Snow is beautiful to look at, but once you get past Christmas, it gets rather old. Plus, it can be dangerous. From the possibility of slips and falls to the potential for a car accident, it is important to all the snow you and your family may come in contact. To do this, you will need a reliable and durable snow blower that will last you through some hard snowfalls.

PowerSmart Snow Blowers are known for their power and clearing depth and width. Depending on the length of your driveway and how hard the snow falls where you live, there are several PowerSmart Snow Blowers available to choose from. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best PowerSmart Snow Blower for your needs.

Comparison Table

PowerSmart PSSAM24
Power Source: Gas Powered

Weight: 143 Pounds

Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 26 inches

PowerSmart DB7622H
Power Source: Gas Powered

Weight: 154 Pounds

Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 28 inches

PowerSmart DB72024PA
Power Source: Gas Powered

Weight: 187 Pounds

Dimensions: 34 x 30 x 25 inches

PowerSmart DB7624E
Power Source: Gas Powered

Weight: 180 Pounds

Dimensions: 51 x 39 x 24 inches

PowerSmart PSS2240C
Power Source: Gas Powered

Weight: 145 Pounds

Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 26 inches

5 Best Powersmart Snow Blowers

PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 – Best Overall Snow Blower

Equipped with a remote chute control and an easy to use control panel, the PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 comes with a 212-cc engine that gives you powerful and effective snow blowing action. With a 2-stage design, this snow blower provides up to 40 feet of snow throwing distance. It is also guaranteed to start in severe weather down to minus 20 percent Fahrenheit.

PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24

Reliable Performance

Featuring an auger system and heavy-duty frame, the PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 gives you years of reliable performance. It lets you clear a depth of 20 inches and a width of 24 inches snow clearing area that makes it ideal for heavy snowfalls. It also comes with 180-degree chute rotation to give you better control as you clear snow.

Speed Variations

This versatile machine allows for two-speed variations in reverse and six-speeds moving forward for a convenient user experience. The PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 also offers a manual or push-button electric start. And the 13-inch inflatable tires offer deep tread in the snow helping you to get over slippery terrain that gives you the most traction.

Simple to Use

We recommend this unit because it is easy to use on different surfaces and includes metal skid shoes that are adjustable so you can change the machine’s height. This snow blower is a CARB compliant snow blower that you can assemble yourself in about 25 minutes.

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  • This is an affordable and easy to use machine
  • It is easy to assemble and effective
  • You can use either a manual or electric start
  • It can cause back strain
  • It isn’t very easy to maneuver

PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower – Best Compact Snow Blower

Compact and powerful, the PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower features a 22-inch clearing width and a 16-inch maximum intake. This easy to assemble snow blower comes with a strong 212 cc engine along with a single handle featuring a foam grip for comfortable steering. You manually turn the discharge chute, which gives you forty feet of snow throwing distance.

PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower

Versatility and Power

Offering improved driving convenience, the PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower is equipped with a drive system that gives you the versatility of choosing from two backward speeds and four forwards speed. The included 10-inch all-steel, serrated augers pull the snow inside the blower to let you power through tough snow conditions. This self-propelled snow blower features a recoil start as well as 180-degree chute rotation that allows for incredible control.

Great Traction

The 13-inch inflatable tires offer deep tread that takes you easily over slippery areas in your driveway. The metal skid shoes are easy to change the height on, which allows you to clear different surfaces easily. The PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower is CARB compliant and works in temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reliability and Durability

We recommend this snow blower because of the reliable service that will last you years, thanks to the durable impeller and steel blades. The PowerSmart DB7622H Snow Blower also offers a manual start on this two-stage gas snow blower.

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  • This machine is a great value for the price
  • It is a long-lasting and durable machine
  • It is will throw snow a good distance away
  • It will pick up gravel from the driveway
  • You can’t regulate the engine RPMs with throttle control

PowerSmart DB72024PA Snow Blower – Best Two-Stage Snow Blower

Featuring Power Assist, the PowerSmart DB72024PA Snow Blower is a two-stage gas snow power with a 24-inch snow clearing area. Designed to clear blockage easily, the PowerSMart DB72024PA Snow Blower has an easy to use control panel and 180-degree chute rotation. And it is equipped with a 212-cc engine with an electric start that is guaranteed to work down to -20-degrees Fahrenheit.

PowerSmart DB72024PA Snow Blower

Power Assist

With the Power Assist feature, it is easy to maneuver this machine through heavy snow. It also offers remote chute control and offers a throwing distance of up to 40 feet. With its heavy-duty auger system and steel frame, this machine will provide years of dependable and consistent service. It also offers a 21-inch clearing depth along with its 24-inch snow clearing width.

