Your chainsaw is the power tool of choice when it comes to tackling heavy-duty home maintenance tasks such as chopping trees, pruning limbs, or even cutting a tree.

Today, when it comes to buying an electric chainsaw, there are many options on the market. Although it can seem difficult to shop around for the right one, we’re going to help you out by giving you many details and finish by showing you the best Oregon chainsaw available today. Below we’ll cover some detail about the best Oregon chainsaws you can buy now, so you’ll recognize what you should consider before buying a chainsaw.

To help you decide the best Oregon Chainsaws, we’ve assembled an in-depth overview of the best versions.

Comparison Table

Oregon CS1500
Power: 1800 watts

Noise: Low noise, silence among cuts

Weight: 12.6 Pounds

Dimensions: 18 x 37.5 x 10.5 inches

Oregon CS1400
Power: 1800 watts

Noise: Low noise, silent during cutting

Weight: 13.2 lb (6 kg) with a guide bar attached

Dimensions: 34 x 11 x 10 inches

Power: 1.25Ah B500S 40V MAX* Battery package

Noise: Low noise, silent between cut

Weight: 11 pounds

Dimensions: 32 x 11.13 x 12.13 inches

Oregon CS300
Power: The 40V MAX battery guarantees zero-emission

Noise: Stay Silent between cuts

Weight: 12 pounds

Dimensions: 16 x 11.13 x 12.13 inches


Top 4 Best Oregon Chainsaws


Do you have hard time making up your mind about which chainsaw is right for your needs? Here are four top-rated chainsaws that you might want to consider.

Oregon CS1500 – Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon’s high-power, 15-amp CS1500 Chainsaw is the only corded electric chain saw on the market with a chain that can sharpen itself. The CS1500 has all the conventional characteristics of an electric saw-Instant start with the trigger pull, limited cleaning, low noise & silence between cuts-and takes it a step further by adding the built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening mechanism. With a quick pull of the red PowerSharp lever, you’ll take the chain from dull to sharp in just 3 seconds, so you’ll never cut it again with a dull chain.

Oregon CS1500 - Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw


The OREGON CS1500 also has an electrical chain brake and a tool-less chain tensioning system. It’s very easy to hang on to its textured handle, and since it’s an electric chainsaw, you can run it all day and night if you want to. It’s also lightweight, meaning you can no longer work with reduced pressure on your body. The Oregon CS1500 provides superior performance with its 18-inch blade capable of cutting logs with a 16-inch diameter. It can also handle hardwoods. It’s great for a homeowner with regular jobs who don’t like the cable company.


  • Instant electrical launch. The silence between the cuts.
  • Noise is low, even quieter than the gas saw.
  • Ergonomic design is lightweight, Balanced, and low vibration.
  • Comfortable, over-molded handle.
  • 18″ (45cm) bar and chain
  • Power Sharp chain, 3/8′′ Low profile with a.050′′ gauge
  • Automatic oiler with a look through the windshield
  • 15 amp motor 120 volts ~ 60 Hz
  • 2888 FPM: No speed of the load chain
  • Weight is 12.9 kg (5.85kg)


The testers noted that you need a high gauge extension cable. The only criticism is that the Oregon CS1500 is a little bit on the heavy side. The chain keeps jumping off, which may be a stressful thing. Most users like strength and ease of cutting and concerns appear to be more about personal preference.

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  • The lightweight design of the commodity decreases fatigue and improves usability.
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to use blade sharpener and tensioner
  • Healthy length of direction bar for most domestic cutting activities
  • Even as lightweight, the fact that you still require a main power source limit portability (or suitable generator)
  • The average product lifespan will be reduced by plastic construction

In a nutshell:

There are lots of different choices out there if you need a powerful chainsaw with general power for domestic or slightly larger than domestic household activities. What makes this great one stand out is the self-sharpening mechanism that, if you need to sharpen the chain, eliminates upkeep and downtime. It will save your cash on replacement chains as well.

Oregon CS1400 Corded Electric Chainsaw

The corded chainsaw Oregon CS1400 is the right approach. Save yourself time and trouble, as the CS1400 begins automatically and needs no mixing of gas-oil. Crafted by the world’s leading maker of saw wire, this chainsaw features a 16-inch chain that can be twisted using the built-in tensioning ring without equipment. When on the saw, the automatic oiler distributes oil on the bar and chain, keeping the chainsaw lubed and preventing excessive wear.

