Chain saw is one of the most commonly used tools by woodworkers and gardeners. To maintain your garden, you might need a good quality chain saw. Chain saws are getting popular amongst people. You will always find a homestead having a chain saw to do various tasks, including cutting wood for the fire, cutting down the unnecessary tree branches in your garden, and collecting wood for your DIY projects.

Using chain saws can be dangerous and involves many safety hazards resulting in an injury or even death. Therefore it is mandatory to learn and implement safety measures while completing any of your tasks involving a chain saw.

All professionals are familiar that other than using an excellent quality chain saw, one might also need a bar that defines a chain’s overall quality. The chain saw bar takes care of the chain and lets the engine set the chain saw in motion. It highly contributes to the cutting process.

Numerous brands create superb quality chain saw bars for your chain saws. Each differ in price and quality. This article specifies everything you need to know about a chain saw bar and the reviews of the top 10 best chain saw bars available to buy online.

Top 10 Best Oregon Chain Saw Bars


Are you looking to increase your chain saw’s safety? We have listed the best Oregon chain saw bars. Following are the best type of chain saw bars created by Oregon.

Oregon 105667 – The best one overall

Oregon 105667 - The best one overall

Chain saw bars are an essential component of a chain saw, it should be built perfectly. The potch, gauge, and the length should not have any flaw.

The advanced cut chain by Oregon has a single rivet guide bar combination. It comprises the best selling chain saw and a guide bar that describes every instruction accurately. It has been made using a light-weight technology; It is right to be used for quick and simple lawn or garden care jobs.


This Oregon product is suitable to be used by homeowners, and people who don’t use a chain saw a lot. The homeowners usually require a chainsaw that they can trust. They perform yard work and cutting of the trees. Therefore, the Oregon advanced cut chain saw bar has been designed to increase the durability and reliability of this tool. It includes the LubriTec oiling system, low vibration, hardened rivets, and chrome-plated cutters that meet the Oregon brand’s quality.


  • The 14-inch chain saw bar has been constructed by the world’s best chain saw manufacturer
  • It can fit into several stihl chainsaw models that includes MS170
  • The Lubri-Tec oiling system keeps the chain and guide bar oiled
  • It can be used for saw sizes upto 42 cc
  • The chain saw bar meets the standard requirements of international standards
  • It comprises of a 14-inch guide bar and chain combination
  • It features a 3/8” low profile chain

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  • This chain saw bars offers smooth cutting and a longer bat life
  • Due to the oiling of the chain and guide bar, less friction is produced
  • This product features a low-back kick
  • The length of the bar could have been longer than it is

Oregon 200RNDK095 – A Professional’s Guide Bar

Oregon 200RNDK095 - A Professional’s Guide Bar

The PowerCut bar by Oregon is a fantastic guide bar specially designed for loggers and tree care professionals. Power bars by Oregon are widely used by professional users and it cleanly cuts through wood. This product can be used by anyone including homeowners, who want a flawless job done. Oregon has been producing products that have been meeting up to customers’ satisfaction for more than 70 years and this tool is no less.


Oregon PowerCut comprises a full chisel cutter saw chain that goes through any type of wood with great speed, precision, and efficiency. It consists of chrome-moly steel that reduces wear to make it last longer. These guide bars are according to the industry standards, used by experts for cutting trees.


  • The power bars can be fastened using a single rivet, this tools and they are held securely by the ears overlapping each other
  • The nose of the power bar withstands the harm and prevents the body of the bar to be affected
  • These power match bars are recommended for 3.5 inches and larger saws
  • It comprises of super-tough chrome-moly steel that offers great strength
  • The length of the bar is 20 inches, and that of the gauge is 0.50”
  • It has a 11 tooth count
  • This guide bar is suitable for timber loggers, pulpwood loggers, and the firefighters in the forest
  • It can be used commercially, and it fits various models having a 3/8” pitch.

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  • It helps to cut through timber with speed, efficiency, and accuracy
  • It comes with a replaceable nose that makes it more long-lasting
  • The bars are strong and light in weight
  • It does not fit every saw
  • If it does not fit properly with your saw, then it might cause it to overheat or even break

Oregon 540389 Bar & Chain Combo – for Smooth Cutting

Oregon 540389 Bar & Chain Combo – for Smooth Cutting

Oregon’s line-up of bar and chain combination puts the most widely used products together to be selected easily. This Oregon bar and chain combination comprises a 12-inch double guard bar and a loop of Oregon’s 90PX chain.


