Ryobi routers (check compatibility before purchase)
  • Includes required attachment screws
  • Comes fully assembled, very easy to install
  • Rods are 3 ¼ inch apart
  • Make cuts up to 8 ¼ inches from edge of workpiece
  • Does not fit all Ryobi models ( check distance between rods)
  • Not covered by a warranty

Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Locking Mechanism – Best Irregular Shape Duplicator

Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Locking Mechanism - Best Irregular Shape Duplicator

The Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Lock is one of the coolest tools on the market. This 10-inch irregular shape replicator measures 10.87-by-5.16-by-0.71 inches. The device features a 10-by-5-inch edge face. This is constructed of several contourable ABS teeth on a metal foundation. A metal locking mechanism allows you to lock the teeth in place once you’ve created your desired contour.


We can see ourselves using this to cut oddball pieces of tile and flooring. Of course, any angled cut is made easier by this tool.

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  • Durable ABS teeth with metal core and metal locking mechanism
  • Replicate irregular shapes with unmatched precision
  • Easily contours around objects
  • A great tool for tiling and flooring projects
  • !00% money-back guarantee
  • Technically speaking, this is not a router edger.

Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide – Best Straight Guide

Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide - Best Straight Guide

The Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide is designed to work with the Makita 2 ¼ HP D Handle Routers, including models RD1100 and RD1101. Installation is quick and easy. This product measures 11.3-by-4.8-by-2.7 inches. You can make straight cuts up to 7 ½ inches from the edge. The Straight Guide also features guide face holes that can facilitate larger wooden fence boards.


Several customers complained that the Makita Straight Guide did not come with the required mounting screws. This is an easy yet inconvenient fix.

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  • Produces even cuts
  • Attaches easily
  • Maximum distance from edge is 7 1.2 inches
  • Sturdy steel foundation
  • Holes on guide face can accommodate large pieces of fence board
  • Does not come with instructions
  • Reports of missing screws

Comparison Table – Best Router Edges

Max Distance: 8 inches

Material: Cast iron

Dimensions: N/A

Max Distance: 3 inches

Material: Brass

Dimensions: ‎10.3 x 6.6 x 3 inches

Max Distance: N/A

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 15.75 x 9.5 x 4 inches

Max Distance: 3 5/8 inches

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 6 x 6.01 x 4.3 inches

Max Distance: 9 inches

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: N/A

Bora 542005
Max Distance: N/A

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: ‎15 x 10 x 2 inches

Hitachi 323342
Max Distance: 9 inches

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 3.5 inches

Max Distance: N/A

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 3.5 inches

Trident Tools TT001
Max Distance: 10 inches

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: ‎10.87 x 5.16 x 0.71 inches

Makita 193073-1
Max Distance: 7 1/2 inches

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 11.3 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches

Router Edges – Buyer’s Guide

Here’s where you will find everything you need to know about router edge guides.

What is a Router Edge Guide, and Why Do I Need One?

Router edge guides clamp onto the wood to create a straight cutting guide for your handheld router. They make it easier and safer for you to make straight and curved passes.

Most woodworkers consider them to be inexpensive, indispensable shop accessories. Check out this quick video to see a router edge guide in action.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Router Edger

First off, you’ll need to make sure that your edge guide is compatible with your router. Many manufacturers enable customers to type their router model number into an online search engine. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the holding rods (there are usually two of these) align with the preexisting holes on your router base.

Your router edge guide also needs to be durable and rigid. Heavy, sturdy materials, such as steel and aluminum, are preferred. The elements also need to be held together securely. The guide should not interfere with a router’s ability to glide over a workpiece.

Your guide should also boast an adjustment knob. Make sure that you can dial in adjustments with ease and precision. The slightest inconsistency can leave you with poorly cut workpieces.

You also want to make sure that your router edge guide boosts the versatility of your router. These accessories make it possible for you to create rabbets, V-grooves, flute cuts, dadoes, and much more. Make sure that the product you choose will serve you well.

Lastly, look for an edge guide that comes with helpful accessories, including dust ports, shop vac adapters, and more. A router edge guide should never interfere with your ability to run a clean workshop.


Can you use an edge guide to cut dadoes and grooves?

Absolutely! A well-aligned and appropriately paired edge guide is capable of serving as a dado and groove maker.

Can I use my router without a guide?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Handheld routers tend to jump. An edge guide ensures that your bit is guided smoothly along its set path. It will help you avoid mistakes and mishaps.

Is a dust extraction add-on necessary?

Dust is an inevitable byproduct of woodworking. Dust extractors and shop vac adapters make it possible for you to eliminate and redirect dust before it becomes airborne. These simple add-ons can dramatically improve your workspace environment.

Can you transform an edge guide into a circle guide?

Some router edge guides are capable of producing precise circles and arcs. Keep in mind that this isn’t the case for all products.

Should my router edge guide enable me to make micro-adjustments?

Most quality router edge guides come with built-in adjusters. These dials enable users to dial in the precise distance between their bit and the edge of their workpiece. Easy-to-read dial measurements and accurate settings make it possible for users to make the most precise cuts possible.

Is mounting hardware always included within the guide?

Unfortunately, no! Always check to make sure that the necessary mounting screws are included with your router edge guide. It is one of the most common complaints we come across in user reviews.


We hope that you found our guide to router edges helpful and informative. After careful consideration and plenty of cross-comparison, we’re happy to name the BOSCH Deluxe Router Edge Guide with Dust Extraction Hood & Vacuum Hose Adapter our top pick. This router edge comes fully assembled and is super easy to install. Not to mention, it is compatible with a wide range of tabletop routers. It makes smooth passes up to 7 1/2 inches from the edge. Plus, you can make perfect circles and arches that are as wide as 32 inches in diameter. As always, we welcome you to drop your questions and comments in the section below. Stay tuned for more tool-related content!

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