Oregon CS1400 Corded Electric Chainsaw


Oregon CS1400 is a perfect solution to start operating directly with only a trigger. The cabled electric chain saw Oregon CS1400 helps the chain to be sharpened easily. However, it takes time to sharpen the blade for other chainsaws, especially manual. You can do so within 3-5 seconds if you have to sharpen the blade at work. It is primarily known for its sharpening method for blade control. The job with an electric chain stitching Oregon CS1400 is healthy, as it distributes chain lubrication oil onto bars automatically and avoids premature wear. It is also useful to do some sectioning more easily with less effort.


  • Get to work with the instant start functionality right away
  • Small, quiet noise between cuts
  • Using the integrated Lubri-Tec oiling system, the chain remains oiled, decreasing chain tension and improving the run time of the saw.
  • Without specific commands, immediately tighten the chain on the saw
  • Behind each cut, 15 amps provide a lot of power.
  • Low vibration and low kickback chain ideal for all-day cutting, with a 16′ guide bar and Control Cut chain
  • For added protection, the chain brake
  • Quick to assemble. Simply placed the tensioner on the lead bar and the saw with the bar and chain.


Some testers helped to prevent overfilling the oil tank because the air vent is situated in the tank’s neck. The oil won’t flow if it gets stopped, and issues will result. The tool-free tensioner is stored on the guide bar and the chain on the saw.

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  • Adjustable bar guide.
  • Service with Instant trigger.
  • Comfortable carry-on handle.
  • With low vibration and low noise, you feel relaxed at work.
  • Automatic oiler and device for fast lubrication.
  • No petrol combination hassle.
  • Providing high-quality corrosion safety.
  • Restrictions on challenging projects.
  • Without an electric cable, it does not work.

In a nutshell:

Doing any cutter quicker with less effort is helpful. During work, people are relaxed since it is low-vibrant and almost noiseless. You can also begin your work within two to three minutes of the machine being plugged in. Corded Electric Chainsaw Oregon CS1400 is an excellent manufacturing firm from Oregon. Oregon offers the purchaser a three-year warranty for satisfaction.

Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 Chain Saw Kit

The chain saw with its batteries is paired with the Oregon CS250-S6 cordless chainsaw pack. You have two choices to pick from a 1.25Ah battery or a 2.4Ah battery. Both of them are fantastic, and the chainsaw’s price combined with the better battery pack is also cheaper in everyone’s view than any other chainsaw kits out there, making this unique model second spot. After all, most beginners are cheap instruments, which mixes affordability with decent strength and perfect construction.

Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 Chain Saw Kit


As soon as you press the button, the power from this chainsaw is delivered. No matter how thick of a wood you are trimming, the instant strength still has no fade. The key benefits here are that no pull strings, gas tanks, or long warm-up times common for gas chainsaws are possible. Down to 25 percent of the battery’s charge, the power stays the same. However, even then, you can find that the chain’s 2300 RPMs cannot be quickly halted. Thanks to Oregon’s latest battery pack technology, the battery’s capacity can be stored for months while not in operation and will not fade away. This chain saw comes with a safety kickback to shield you from your tool in the event of a sudden kickback.


  • Cableless comfort without pull strings, warm-ups, and gas oil mixing start immediately.
  • Includes the long term lithium battery regular use pack (1.25 Ah).
  • Non-loading chain width, 14-inch bar length at 2,350 rpm.
  • The integrated device sharpens the chain, sharpens in seconds on the saw, on the works.
  • Quick battery charge slices up to 125 branches 2-3 inches in diameter non-stop.
  • This model’s oil lubrication system is automated.


The noise from the saw at full throttle is distracting. The charging time of the battery is nearly 2 hours, which is not very good.