Versatile Drive System

The versatile drive system gives you the option of two backward speeds and four forward speeds to improve your driving experience. A great choice for areas that get heavy snowfall, the ergonomic design of the PowerSmart DB72024PA Snow Blower includes foldable handles that make it easy to store, which makes it a definite recommendation from our review team.

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  • It has a handy reverse function
  • It throws the snow super far away from you
  • It’s a versatile and powerful machine
  • Vibrations cause the chute to turn on its own
  • The filter in the gas tank is difficult to change

PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Blower – Best Ergonomic Design

Equipped with a 24-inch clearing path and a 212 cc engine, the PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Driver features an ergonomic design, which is easy to store by just folding the handles. This 2-Stage snow blower is gas-powered and comes with a push-button electric start. This self-propelled snow blower features variable speed control making it easier to use.

PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Blower

Great Maneuverability

Providing great control, the PowerSmart DB7642E Snow Blower includes a 180-degree chute rotation and a 40-foot throwing distance. This self-propelled snow blower also includes two speeds moving backward and four speeds going forward allowing you to handle your work with ease. Offering both a manual and a push-button electric start, this snow blower easily pulls snow into the blower using its all-steel 12-inch serrated augers.

Great Controls

Featuring 13-inch track tires, the PowerSmart DB7642E Snow Blower easily maneuver over slippery areas and gives you great traction. The trigger controls are mounted on the handle, which makes steering, turning, and reversing easy. This snow blower also has a rust-resistant exterior making this a long-lasting machine that you can easily alter the height on thanks to its adjustable skid shoes that make it easy to use on different surfaces.

Easy Assembly

Because of its easy assembly and clearing power, we recommend the PowerSmart Db7642E Snow Blower. It also allows you to clear to a 21-inch depth with a 24-inch clearing width. Guaranteed to work down to a -20-degree Fahrenheit, this is a handy machine to have if you live somewhere with heavy snowfall.

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  • It is super quiet when it’s running
  • It only takes one pull to start it up
  • They include spare parts and a rod to help get rid of clogs
  • There is no off-switch
  • It has a plastic shoot

PowerSmart Snow Blower PSS2240C – Best Electric Snow Blower

Equipped with an electric start, the gas PowerSmart Snow Blower PSS2240C includes a 24-inch clearing path with a 20-inch clearing depth. The 212-cc engine provides up to 40 feet of snow throwing distance and guarantees it will operate down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes 180-degree chute rotation, an easy to use control panel, and a remote chute control to make your snow blowing operation easier.

PowerSmart Snow Blower PSS2240C


With a heavy-duty auger system and steel frame, the PowerSmart Snow Blower PSS2240C will provide you with years of reliable service. This is a great choice if you experience heavy snowfall in your area. It also comes with a drive system that offers six forward and two backward speeds while the 180-degree chute rotation gives you better control as you maneuver across your driveway.

Easy Assembly and Operation

The PowerSmart Snow Blower PSS2240C is recommended for its easy assembly that allows you to put it together in about 25 minutes. The 13-inch inflatable tires have great traction and navigate easily over slippery areas. It also comes with both manual and push-button electric start making is very easy to operate. The metal skid shoes are easy to make height adjustments on, which makes it easy to clear different surfaces.

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  • It runs so smoothly you will feel like your just mowing the lawn
  • The online instruction are super easy to follow
  • It is versatile and has great traction
  • It can lose traction on occasion
  • It does not crunch ice

Best Electric Snow Blowers – Buyers’ Guide

Considerations When Choosing a PowerSmart Snow Blower

Advantages of Owning a PowerSmart Snow Blower

Made from heavy-duty and durable steel frames, PowerSmart Snow Blowers will last you a while. There is a wide range of PowerSmart Snow Blower models, so you should not have a hard time finding something in your price range.

You also get a warranty with these models, which is not only beneficial for peace of mind but also shows that the manufacturer has faith in the product it has made.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Snow Blower

Saves you time

When you use a powerful machine, it will save you a lot of time by working faster. With two-stage snow blowers, you can throw hundreds of pounds of snow each minute.

Easy on your back

Everyone knows that shoveling snow is not good for your back. Using two-stage snow blowers will help to prevent back pain by not requiring you to do any of the heavy lifting. All you really need to do is push the snow blower, and many of them are self-propelled, which helps the process.

Effortless snow removal

Using a two-stage design, these machines make snow removal easy. First, the snow blower collects snow in its auger and transfers it to the center of the machine. Next, the snow enters the impeller where it is then thrown out of the chute.

Wide clearing width

Typically, the clearing width is between 24 and 30 inches, which allows the snow blower to be effective.

