Unless you’re working on one or two screws, attempting to get them in or out could result in serious hand fatigue. Constantly having to press down on a tight screw that won’t budge is hard enough. Compound that with keeping a tight grip on a screwdriver’s handle and some serious pain can develop. It’s not just a problem with the disabled, either. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this problem for good.

Power screwdrivers work identical to a drill, except instead of drill bits, driver bits are attached to the chuck. When that’s done, the hard part is over. You can secure all manner of screws into furniture, home building projects, and carpentry work, no longer wreaking havoc on your palms with a traditional screwdriver. Since many power screwdrivers have multiple bits, everything from hex to Phillips head screws can be secured or removed.

Below are ten high-rated power screwdrivers for you to pick. Find the one that you want and get ready to make the displeasing task of tightening screws pleasant again.

Top 10 Power Screwdrivers


BLACK+DECKER Li2000 – Best for General-Purpose Home Use

BLACK+DECKER Li2000 - Best for General-Purpose Home Use

The Black and Decker Li2000 is great for people with medium to small hands. It comes with a large transparent case. It’s easy to quickly find the bits that you need this way. There are 42 bits in all, each being magnetic.

Secured with Magnets

The magnets help the bits stay in place as you gently push them into the screw that you work with. There’s a lithium-ion battery attached to the handle, which completely charges from an empty stay in about 30 minutes. Once it’s turned on, expect the power to last for about 45 minutes when heavily used. The machine is light in the hand and pulls out screws without stripping them.

Not to be taken as a serious disadvantage, you might find the activation button to be awkwardly placed. It might be difficult to reach without using both hands. And while it’s suggested for small hands, the handle’s width is a bit thick. Not soda can thick, but hefty enough to become noticeable.

The Li2000 is best for people with small home projects, but nothing too labor-intensive. It’ll last for years around the house but may not hold up well under heavy use. For a 3.6-volt battery, it does a much better job than a rudimentary screwdriver can ever do.

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  • The battery doesn’t drain too fast quickly when used with breaks in between
  • Putting it away is easy, thanks to its compact size
  • Bits are able to be used with a handle, with one provided in the kit
  • The activation button is positioned too far away from the trigger
  • People with small hands might find the handle to be too big

DEWALT DCF680N1 – Best for Confined Spaces

DEWALT DCF680N1 - Best for Confined Spaces

The Dewalt DCF680N1 is a gyroscopic power driver capable of getting screws out of areas impossible to do with conventional screwdrivers. It has a large bit set with everything required to manipulate screws of varied sizes. If you’re having trouble removing screws from a wall due to rust, the DCF680N1 should lighten up the work on your hands.

Built-In LED Light

When you’re going into a screw, use the LED light on the front to get a good look at what you’re doing. You can avoid stripping this way since the placement of the bit into the screw’s head will be illuminated. It also has comfortable padding around the sides.

Though it might not seem like much, the screwdriver is great for work-related purposes. Less tension on the grip lets you finish your work faster, saving battery power and hand weariness.

The battery lasts for well over an hour with normal usage. There’s no questioning that the body of the driver and its power source are stellar. However, the bits could be better in quality. For tight screws, some of the smaller bits will likely bend. It’s suggested that you purchase another bit set if the primary use of the tool is for removing screws rather than securing them.

As a whole, the DCF680N1 is great for both home and work duties. It contains 8 volts of power and enough torque to drive screws in at a rapid pace.

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  • Bright LED lights illuminate enough to prevent accidental stripping
  • Padding along the handles minimizes sweating during lengthy work
  • The two batteries featured allow for a total of approximately 1 1/2 hours of working time
  • The rotating collar is loose
  • Bits are poor in quality and will have to be changed if heavily used

Stalwart 75-PT1031 – Best Accessories

Stalwart 75-PT1031 - Best Accessories

The Stalwart 75-PT1031 has a pink body and case. It’s good for anyone wanting an upgrade to a screwdriver built in a pretty but non-rugged exterior. There are bits for tek screws, Phillips heads, flatheads, and more. The toolbox has room to accommodate the bits and is waterproof. Although you won’t want to store it in a wet location, it’ll prevent rust when taken outside.