This combination of bar and chain has been designed for consumers and people who are semi-professionals. This bar can be used on Stihl chain saws. It is also useful for homeowners ho have occasionally use chain saws. The LubriTech keeps the chain of the saw oiled and slippery.


  • It comprises of a 12” single rivet guide bar
  • It is suitable to be used on Stihl, Olympyk, and Oleo-mac saws
  • It has a 3/8”, low shaped pitch
  • It comes with a 0.043”gauge 90PX chain
  • The nose radius of this guide bar is smaller
  • The width of the product is 5.0”, and the height is 0.5”
  • It is ideal for lower power saws
  • It can be used by homeowners and landscapers
  • It has been designed using a narrow kerf cutting system that cuts through wood easily and smoothly

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  • The smaller nose radius decreases the kickback time
  • It needs lesser power as compared to standard chain saw bars
  • The oiled saw chain helps in reducing friction and increasing the life-span
  • The narrow kerf chain provides higher chain efficiency
  • The bumper drive link that is joint with depth gauge provides a decreased kickback and a strong performance
  • It does not fit all pole saws
  • The bar is a little springy

Oregon 200RNDD009 – The Efficient One

Oregon 200RNDD009 – The Efficient One

This superior quality, professional bar from Oregon is one of the industry standards chainsaw bars mostly used by expert chain saw users. Like many other Oregon guide bars, this one is the ultimate guide bar for tree-care experts and loggers. But what makes it that efficient? Leta read through its description and benefits.


The Oregon 200RNDD009 includes an Oregon PowerCut that replaces the sprocket nose bar, and a fast cutting Oregon PowerCut 3/8” chisel saw chain. These PowerCut bars are designed according to the industry standard and is specially made for expert chainsaw consumers. Formally these bars were known as the power match bars. The bars are engineered from an extremely tough chrome-moly steel to provide you with excellent resistance to chipping and wear.

The sprocket nose is replaceable, and it fastens with the help of a single rivet. Strong, overlapping ears hold the nose. The noses can be changed in the field. The Oregon PowerCut is fast cutting chisel chain that makes your work with hardwoods and softwood faster. It is refined with a 7/32” round file and can also be sharpened with a 3/16” grinding wheel.


  • It has been built with a strong chrome-moly
  • The sprocket nose can be connected using one rivet, and can be securely grabbed with an extensive, powerful ears
  • The design of the cradle sprocket provides great resistance to any sprocket nose faults
  • The LubriJet and Lubri-dam lubrication features a growth in oiling efficiency and a decrease in hole plugging problems
  • This guide bar comprises of a 20”bar in length, 0.5”gauge, 3.8”pitch, and a 11 tooth count
  • It is suitable for huge-timber loggers, forest firefighters, and pulpwood loggers
  • This bar can be mounted on various chain saws including Delmar, Conserved, Partner, Shindaiwa, and solo saws
  • The sprocket nose can be replaced

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  • According to the users, these bars are durable and strong
  • These are available at reasonable prices
  • The chrome-moly steel protects it from any chipping
  • It will not fit some of the chain saws
  • The tension holes did not line up properly

Oregon 240RNDK095 – A Power Packed Bar

Oregon 240RNDK095 – A Power Packed Bar

Oregon makes its every guide bar durable and a bar that can be installed conveniently, specially Stihl models. We can not assure that it will fit onto every chain saw, although Oregon states it does. While there is no description of the chain, the bars’ quality is terrific and worth buying. According to the buyers, some had an issue with the delivery of this bar and chain combo. Some parts were missing, but it was sent back with all the parts. You should know about the models that it can be used with, as they keep on getting altered. It is better to call the Oregon customer representative and learn about the details of this product.


This Oregon guide bar is a 20-inch chain and bar combination. It will fit onto Poulan, McCulloch, Craftsman, echo saws, and other brands. The tool does not come with a chain, includes a nose sprocket that supports it greatly.

