Best Parallel Clamp — Review & Buying Guide

A job of a woodworker might be challenging and time-consuming. It requires a proper workspace and things lined-up, like tools and the material needed. To complete your projects efficiently, you must have a high-quality tool kit and excellent woodworking skills. When it comes to tools, a parallel clamp should always be in your toolset, or you should write it down in your to-buy list.

Before looking deep into the details, first, let’s learn about what a parallel clamp is? When you are trying to glue together two wood pieces from the edges, you usually need a parallel clamp to keep the pieces intact while you glue them.

The jaws of a parallel clamp are needed to stay parallel if you are tightening them. Although a parallel clamp is expensive, it gives you good results in your work. If you are thinking of buying a parallel clamp or changing your old one, then we have enlisted the best parallel clamps available in the market. Our top picks will surely save you time and keep you from the hassle of buying a new tool.

Top 10 Best Parallel Clamps Reviewed

A good functioning parallel clamp will not only be a good value for money but will offer great safety and security for woodwork professionals. Following this, we have reviewed the best parallel clamps that are available in the market.

Bessey KRE3540 REVOlution Parallel Clamp

Bessey KRE3540 REVOlution Parallel Clamp

The Bessey K-Body Revolution fixed jaw parallel is an excellent quality example of Bessey’s commitment tool development. This clamp has 1,700 lbs of clamping force and offers you to clamp at 90 degrees to the rail.


This parallel clamp by Bessey can quickly and conveniently perform clamping and spreading without using other tools. It can be used for accurate cabinetry, laminations, and strong clamping. It is delivered in a pack of two. It comprises an ergonomic handle and a steel socket that allows you to use additional force. The functional jaw stays in place where you want it to be during the work.


  • This parallel clamp by Bessey offers a clamping pressure of 17,000 lbs
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle with a hex socket to help in clamping and in applying more pressure
  • The jaws stay in their place during performing
  • It has a wide and flat parallel surface
  • This tool possesses replaceable protection caps
  • It can be easily converted into a spreader with tools
  • It allows you to clamp at 90 degrees
  • The clamp body, replaceable pressure pads, and rail protectors are made up of glue resistant polyamide

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  • This tool has large clamping surfaces
  • Easy setup procedure
  • It is powerful and provides precision
  • The plastic plate present on the inside of the clamp can slide off at times
  • Its cost is higher

Bora 50″ Parallel Clamp Set

Bora 50

This clamp by Bora provides an excellent clamping pressure and performs well. It comprises a handy design. The padded jaws are 3.5 inches and become parallel when you tighten the jaws at your workpiece. They can slide up and down when pulled a little off the handle. It offers precision clamping.


The tools that you use should make your work relaxing for you. Bora tool owns a range of tools to organize your work and provide you with the maximum space to work. There is no replacement for Bora’s clamp because of its strong clamping force and a brilliant hold. It has been designed to strongly hold your work goods and other projects. These are stable like a rock and deliver a great finished piece, that will make you prouder.


  • This 3.5-inch padded jaw gives a constant, uniform pressure without ruining the material and keeping the jaws in place
  • The clamping is not loose and not too tight, it has a 1,100 lbs of clamping force
  • These are available in many sizes, they are suitable for many projects and have different lengths
  • Like every other Bora tool, this tool offers robust clamping, this product has been made keeping the user feedback in mind
  • It includes 50-inches of two parallel clamps
  • The usable area is 51-1/4 inches

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  • This clamp is extremely solid and strong
  • It has been made with the high quality materials
  • The clamps are heavy to hold

POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps-high quality

POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps-high quality

The brand PowerTec is one of the professional manufacturers of superior quality woodworking machines, accessories, and a big range of OEM replacement parts. They always commit to go beyond the user’s expectations. PowerTec brings the best creations, developments, and introduces latest technology inventions.


These high quality bar clamps have been engineered to offer maximum clamping power at 90 degree angle. These are used for woodworking applications like carpentry. These are useful if you require general purpose work like clamping wood, gluing up panels, and other furniture.