Accessories that Work

Ask anyone that works with screws, and they’ll tell you that it’s not important to have the correct bits, but the correct size bits. The 75-PT1031 has numbered sizes for most, extending the type of screws it’s capable of being used on. The body is built similarly to a power drill, with the reverse switch situated to the handle’s left. Having 3.6 volts, you’ll loosen up screws fast and finish the average job before the battery runs out.

The only real drawback to the 75-PT1031 is its lack of clear instruction, especially for removing and securing its screw bits. If you’ve never worked with drivers having no magnets, it might surprise you to see that removing them involves a simple pulling of the bit itself. Other than that, there’s no major trickery involved with taking them out.

Try out the 75-PT1031 if you want a power tool that’s stylish, pretty on the eyes, but gets the job done when needed. Once you’re done with screwing, keep everything in the toolbox and it should last you for years, bits included.

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  • Has extended Phillips head screwdriver bits
  • The pink design is stylish and presents an unconventional look compared to other similar power tools
  • Sturdy design, parts don’t feel loose and cheaply made
  • Nothing indicates how the socket is removed (must be pulled out for the magnet to release)
  • The toolbox handle could warp if pulled with too much force

Skil SD561801 – Best for Speed

Skil SD561801 - Best for Speed

The Skil SD561801 is a power driver with a design centered on the concerns and needs of what customers want. There are numerous examples of this. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Starting with the body, you’ll notice the tool is bright red, good for finding in poorly lit environments. For people working on a construction site, this is an advantage since there are areas where light fluctuates from good to poor.

Fast Bit Switching

Another perk is what you can carry on the tool. There are storage slots on the left and right, with each magnetized. Once you’re done with one, just place it inside the slot and the magnet will keep it from pulling off. It’s a good way to prevent yourself from constantly picking up the bit set in between switching them from the nozzle.

Another benefit is battery life. At normal usage, expect it to last for as much as two hours. It’s four volts and rotates with sufficient torque to use with haste, fastening screws at your pace of work.

The SD561801 doesn’t come with a carrying case, though it shouldn’t be hard to find one large enough for the tool. The term “large” is used loosely in this sense, as the driver isn’t much larger than one’s fist. Pick up some additional driver bits while you’re at it, and you’ll have a set of comparative quality to some of the other name-brand products shown already.

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  • Extended power that lasts up to two hours
  • Better speed than comparative tools
  • Debris and dust never clings to the tool, stays clean
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • Weak magnets on the screw bits make them fall out with excess pressure

VIGRUE Electric Screwdriver – Best for Indoor Use

VIGRUE Electric Screwdriver - Best for Indoor Use

The Vigrue is another pink-painted power screwdriver and is recommended for light to medium-duty work in a home setting.

It features screw bits made of high quality, something that’s not commonly seen with bundled tools of this sort. An LED flashlight is built into the bottom of the handle, so be careful not to set it in a position where the cover for the bulb could break.

Works While Plugged In

The tool isn’t much larger than the size of an adult hand, making it easily fit into tight spaces for screwing awkwardly-placed screws. In the chance that the battery is low, use it while still plugged into an AC outlet.

It’s a good thing that the tool is capable of running while charging since the battery lasts for approximately 20 minutes. It’s not a driver that you would want to make use of all day. But for anyone wanting a tool that can quickly take care of random one-offs, it’ll do a fantastic job.

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  • The extension bits are dense and attach to the driver without wobbling
  • Fits in small spaces; easy to find a quick storage spot
  • Works while charging
  • The battery will last for about 20 minutes
  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty work

Powerextra Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver – Best Adjustment Features

Powerextra Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver - Best Adjustment Features

The Powerextra Screwdriver offers perks for people that like to charge their devices differently than with a standard AC adapter. Instead, it comes with a USB adapter. Since USBs have become abundant, you likely have a USB port close by. Expect full change to be reached after about 25 minutes.