Due to its reversed quality, it has a longer life-span. The bar is symmetrical and can be used with older versions of chain saws, when used with older versions it was able to revive the cutting power of each tool.


  • This bar comes with a replaceable bar nose
  • The nose can be fastened using a single rivet and is secured by wide, overlapping years
  • The long nose bears the abuse
  • It comprises of tough rails to keep it from chipping
  • Its technical features include a 3/8 inch pitch, 0.5”gauge, and 84 as the chain drive link count
  • It fits many models
  • The length of the bar is 24”

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  • There are lesser chances of chipping
  • The body of the bar is protected by the nose
  • The LubriTech keeps the chain frictionless and long lasting
  • It does not come with a chain
  • The bar can bend easily
  • The bar needs to be greased

Oregon 16-Inch Remington 27853 Bar – Versatile Bar

Oregon 16-Inch Remington 27853 Bar - Versatile Bar

This guide bar by Oregon comes under the category of AdvanceCut. It is perfect for landscapers and homeowners. This versatile tool is for people looking for a trustable combination of light-weight and worthy of buying.

With the help of this bar, you can easily tackle your yard work and cut down trees. It has been provided with high technical capabilities to perform flawlessly in rough conditions.


The Oregon 27853 Bar has been provided with high technology capabilities for excellent performance in rough conditions. It is a combination of low vibration technology to reduce user fatigue and to increase productivity.

This chain features a trademark LubriTech oiling of the chains, to reduce friction. It comprises rivets, chrome-plated cutters that match the Oregon brand’s quality which is trusted by many.


  • It is available in various sizes
  • It has an easy-cutting performance
  • It comprises of a multi-rivet nose
  • The oiling is done using LubriTech oiling system
  • The low profile pitch is 3/8 inches, the gauge is 0.50”, and the drive link count is 56
  • It can be used for up to 42cc sizes of the saws
  • The kickback performance of this tool meets the requirement of ANSI B175.1-2012

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  • Lubritech gives a long life to your bar
  • It is durable, reliable, and versatile
  • The low vibration design gives a control
  • The wear on it is kept minimum
  • It has a low kickback
  • You should change the bar after a second chain replacement

Oregon 541652 PowerSharp Bar – Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

Oregon 541652 PowerSharp Bar - Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

With this Oregon chainsaw sharpening product, you can now easily sharpen with ease. This Power Sharp tool comes with a 91PS PowerSharp chain, a bar made for PowerSharp and PowerSharp mount sharpener.

Wit hthe help of its easy to use equipments, you can sharpen within seconds. It is convenient to go from a dull form to a sharper one using this.


This guide bar created by PowerSharp is very easy to use, it contains a accurate sharpening system that provides all chainsaw buyers the control to sharp their chain during it is on the saw. The chain can be sharpened with an easy installment procedure and comprehensible attachments. If your chain becomes dull, all you have to do is to connect the bar-mounted sharpener to this guide bar. The guide holes present in the top of the bar will make a perfect alignment.

How to sharpen with it? Just push the tip of the sharpener to any solid surface for some seconds. It will be working effortlessly and faster than ever.


  • This guide bar has a low profile 3/8”pitch
  • It is applicable for sizes up to 42 cc
  • It is fast, handy, and portable
  • The lubrication is provided by this kit
  • The chain saw meets all the needed international standards
  • The low kick-back saw also meets the kickback standards

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  • Chain can be sharpened within seconds, it is not time consuming
  • The bar-mounted sharpener is very light in weight
  • It is durable and easily visible
  • This can bear to perform in tough conditions
  • Do not take it near a bush or a ground to work
  • It is expensive

Oregon 120SDEA074 Single Rivet Guide Bar of 12-Inch Bar

Oregon 120SDEA074 Single Rivet Guide Bar of 12-Inch Bar

This Light-weight Oregon product is easy to operate. This fits many models and is suitable to be used by people who are occasional woodcutters. These occasional woodcutters use small electric,gasoline powered chain saws.