  • These clamps comprise a ergonomic soft grip handle
  • They have a steel rail construction with plastic protectors
  • To provide proper force distribution, the jaws are removable and steel reinforced
  • They have a 880 pound clamping power capacity
  • The end rail clip of the tool can be removed
  • These comprise a built in clamp to be used one handedly
  • It can be converted into a 29 inch spreader tool
  • It contains a 24 inch jaw clamp

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  • it provides a firm grip
  • It has a durable light-weight design
  • The cost of these clamps is very high

Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp – Uniquely Different

Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp - Uniquely Different

The 31-inch parallel clamp by The Jet has outstanding features and qualities. Accuracy and power is offered by these clamps with clamping at 90 degree clamping at up to 1000 lbs. This decreases the chances of deforming and distorting the workpiece. The jaw is moveable and it can be changed into a spreader. Its qualities make it a multi-tasking tool in your workshop.


These 31-inch parallel clamps offer a strong 90 degree-holding position and have the ability of about 1000 pounds of clamping pressure. The clamps include movable jaws that can be converted into a spreader. These clamps are convenient to use, the SumoGrip handles offer a comfortable experience, and it increases the torque. The Power Tec clamps comprise a system for the quick identification of opening areas.


  • This clamp features a durable aluminum structure
  • It comes with a high I-beam construction
  • It has a full-plated rigid back support to keep it from corrosion
  • Each jaw is covered with a resin cover that keeps it from wear and tear
  • A uniform setup and a fast identification of the opening area has been provided by the precision rule measurement system
  • The adjustments are made rapidly by the slide glide trigger
  • These clamps come with a lifetime warranty

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  • The clever rail design make hard jobs easy
  • These have a durable and a versatile design
  • The quality is not as high as compared to other clamps

Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp

Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp

If your project needs a deeper hold or clamping, then go for purchasing Jorgenson clamps. All of Jorgenson’s bar clamps own superior quality materials. It comprises copper-plated screws, handles, and swivels that protects from the weld spattering during welding.


These clamps by Jorgenson is great for a flat panel, cabinet, frame, box, and doors. It can be used for any project that needs a uniformly applied pressure and squareness. The jaws are steel reinforced that assure the clamping pressure’s distribution. The jaws will keep the work pieces from lifting by staying parallel. The clamps are built-in and will allow the clamps to stand straight to be used by one handedly. These posses a quicker sliding adjustment. After the sliding head can be made to reserve on the bar and the nthe clamps act as a spreader.


  • After opened, the jaws are not parallel, when they are tightened up then they will be parallel
  • These have a perfect parallel jaw design, clamps materials that need to be glued up, plastics, light metals, and mixed materials
  • The jaws have 3-3/4 inch depth for uniform pressure distribution
  • it comprise a secure locking system that keep the jaws from slipping
  • It has an ergonomic molded soft handle

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  • These have great stability
  • It has a great grip
  • The quality is not high enough

Bessey KR3.524 24-Inch K Body REVO – Fixed Jaw

Bessey KR3.524 24-Inch K Body REVO - Fixed Jaw

The K body Revo Fixed Jaw parallel clamp provides a 30 % greater clamping force. It offers latest designed pressure caps, the work piece contact elements protect the work piece. The head of this clamp can be adjusted by pressing a button.

This parallel clamp achieves a 7,000 N holding power and more than that. The jaw face is 30% more. Workpiece protection is provided by three glue resistant pressure caps.


The adjustable contact parts prevent contact between the workpiece and the steel rail. The requirements of the clamping outside the 90-degree range are also provided. It comprises a tilting adapter that adjusts to the workpiece.

These clamps have a soft material that is replaceable, that keeps the clamp mark-free because of sticking to the workplace. Bessy clamps have a larger work area, and these clamps are recommended for DIY and other expert woodworkers.