Flexible Design

Another nice feature is the way its body pivots from that of a standard power tool to a straight angle. You can finally work on screws previously impossible for you to access. Don’t worry about the trigger being too small. It extends just enough to turn the device without fumbling to activate it.

The Powerextra’s body is great, though the weight of the handle could surprise you. Try practicing with it using a few screws until you’re adjusted. If you press on the bit with too much force, the magnet could pop off. But besides these small imperfections, there are no major setbacks to report. Use it at home for moderately intensive home and furniture screwing jobs.

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  • Has attachments for various tool uses, such as a cork
  • The shaft flexes to access areas that are hard to reach
  • The handle width is good for small hands
  • The magnet is weak, with no additional locking system to prevent unwanted release
  • Too much weight around the handle

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 – Best for Speed Control

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 - Best for Speed Control

The Metabo HPT DB3DL2 is one of the smallest power screwdrivers on the list. The semi-padded handle feels great when held and will never lead to hand tiredness during your work. The battery charge is quick, filling up its 3.6 volts in about 20 minutes.

Variable Clutch Speeds

A clutch is built near the nozzle, helping to control the speed of whatever it is you’re attempting to screw or unscrew. As you can imagine, being able to maintain speed opens up the tool to use with applications that require heavy-duty appliances.

Its battery may charge fast, but be prepared to charge it again after about 30 minutes of heavy usage. This is easily offset by its 21 clutch speeds and outstanding handling. Make sure that there’s a power source nearby and you’ll love how the DB3DL2 works.

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  • The batteries change fast
  • Structurally well made on the inside and out
  • Give users the ability to control how fast or slow the driver works
  • Turning the clutch is impossible to do quickly, with too much strength necessary to do so
  • While there are two speed settles, the battery won’t last long on either

MILWAUKEE 2432-22 – Best Battery Life

MILWAUKEE 2432-22 - Best Battery Life

The Milwaukee 2432-22 contains bits for expanders, primarily used for plumbing duties to expand pex pipe and their fittings. No flathead, tek, or Phillips head bits are included with this set. There are bits capable of fitting on the tool, however.

Two-Battery Advantage

You’ll get two batteries with the 2432-22. Both are equally long in their battery life and should last a combined total of two hours. The trigger for activation is paddled, advantageous to anyone with small or large hands.

Try to get into the habit of having one battery charged while using the other. Charging takes about 30-40 minutes for each. You’ll have to wait a moment if both are dead and must be simultaneously recharged. And since no screwdriver bits are included, you must find them yourself. Still, the expander bits included are of high quality and good for any activities involving plumbing installations in the home.

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  • Comes with two batteries
  • The paddle trigger is long and allows the mechanism to be activated in tight areas without straining
  • Has three different expander sizes of 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch
  • No screwdriver or hex bits
  • slow charging

Hi-Spec Electric Power Cordless Screwdriver – Best for Exposed Screws

Hi-Spec Electric Power Cordless Screwdriver - Best for Exposed Screws

The Hi-Spec Screwdriver is a plump but small power tool with multiple screw bits that fit on the tip with magnets. It’s painted blue and will stand out among the other tools in your garage.

Included are two CRV bits, useful for making small incisions into wood and sheetrock for the placement of other screws. A bright LED light is embedded into the front of the screwdriver, shining bright enough to partially light up a dark room.

Size Limitations

As the tool protrudes out and has no adjustable body, it’s not meant for use in tight spaces. You’ll find it better suited for screws that are easy to reach, though screw depth shouldn’t be an issue. Try it out if you know that most of the anticipated work will take place in the described setting.

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  • Has two extended CRV bits
  • The LED light is bright and adequately lights up any dark space
  • Accurate battery indicator
  • Not built for screwing in confined spaces
  • Battery life is very short, will last about 25 minutes

Teccpo Cordless Screwdriver – Best for USB Charging

Teccpo Cordless Screwdriver - Best for USB Charging

The Teccpo Screwdriver contains a sturdy carrying case for the machine and its featured bits.