  • This guide bar comprises a 12”bar length, 0.05”gauge depth, and 3/8” low profile pitch
  • It has a 7 tooth count
  • This guide bar can be used by homeowners, campers, hunters, and other similar consumers
  • This guide bar can be used on homelite saws
  • It has been equipped with guard mates holes that are present there to allow the attachment of a guard mate tip guard
  • It comprises a sprocket nose

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  • It has a reversible quality for a longer life
  • It gives you a better control
  • It offers reduced kickback
  • It is expensive

Oregon 140SDEA074 Single Rivet Guide Bar, 14-Inch Bar

Oregon 140SDEA074 Single Rivet Guide Bar, 14-Inch Bar

This Oregon product is like it other Oregon family members light in weight and easy to move or operate. It is suitable to be used with many models. Occasional woodcutters can use this tool easily as they use small electric and power chain saws.


  • The length of the bar is 14” inches
  • It has a low profile pitch of 3/8”
  • It has 0.050”gauge specification
  • It can be used on Stihl, Olympic, Oleo-Mac saws
  • It is also compatible to be used with Oregon’s Power sharp precision system to sharpen the saw chain
  • It comprises of a sprocket nose

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  • It has a reversible quality for a longer life
  • It gives you a better control
  • It offers reduced kickback
  • It is expensive

Oregon 188SLGK095, 18-Inch Bar – An Ideal Guide Bar

Oregon 188SLGK095, 18-Inch Bar - An Ideal Guide Bar

The Oregon 188SLGK095 is the cutting chain that is used widely by almost 90% of the world’s chainsaw creators. It is used by the professional loggers, homeowners, farmers. Why do they use it? The all require their saws to provide excellent cutting performance and to attain the highest satisfaction from their product.


This Oregon ideal guide bar is hassle-free, cuts through every kind of timber, withstands any type of weather, and stays fine when used for any cutting procedure. It comprises of the cutting chain that stays sharper for long and can be sharpened easily when needed.

The chain has has been made to match with different chain saws. You can lubricate the chain to reduce friction. It offers lower vibration and reduced kickback features.

Like every Oregon guide bar, this bar too offers slin contour and excellent control over your tool.


  • The length bar is 18”
  • The gauge is 0.58 inches
  • The sprocket nose can be replaced
  • It has a longer life-span because of the wear resistant stallite alloy
  • Thr rails are strong enough to resist the wear and chipping
  • It features chromw-moly steel
  • It fits many chain saws including Stihl

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  • It is sharper than most bars
  • This bar can be installed easily without any help
  • This chain guide bar might be small for some models of a brand

Comparison Table of the 5 Best Chain Saw Bars

Oregon 105667
Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 1 inches

Weight: 1.54 Pounds

Size: 14-Inch Bar

Oregon 200RNDK095
Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 2.75 Pounds

Size: 20-Inch Bar

Oregon 540389
Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 1.2Pounds

Size: 12-Inch Bars

Oregon 200RNDD009
Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 2.88 Pounds

Size: 20-Inch Bar

Oregon 240RNDK095
Dimensions: 28 x 4 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 3.1 Pounds

Size: 24-Inch Bar

Oregon 27853
Dimensions: 26 x 6 x 1 inches

Weight: 2.6 Pounds

Size: 16-Inch Bar

Oregon 541652
Dimensions: 26.25 x 1.5 x 5.37 inches

Weight: 2.5 Pounds

Size: 14-Inch Bar

Oregon 120SDEA074
Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 15.7 Pounds

Size: 12-Inch Bar

Oregon 140SDEA074
Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Size: 14-Inch Bar

Oregon 188SLGK095
Dimensions: 20.25 x 5.5 x 0.05 inches

Weight: 2.3 Pounds

Size: 18-Inch Bar

How to Buy The Best Chainsaw Guide Bar?

When thinking of purchasing a new chainsaw or replacing an old one, you should consider a model that will meet all your needs and requirements. You should learn about this product in detail to be able to use it for huge and small projects.

The bars of a chainsaw are vital as it is the main component that will keep your chain in the right place and provide you with a successful product. Even if it gets bent or damaged, then it will be impossible to use the chainsaw. There is an option of replacing the bar to prevent the chainsaw from getting ruined. You would want to get the correct measurement as every chainsaw has different specifications.

You might also want to learn the mechanism of a chain saw and understand the use of guide bars. Typically, a chainsaw is made up of three components: an engine unit, the cutting system, and handles.