  • These clamps have a perfect parallel jaw design to clamp at 90-degrees
  • These can clamp metals, plastics, wood, mixed materials
  • It comprises a 3-3/4 inch throat depth, having 3 changeable jaws that are designed to save the surfaces of the materials
  • It comes with a 1500 pounds clamping force
  • It has a molded soft grip handle
  • It has a quick jaw opening and closing raise handle
  • It offers a slip proof clamping

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  • These clamps ar extremely solid and powerful
  • These are well built
  • The clamping at times get locked and irritates the workers

Bora 12″ Parallel Clamp – Rock Solid and Even Pressure

Bora 12

The Bora Parallel clamp 12” tool provides an excellent clamping force and delivers great performance. It has a handy design. The jaws slide up and down with a little lifting of the handle. Once you tighten them, they become parallel to each other. It makes clamping precise and convenient.


Due to the constant clamping force and excellent holding power, the Bora’s parallel clamp can not be replaced. It has been designed to clamp your workpieces and other projects. The rock-stability provides a flawless finished product.


  • These clamps are strong and steady
  • The 3. 5-Inch wide jaw provides even pressure without harming the material
  • The jaw stays in place during the winding of the clamp
  • It has perfect pressure, it is not loose, not too tight
  • It provides a 100lbs of clamping pressure
  • These clamps come in different sizes and are available in lengths that are 12”, 34”, 31”, 40”, and 50”
  • It is a trusted tool designed by Bora, it has been made keeping user feedback in mind
  • The usable space is 13 inches

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  • The material remains safe from getting ruined
  • It has an easy grip handle
  • The sliding head mechanism is not smooth as compared to other parallel clamps

IRWIN Tools Record Parallel Jaw Box Clamp – Powerful clamping force

IRWIN Tools Record Parallel Jaw Box Clamp - Powerful clamping force


The Irwin tools deliver powerful clamping pressure up to 1150 pounds. The jaw depth is 3-3/4 inches to increase pressure distribution. The locking system keeps the jaws from slipping off. This is great for carpentry and woodwork. The body covered with resin keeps the material from getting damaged and it resists glue. It comes with an ergonomic grip handle.


  • This Irwin tool is 24” parallel jaw box clamp that has a precise 90 degree angle
  • This item has been manufactured in the USA
  • It provides clamping force up to 1150 pounds
  • It has a 3-3/4 inches jaw depth for increased pressure
  • The secure locking system keeps the jaws from slipping

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  • It has great clamping force
  • The resin jaws resist the adhesion because of the glue
  • The length of 48” will allow you to work on bigger projects
  • It is very costly
  • The metal bar has a lot of flex
  • The plastic rail stops the broke off

Yost Tools K7012 12″ Heavy Duty Parallel Clamp – Heavyduty Steel

Yost Tools K7012 12

The brand Yost has been manufacturing tools for almost 100 years. They make clamping tools that are long-lasting. The Yost heavyduty parallel clamps are made to be used by wood work professionals. The clamps offer many improvements. The anti-slip system is made to keep it from sliding elsewhere. It causes the glue to dry faster. The pivot handle will let you put more clamping force. 4 steel plates are used by stationary jaws to prevent from flexing when kept under extreme pressure.


  • It provides a 1565 pounds clamping force
  • The pivot handle has been made to bear greater clamping force
  • It has an anti-slip design
  • The jaw size is more to give more clamping area
  • The parallel jaw maintains squareness
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty

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  • It has a lower cost
  • It has a larger jaw to clamp easily
  • It gives excellent customer service
  • It is a reputed brand
  • It can not be used for long term
  • It is suitable for DIY workers

Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp

Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp

The last but certainly not the least product on our list is the Yost 24” Parallel clamp. This clamp is known for its handy qualities and a small size. If you are a new woodworker then you will love this one. It gives you a 800 pounds clamping force. This one is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.


This American manufactured product provides a clamping pressure of 800 lbs. It is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It provides a 1.75×4 inch jaw face that is larger than other clamp jaws. It comprises an oversized grip handle that makes clamping easier. These clamps are great for individuals and not for companies.