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  • Relatively low cost
  • A lot of authentication features
  • Robust building
  • Method of self-lubrication
  • The device of automated sharpening
  • Control board for Lead
  • 14-inch bar
  • The battery used in the base pack is not good enough to last longer than an hour.
  • Will not be able to hack down larger trees
  • Restricted options for warranty

In a nutshell:

The fact that there are electric chainsaws on the rise is not surprising. The Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 Chainsaw is a perfect example of how these chainsaws will replace their gas equivalents. It is strong and doesn’t suffer any of the downsides of a chainsaw operated by gas. At this price point, the automated chain sharpening and self-lubrication functions are exclusive and special.

Oregon CS300 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

The CS300 Self-Sharpening Cordless Chainsaw rapidly and efficiently cuts trees and branches, handling even the most challenging work. This chain saw has a 16-inch chain that can be sharpened with the pull of a trigger on the saw in 3 seconds. The brushless motor gives a strong combination of speed and torque. Advanced battery technology offers continuous no-fade control and faster run times. This machine is, in simpler terms, one of the quickest to use. Everything you have to do is press a single button to launch it.

Oregon CS300 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw


With a powerful brushless motor that provides around 40 percent more power and torque. With a 40cm chain and bar, high strength and quick cutting. Premium cell, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, continuous no-fade power, and ability to retain charges for months in storage. No pull cords, no heating needed, no petrol-oil mixing, and no pollution.


  • Power Sharp chain minimizes downtime by enabling you to sharpen your saw right on the chain in seconds.
  • Lightweight for convenience and ease of use
  • Stay silent between cuts
  • Chainsaw begins with a button pull – no strings to pull.
  • Up to 1,000 times, the battery will be recharged
  • Create 250 2-3 inch cuts while the 2.6 Ah battery is fully charged.
  • The chain remains oiled using the built-in Lubri-Tec oiling method, which decreases chain tension and improves the saw’s operating time.
  • Simple to bring together. You need to position the tensioner on the guide bar and then place the bar and the chain on the saw.


Unfortunately, those redeeming features have not been capable of overcoming its overall performance in the group for this chainsaw. Both bucking and felling grips score just Good. It lacks a rubber grip for protection in the side, and the oil view window makes very little visibility. The bucking spikes are difficult to engage.

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  • Self-reinforced chain structure
  • Strong battery and brushless motor
  • Automated oiler
  • Solidly designed
  • It takes too long to recharge the battery
  • Cost-expensive

In a nutshell:

The ratings are still outstanding in terms of the CS300, with 90% of buyers scored as either excellent or decent. Another part of the performance of a cordless saw is the type of motor it has. The CSS300 comes with one of the newer brushless style motors that are typically 85 percent-90 percent powerful, making it easier to convert the energy supplied by the battery to power and output. Too many negative patterns have become impossible to determine.

Buyer’s Guide – Chainsaws

Let us answer the most anticipated question about the electric chainsaws before we have a more in-depth look into other aspects.

What Is An Electric Chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws are the innovative development that gets their electric power from a corded power outlet or batteries. There were not considered reliable in the past. they were only considered to cut or chop the wood for fireplaces during winters. But now they are used widely by many woodworkers around the world.

Types of electrical chainsaw

As we briefly described above, there are two essential types of chainsaws for electrical power. There are:

  • Corded electric chainsaw
  • Cordless chainsaws

Corded electric chainsaw:

The electric cord chainsaws need an electric power socket to work. they come with a normally attached wire with a plug that can be inserted into a power socket or an electric generator.

The best feature about these chainsaws is that they have consistent power without dipping electricity issues. they are the best tools for every weather condition which is why woodworkers choose them as their first priority. they are more powerful than battery chainsaws. you just need to have an electricity generator or a power supply socket.

Cordless chainsaws:

Cordless chainsaws are also called wireless chainsaws. they use batteries for operation and energy. they are lighter in weight and are not tied to any chain.

They come with rechargeable batteries and these batteries have enough power to last a whole big day. All you need is to recharge these batteries to make these chainsaws work flawlessly and fast. You should also keep your batteries away from hot and cold temperatures.

Helpful Tip:

Look for models with two battery packs included with their package as often the company offers one for free and get a second battery is perfect when you’re out in the woods.

How the chain of chainsaw works to cut the material?

Here’s a detailed perspective on how the saw chain works to cut the material/wood. Please have a glance at the image and get a taste of how it works.