This guide will mainly focus on the cutting system, consisting of a guide bar and a saw chain. Let’s examine the guide bar in a chainsaw in detail.

Parts of a Chainsaw Guide Bar

A chainsaw guide bar has the important role of moving the chain, which helps in cutting the material or an element.

What are the Parts of a Guide Bar?

The parts of a guide bar depend on the type of the guide bar. A carving bar will be different from a standard guide bar, but all the bars possess the same characteristics, which are defined below:

  • Tail: This part of the guide bar gets fixed inside the chainsaw’s body
  • A Mounting Slot: This component comprises a shaped hole that helps in connecting the guide bar to the machine, with the help of big screws having studs
  • Adjuster hole: This will house the pawl required to place the chain tension
  • Oil Reservoir Hole: The component helps in proper lubrication of the chain of the guide bar
  • Bar Rails: These rails will cover the groove present along the edges of the bar
  • Track: This is the way between the rails, the chains runs along it
  • The Nose: The nose gets fitted into the nose sprocket
  • The Nose Sprocket: The nose sprocket can be fixed and changed, and it is like a gear that improves the performance of the chain of the bar. It helps in reducing friction and assists to tension the bar chain.

How Should I Measure The Guide Bar For My Chainsaw?

There are many criteria for the evaluation of a guide bar, and it does not rely on the tail to tip distance. You should consider the cutting length, which specifies the proper length of the cutting bar. It is the amount of the bar that comes out of the body of the chainsaw.

With the cutting length of the guide bar, one should also consider the power rating. This feature gives an idea of the task that the machine can perform. It includes the running of the saw to the cutting of the trees. The guide bars used for pruning chainsaws and pruners are shorter in length. And the guide bars of the standard bars and carving bars will be longer. The cutting length of the standard guide bars ranges from 35 to 76cm.

Compact chainsaws, suitable for gardening and DIY projects, have guide bars with a length of 35 or 41 cm and contain a fixed nose sprocket.

The professional chainsaws are designed for a bigger scale and greater power work. These need guide bars that measure 38,41,46,51,61, and 64 cm. These comprise of a fixed nose sprocket.

If a chainsaw lies between a compact and a professional type of chainsaw, you can use guide bars 38,41,46, or 51 cm in length. These have a changeable or a fixed nose sprocket.

How to Measure Your Guide bar?

  • A measuring tape
  • A socket and a ratchet

Measuring the Size of the Chainsaw Bar

  1. First, make sure that the chainsaw is placed on a flat surface. Next, pull out the spark plug to prevent any accident from occurring as you work on the tool
  2. Measure your chainsaw bar with the tape, start measuring from the tip. If the measurement is not accurate, then round it off to the nearest. You can also search for common bar sizes; some are mentioned in the section above
  3. If you need the total length of the bar, you should take it out with the help of a ratchet and a socket. Measure the whole bar after taking it out.

What are the Types Of Chains and Bars?

If you are looking to know about the various types of chains, cutters, and bars, then we have got you covered. Following are the types of specialty chains that are used in the chainsaws.

Kinds Of Specialty Chain

In recent years, new designs have been produced, and innovations have occurred in all types of chainsaws. They have been upgraded to cut faster and conveniently to perform a task. There are three types of specialty chains that are used in chainsaws:

  • Low profile chain
  • A narrow chain kerf
  • A ripping chain

Below we have discussed the specialty chains in detail.

Low Profile Chain

A low profile chain is commonly called “lo-pro”. It uses cutters that are smaller than the ones used for standard chainsaw chains. The low profile chain is known to create shallow cuts.

The advantages of utilizing the low profile chain are that it weighs less and makes it a better option for saws with lower horsepower and electric saws. Due to its less weight, the chain does not put much pressure on the strain.

The low profile chains are used for 3/8” pitch and a 0.05 gauge depth. It fits bars that are specially made for low profile chain. The lower chain profile will not work if your bar uses links greater than 72 drive links.

Narrow Kerf Chain

Like low profile chains that are shorter than the standard chains, a narrow kerf chain has cutters that are narrower than standard chains. These chains are used to cut thinner and narrower. The narrow kerf chain removes lesser wood as compared to its other types because its cuts are thinner.