It charges with a USB and has no AC adapter. Bit switching is a fast process, removing from the chuck with little force but never wobbling as you work. Change angles between 90 and 180 degrees to work in small areas, it makes this job much easier to do than with a normal screwdriver.

Quality of Accessories

The clutch has nine different settings, though they might seem a bit slower than you would expect them to be. And the carrying case, while water-resistant, does little to keep the bits in place without them moving around. If you drop the case with the bits inside, you’ll have to rearrange them again due to their popping out of place. But the Teccpo performs well enough to be recommended for small tasks and construction-related purposes.

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  • The clutch adjusts to prevent moving screws too tightly
  • Bits are made to last, no low-quality pieces included
  • Easy to change out bits, no excessive force is necessary
  • The rotation might be too slow for people accustomed to screwing at a fast pace
  • Bits will move out of place in the carrying case, especially if carried around

Comparison Table – Power Screwdriver

Power: 3.6 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Power: 8 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Stalwart 75 PT1031
Power: 3.6Volts

Battery Included: Yes (Built-in)

Reverse Switch: Yes

Skil SD561801
Power: 4Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Power: 4 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Powerextra SND136
Power: 3.6 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Metabo HPT DB3DL2
Power: AAAAAA Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Power: AAAAAA Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Power: 4.8 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Power: 4 Volts

Battery Included: Yes

Reverse Switch: Yes

Buyer’s Guide – Power Screwdrivers

How do Power Screwdrivers Work?

Most power screwdrivers work similarly to a power drill, albeit a bit slower in torque. Another comparable tool is a grinding wheel. Some have used power screwdrivers in a way that’s similar to what these tools are for, though most aren’t meant for anything other than screwing and unscrewing. This includes bolts, screws, and even stripped screws if the product has the correct bits needed to perform such a task.

Why Power Screwdrivers are Recommended

Any tool that streamlines one’s duties by offering electrical power is preferred. Trying to get screws in and out with a normal screwdriver is sometimes difficult next to impossible, especially if they’re rusted. A power tool can do this better and save your hands the trouble of pain from holding too tightly to a manual screwdriver’s handle. A lot of screwdriver handles are intensely uncomfortable to hold, even for a short period. All of these issues go away with a power screwdriver.

Who Power Screwdrivers are Best For

Power screwdrivers are suggested for home and work use. They’re small and easy to store anywhere, including in mobile transport. Planning on a camping trip outdoors and want some emergency supplies? A power screwdriver will help fix your random possessions. And since many contain USB adapters, you don’t always have to be near an AC plug to get them powered.

Finding a Brand that Fits You

As power screwdrivers are made for home and work, you’ll have to find the brand that fits the environment you intend to use it in. Most built for home use have lower torque and voltage than those made for heavy-duty tasks. Furthermore, check the quality of the bits. Even some of the name-brand tools could include low-quality bits that break on the first try. When in doubt, acquire additional bits for your tool, particularly if the assignment calls for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a Power Screwdriver that Changes Angles?

If your work calls for fastening screws in spots that are difficult for you to see or reach, then yes. The freedom of moving the tool to accommodate the space you work in can save you time and prevent unwanted frustration.

Can a Power Screwdriver Be Used for Anything Other than Screwing?

Some power screwdrivers may feature parts used in plumbing or other home improvement activities. If you wish to use yours for some alternative purpose but don’t possess the right bits, check that you’re not voiding the product’s warranty in the process.

Should I get a Power Screwdriver with a USB or AC Adapter?

This choice should be based on where you plan on charging the device. Remember that most power screwdrivers have a battery life that lasts for less than an hour. If the power source relies on a battery, such as a laptop, you might have to charge it in conjunction with the tool itself.


With power tools, finding one that aligns with what you need it to do can be easy if you know what to look for. The power screwdrivers shown are recommended based on user experience and their overall dependability. There’s not one that wouldn’t come in handy at some point, especially when bought as a general-purpose tool for the home.

Fewer things are more frustrating than the hassle of working with a manual screwdriver. Give some relief to your hands and pick up a power screwdriver for your home, workmates, or both!

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