  • Cutter Entrance Wood/Material: The chainsaw chain is cut with porpoise-like motion. They set the depth gauge to determine the thickness of the cross-grain.
  • Connect Position: The cutter feeds into the wood and therefore continues to leave the guide bar.
  • Getting into Wood: In the third spot, the cutter cuts into the wood without reaching the guide bar.
  • Extreme Wood Chip: The clearance angle would cause the cutter to rotate the chip out of the wood.

How can you take care of your chainsaw chain?

To make your chainsaw work properly for a long time without any problems, you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips that help you take care of your chainsaw chain.

Clean it:

Always clean the chainsaw chain after use, remove all the trash, and sawdust on the chain.


Keeps the chain lubricated and reduces friction. This stops from getting rust and breakage.


Even, make sure the chain is sharp when using the chainsaw. Never use the chain on the dirty wood since it makes the chain dull quicker.

Follow User Manual:

Both care and repair tips are provided in the User Manual to maintain the peak performance chain. You can often get tips on sharpening the chain teeth, lubricating the chain, and repairing it when it breaks.

How would you change the chain in a chainsaw?

One needs to know a comprehensive procedure for adjusting the chainsaw chain for its successful long-term use. The steps are as follows:

  • First of all, take the guide bar side panel from the chainsaw. If the chain is missing, unlock it before you take out the side panel cover.
  • Then release the tension of the chain by screwing the chain tension lever back off.
  • Since the stress has gone out, you can pull the old one out quickly.
  • Now clean the area using a clean cloth or Teflon cleaning pad to clear any debris or rust from the chainsaw guide rail.
  • Please take out the latest one and install it using the user manual to make sure you patch the chain correctly.
  • After download, perform the first three steps in reverse order (3, 2, and 1) before closing the guide bar side door.
  • Finally, make sure you adjust the tension of the chain to make it work properly.

Routine use of chainsaw will result in downtime, and you will have to change the chain for some time. So, to get the right chainsaw chain, you need to understand these three major reasons.

  • Bar Length: chainsaws come in several bar lengths, measured in inches. It means that the replacement chain is consistent with the chainsaw. The most common chain bar length is 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch.
  • Chain Pitch: The pitch would let you know how tight the chain ties together. For specific, most of the accessible pitch sizes include 0.250-inch (1/4-inch), 0.325 – 0.375-inch (3/8-inch) and 0.404-inch (0.325-inch) pitch chains.
  • Chain Gauge: allow you to know the strength of the chain drive link. This would serve to lock the chain to prevent a lot of vibration and kickback possibilities. The dimensions of the gauge available for the chain are 0.043,” 0.050″ to 0.063″, of which 0.050 is most widely used.

FAQ – Chainsaws

How loud is the chainsaw on the decibels?

According to various researches, certain electric chainsaws will go up to 110-120 DB. 120 dB is 30 times as noisy as 70 dB, which is your daily vacuum cleaner’s noise.

For what chainsaw is used?

Chainsaws may be used for many tasks, including:

  • The Tree Dropping
  • Bucking up
  • Pruning
  • Split the firebreaks
  • Making bits of wood for your fireplace

What are you not supposed to do with a chainsaw?

Don’t ever run when you’re pulling a chainsaw. Try to prevent slashing with the edge of the blade, and this will also help avoid kickback. Try cutting down the shoulder height whenever possible. In the case of a kickback, this will hold a chainsaw away from your hands.

How often are you likely to use a chainsaw?

If you’re going to use it for a couple of days of the year, you’ll need to buy an electric chainsaw so you won’t have to think about maintenance. Gas chainsaws need much maintenance, but some people want to get their hands dirty and tinker, so if you’re a tinkerer, gas is the way to go.


Bear in mind that your personal needs will decide the right chainsaw for you and your physical strength, health, and budget.

  • Ensure that the chainsaw you chose has enough strength to cut the size of the wood you need to cut.
  • Make sure it’s the right kind of chainsaw (electric, battery, or gas).
  • Make sure it has excellent safety features; make sure it’s not too big for you, and make sure you read about the chainsaw.

Take care of your protection before you begin using it. Above are the best Oregon chainsaws that will support you a lot in your work.

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