Features to consider before you buy a PowerSmart snow blower

Power type

In years past, most of us relied on gas to operate our snow blowers. Today, you see many models that are battery-powered and cordless. These models are pretty popular since you don’t have to go out and buy gas for them, which can be a huge plus after a blizzard, and you can’t get your car out of the garage.

Clearing width

When you operate a snow blower, you want to get as much snow cleared as possible with the first couple of passes. If you have a large area to clear, look for snow blowers with a large clearing width. Snow Blowers can range in size when it comes to a clearing width, but the most common size is 24-inches.

Clearing depth

Also super important, the clearing depth indicates the depth the snow blower can remove in one pass. If you live somewhere where you will get a large amount of snow at one time, then you need to purchase a snow blower with a larger clearing depth. Typically, the clearing depth on snow blowers falls between 9 and 16-inches, but models can go up to 21-inches.


What size snow blower you choose really depends on how large an area you are trying to clear. Obviously, if you are using one for commercial use, you will need a larger machiner than if you were only clearing your driveway.


A heavy snow blower can make the machine hard to maneuver. Depending on the area that you must clean and the amount of snow your region sees, you may prefer something a little more heavy-duty, which others may prefer something more compact and lightweight. It is important to consider the health of the person using the machine and their ability to push around a heavy machine. Also, remember the weight of the snow and the weather conditions and how that will also affect how easy a heavy machine will be to maneuver.

Features to look for in a Power Smart Snow Blower

Electric start

Electric starts can be a great feature on a cold morning when a gas-powered snow blower might have a hard time getting started. Recoil starters often have a difficult time starting in freezing temperatures. However, many newer gas-powered snow blowers are now including an electric start, which makes it super easy to start your snow blower with just the push of a button instead of the constant pulling on a pull-cord.

Drift Cutters

The narrow steel bands you find on the sides of augers that cut through the snow are called drift cutters. These cutters are useful when plowing through dense snow, which makes it easier to clear.

Comfortable handlebar

When you are pushing a snow blower in the freezing cold, you can be super uncomfortable. It doesn’t help if the handlebar has a bad design. Depending on the model, you may see two handles or just one solid bar. It is personal preference which you should choose, so go with the one you find most comfortable. As long as the snow blower is easy to push, it makes the entire snow blowing process that much easier.

Folded design

Electric snow blowers tend to have a more lightweight and compact design that is not only easier to push than a gas-powered unit but also easier to store. You will also see many of the newer models with folding handlebars that allow them to fold down into the engine, which makes them more compact for storage. It also helps if you have to transport the snow blower so that you can easily place it in your trunk instead of having to take apart the whole snow blower.

Speed Control

Speed control will allow the snow blower to move in either forward or in reverse. Remember there are different types of snow, and certain areas of your yard might require a different speed. Having the ability to change the machine’s speed will allow you to adjust the machine according to your needs.


How do you clean a snow blower?

After you use your snow blower a few times, you want to make sure you maintain it properly. That means cleaning it periodically. So, how does one do that? Always make sure that you turn off the machine before you start and that it has had time to cool down to prevent accidents as you clean it.

First, remove anything from the unit that is easy to take apart. Buy some cleaner for the carburetor, so you can thoroughly clean your snow blower. After applying the cleaner, clean off your carburetor with a cloth. Also, wipe off any of the other smaller parts on the machine. Then, take a can of compressed air to dry the snow blower and to remove any dirt and debris that is left. Finally, look at the air filter to make sure it is clean before you finish.

How do you store a snow blower when you do not need it?

Since you will not need your snow blower all year long, storing it will prevent damage during storage to ensure that it ready to go for the next snowfall next season. For gas-powered snow blowers, make sure that you have a fuel stabilizer to stop leftover gas from becoming dirty. You want to make sure that you drain all the gas out of your snow blower and that you store it in a gas can until you use it again next season.

Next, seal off your engine and wipe off the snow blower to prevent rust from developing. You then want to wrap it up ensuring that it is covered completely to stop damage from animals in the area or harsh weather. If your snow blower is stored correctly, it should be safe to keep in your shed or garage.


AS we were researching this buying guide, we combed through real user ratings to choose the best PowerSmart Snow Blowers available. Not only did the models on our list earn excellent ratings from experts, but they also rated highly with users.

Since snow bowers vary a lot as far as design and specification, it’s difficult to recommend one particular unit to every user. Each person has their own needs, so a lot of the decision on which PowerSmart Snow Blower you should choose really depends on your own specific needs.

As you make your choice, make sure that the snow blower fits your expectations, but also your purpose and budget. Hopefully, this buying guide benefits both beginners and experienced users of snow blowers so you can make the best buying choice.

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