Using the narrow kerf chains allows the saw to cut faster, and you can use a longer bar in full size with a lower horsepower. The narrow kerf chain is a fantastic choice for electric chainsaws.

Before selecting a narrow kerf chain, try to check the chain’s compatibility with your saw and bar. It should be specified on your bar that it goes with a narrow kerf chain.

Many brands manufacture low profile and narrow kerf chains like Oregon. Some narrow kerf chains possess the qualities of a low profile chain to provide lightweight and fast cutting performance.

Ripping Chain

The low profile chain and the narrow kerf chain helps you use a chainsaw efficiently and complete basic tasks, including cutting trees and pruning trees.

Whereas the ripping chain has been designed to perform unique operations like refining wood logs into planks.

The ripping chain has cutters at lower angles at 10 degrees compared to the ones on standard chainsaws at 30 degrees. The ripping chains cuts beside the wood’s grain and not against it.

This is why the ripping chain removes lesser pieces of wood and is not aggressive like its name. This quality allows the saws to cut fine and smooth planks of wood, and why these guide bars are so expensive. The ripping chain is a better investment to be used for a portable sawmill.

Chainsaw Bar Types

The replacement bars of every manufacturer has some unique features. Oregon’s Intenz bars allow you to accurately tension your chain by loosening the bar’s nuts and rotating a screwdriver in the chain adjustment slot. Many manufacturers have designed their chainsaws that are suitable to work with Oregon Intenz bars.

The other bars have some different qualities and features that can work with all types and models, except Oregon’s Intenze bars. There are many types of chainsaw bars, including solid bars, laminated bars, hard nose bars, and replacement sprocket bars.

The differences between the chainsaw bars are specified below.

  • The difference between laminated and solid bars
  • The difference between hard nose bars and replacement sprocket bars

Solid Bars and Laminated Bars

Solid bars are made up of one solid piece of steel, whereas laminated bars are made with two steel pieces joined with a steel core, having a sprocket between them. The solid bars offer extreme strength, and laminated bars provide higher flexibility. The longest laminated chainsaw bars are 24” long.

You should choose between strength and flexibility when buying one of these two.

Hard Nose Bar and Sprocket Nose Bars

Solid bars have two more types that are hard nose bars and sprocket nose bars. The sprocket nose bars have a sprocket at the bar’s nose through rivets on which the chain sits. The chain is held securely in one place, and the rivets help it move smoothly while performing work. The majority of the bar is made of metal, but the bar’s nose can be changed and separated in case of a fault.

The hard-nosed bars are a piece of metal that is hard solid all over, even at the nose. These bars are really strong and a perfect choice for rough conditions. These are suitable for jobs that need the nose to be bored directly into the wood.

When Should I Replace the Guide Bar?

The wear on the guide bar is the most in the place from where the cutting is done. The underside of the bar is the most affected place because of the cutting. Try to turn the bar after some time to get wear on it distributed evenly, above and below.

There are burrs formed on the bar rails as they wear, you should file these off, or else they can cause irregular movement of the chainsaw and cause the chainsaw to get damaged earlier than expected. If the rails are at different levels, then you should file the levels of both rails.

In case of extreme or rough wear on the bar, it is recommended to change the bar.

Following are the checklist questions for if you should change your guide bar or not:

  • Put the chainsaw on the surface and place a finger on the chain. If you notice sagging, you should start with changing the bar
  • Try pressing a ruler along the side of the bar and on the tooth outside of the chain. If you notice a gap between the bar and the ruler, then there is no need to change; however, if the ruler lies flat with the bar, then it needs changing

How Can I Extend My Guide Bar’s Life?

If you want to increase your bar’s life, then you should follow the tips given below:

  • To prevent abnormal damage to the groove, you should check the tension before and after cutting
  • The flow of oil lubrication should be adjusted according to the wood being cut
  • Sharpen the chain’s teeth in detail and frequently
  • Try cutting straightly instead of moving the chainsaw sideways
  • Always use a chainsaw blade for cutting only


Hopefully, this guide will allow you to learn everything about chainsaw bars and chains in detail. You will be able to select the right guide bars for you using our list of Oregon’s products and enjoy the results.

Remember to keep a check on your guide bars regularly and change it when it gets damaged.

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