  • It comprises heavy-duty aluminium jaw assemblies
  • It gives 800 pound of clamping pressure
  • It can be used as a spreader
  • The color of the steel bar may differ

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  • It has a lower cost
  • It has a larger jaw to clamp easily
  • It gives excellent customer service
  • It is a reputed brand
  • It can not be used for long term
  • It is suitable for DIY workers

Comparison of the Top 10 Parallel Clamps

Bessey KRE3540
Dimensions: 47.63 x 5.75 x 2 inches

Weight: 7.7 Pounds

Bora 571150T Set
Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 57.5 inches

Weight: 16 Pounds

Dimensions: 30.38 x 3.13 x 6.31 inches

Weight: 3.8 Pounds

JET 70431
Dimensions: 37.9 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches

Weight: 14.97 Pounds

Jorgensen 123ABC
Dimensions: 33.07 x 9.25 x 2.36 inches

Weight: 15.4 Pounds

Bessey KR3.524
Dimensions: 31 x 6 x 2 inches

Weight: 8.5 Pounds

Bora 571112
Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 19.5 inches

Weight: 4.19 Pounds

IRWIN 2026500
Dimensions: 32 x 2 x 6 inches

Weight: 7.06 Pounds

Yost Tools K7012
Dimensions: 18.5 x 6 x 2 inches

Weight: 4.01 Pounds

Yost K5024
Dimensions: 26 x 6 x 6 inches

Weight: 4.01 Pounds

Parallel Clamps- Buyer’s Guide

Parallel are simple tools. They have the primary objective of holding a piece. It comprises only a few moving parts, and there are no electrical and mechanical designs in it. The real question is, how can you buy the best parallel clamp?

Parallel clamps are not that simple as it may seem. These clamps have to be straight, reliable, and strong. To ensure that you don’t purchase a low-quality parallel clamp, we have created a list of ideas Let’s take a look into the criteria to follow before purchasing parallel clamps.


If you are using clamps that will not reach the complete length of your product, they are not worth the money spent. Length is the first factor to be considered before buying any product. If your product is more in length, then a short clamp will be of no use. Measure the size of your workpiece and then tackle other things.


Strength is the most important feature to be considered when buying a clamp. You require these clamps to hold your workpiece for a longer time. The weakness of a clamp will make your work difficult and stressful.

If the clamp is weak, then the pieces will move, and it will cause them to dry it up in the dry position.. You can chase clamps that are robust to hold your workpiece strongly. Although they produce 15000 pounds of holding pressure. You should buy the strongest clamps possible to be prepared for any clamping work.

Ease of Operation

Dealing with wet glue is a lot of pain. If you’re trying to glue two boards together, they aren’t going to stick on their own. The glue acts as a lubricant, making it easier for them to slide apart until it resumes.

You should also think about the ease of work so that you can work with one hand and. You should use clamps that use a single head. These comprise a locking system like a glide trigger or a flip handle. This allows for tightening and loosening the parallel clamps.


Another important factor to consider is the price of the clamp. Although these are extremely useful, at times, the product is quite costly. If you find a tool with all the qualities and features of a good clamp, you should think about its price before buying anything.

A cheaper clamp will have some faults and drawbacks, like weaker parts and a short warranty.


Are parallel clamps useful for welding purposes?

Parallel clamps are only used for clamping purposes.

Can parallel clamps be used to glue-up non-parallel panels?

The parallel clamps can be used to glue-up panels that are non-parallel.

What instructions should be followed while using bar clamps?

You should buy a clamp according to your needs and keep soft padding between the clamps to prevent material from ruining.

Why are parallel clamps so expensive?

The parallel clamps are more oversized and made up of metal, so these are expensive.


The parallel clamps are easily available in the market. It does not mean that all the clamps are worth it. After reading and testing about the product, and reading reviews, only then you should buy one.

The information provided below will help you in purchasing a woodworking product; always choose a clamp that is good in quality, durability, and stability in the output of your work.

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