Reaching areas that a lawnmower can’t, a string trimmer can handle tall grass and weeds that would otherwise choke a lawnmower. It is the perfect tool to keep the edges of your walkway and garden neat while also keep the areas around tree trunks and fence poles manicured.

Makita is well known for its lawn products and string trimmers. When choosing the best string trimmer for your lawn, you need to consider the size of your yard and the features that you want in a string trimmer. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best Makita string trimmer for your needs.

Top 5 Best Makita String Trimmers


Makita XT286SM1 Brushless Cordless Combo Kit – Best Ergonomic Design

Makita XT286SM1

This two-piece combo kit features lower noise and zero emissions. The Makita Brushless Cordless Combo Kit is a good solution for any type of clean up job. Equipped with a single 18-volt LXT battery, this blower has an ergonomic and compact design that only weighs 6 ½ pounds. Instead of using carbon brushes, this string trimmer uses a brushless motor that is efficient and runs cooler to provide longer life.

Speed and Power

With speeds of up to 116 MPH, the Makita Brushless Cordless Combo Kit is controlled electronically optimizing its battery energy use. That means it runs 50% longer on each battery charge in comparison to a non-brushless tool. With electronic controls, it ensures efficient battery use that can match the demands of the job. You can also control the speed and power of the trimmer and increase them as needed.

Delivering 6,000 RPMs, it also has a faster cutting ability than a string trimmer.

Easy to Load

Inside the tool is a protective seal that improves the operation of the blower so it can work in harsh working conditions by channeling dust and water away from important internal components. The Makita Brushless Cordless Combo Kit offers three-speed options that let you fit the speed of the blower to what you are doing. The bump and feed trimmer head is easy to load and features a reverse rotation that lets you clear out the head quickly of entangled weeds and grass.


As far as its disadvantages, this combo kit doesn’t have the best battery life. Plus, users have commented that both extension attachments do not come with the combo kit.

Balance and Ergonomics

With improved ergonomics and balance, the Makita Brushless Cordless Combo Kit offers increased versatility along with a control lever that provides better run time and power management. This is an efficient brushless motor that offers fast cutting time that also works in bad weather conditions. And with its 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery, this blower can charge quickly and can match the changing demands of the application for increased power and speed when needed.

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  • This is a very lightweight blower with tons of power
  • This blower has a fast cutting ability that charges quickly
  • It is efficient and can increase power and speed when necessary
  • It doesn’t have a great battery life
  • It does not come with both extension attachments

Makita XRU15Z Brushless Cordless Blower – Most Efficient Cordless Blower

Makita XRU15Z

A cordless alternative to gas-powered power equipment, the Makita XRU15Z Brushless Cordless Blower is a string trimmer that features low noise output and zero emissions. Requiring less maintenance, this cordless blower is a great option for landscapers offering maximum run time and power. Using not one, but two fast-charging 18V LXT Batteries, this cordless blower is efficient and can increase speed and power as needed for the job at hand.

More Speed and Power

This efficient brushless blower features a motor that offers longer run times, more speed and power, and longer tool life. Electronically controlled, this cordless blower optimizes its battery energy for up to 50 percent longer run time on one charge. With its direct-drive design, this blower increased torque and higher power output.

Improved Torque

Engineered to improve operation, the Makita XRU15Z Brushless Cordless Blower works in harsh weather conditions by channeling dust and water from important internal components. Using an 18 Volt lithium-ion battery, this unit has a fast charge time, increased tool performance, and extended battery life. Equipped with a direct drive system, the Makita provides increased torque and high power that offers a 15-inch cutting swatch to provide increased productivity.


Most user complaints centered around the hard to follow directions. Some users were not happy with the design of the line head loading feature.

Efficient and Powerful

Overall, the Makita XRU152 Brushless Cordless Blower works well in bad weather conditions and uses a battery that charges quickly and lasts a while on one charge. Offering a lot of power, this blower is efficient and allows you to easily change the power and speed when needed. Easy to maintain and use, this blower actually uses two batteries so that it can offer a longer run time.

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  • It has a long run time and charges quickly
  • You can change the speed and power when you need to
  • It’s easy to use and maintain
  • The line head is hard to load
  • The directions are hard to follow

Makita XRU02Z Cordless String Trimmer – Best Low Maintenance Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z

Featuring cordless trimming, the Makita XRU02Z Cordless String Trimmer has a cutting capacity of 10 1/2 -inches and a no-load speed of 7,800 RPMs. Using an 18-volt LXT lithium-ion battery, this cordless string trimmer only weighs 6.4 pounds including a battery. It also includes a 180-degree head that rotates and features five positions and a loop handle that you can adjust.

Low Maintenance

The Makita XUR02Z Cordless String Trimmer is always ready to go to work. It also features reduced maintenance and zero emissions, so you won’t have to worry about oil or gas. This is a versatile string trimmer that includes a telescoping shaft that you can adjust the length on along with a motor that gives you 7,800 RPMs for faster performance and cutting speed.

Easy Assembly

Easy to assemble, the working posture spool on the Makita XRU02Z Cordless String Trimmer has an improved reinforced bump and feed button, plus it’s easy to rewind and attach. This unit is engineered to stop the motor automatically and will notify you when you need to recharge the battery. It also has an ergonomic design that is balanced well and features less weight, plus the compact size of this trimmer is perfect for edging and trimming.


Overall, users were pretty happy with the Makita XRU027. The biggest problem reviewed was difficulty with the string feeder and rewinding.


This well-balanced trimmer has a compact and ergonomic design. The Makita XRU02Z Cordless String Trimmer includes a telescoping shaft that lets you adjust the tool’s length to give you the best cutting position. Plus, this design offers less weight making it well-balanced making it a great choice for edging and trimming.

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  • It’s easy to put together
  • This unit will tell you when to recharge its battery
  • It is well-balanced and compact
  • The string feeder is a horrible feature

Makita XRU12Z Brushless Cordless Blower – Best Run Time

Makita XRU12Z

Offering less maintenance and long tool life, the Makita XRU12Z Brushless Cordless Blower is perfect for edging and trimming. This blower also offers low noise and zero emissions making it a great choice for any type of yard work. Equipped with an efficient motor, this blower can give you up to 6, 000 RPM, which allows for faster cutting.

Three-Speed Settings

The Makita XRU12Z Brushless Cordless Blower can shift automatically to speeds between 4,000 and 6,000 RPM, which will depend on the terrain’s density. Equipped with three-speed settings, this cordless blower lets you fit the speed of the unit to the project you are using it for. This bump and feed trimmer is easy to load and includes a reverse rotation, which makes it easy to clear out the head fast of entangled weeds and grass.

Fast Charge Times

Engineered to improve operation when working in harsh working conditions, this cordless blower channels dust and water from important internal parts. using a lithium-ion battery has a fast charge time, so you spend less time on the charger and more time working. It also uses Star Protection Computer Controls lets the battery and the tool exchange data and monitors the trimmers working conditions to help protect it from overheating and overloading.


Some users were not impressed with the performance of the Makita XRU12Z when it came to overgrown yards. Others commented that while it had sufficient power for most jobs, it didn’t give you the same amount of power you see in a gas trimmer.

Extended Run Time

Overall, the Makita XRU12Z Brushless Cordless Blower can deliver up to 6, 000 RPM. It also includes an Automatic Torque Drive Technology mode that shifts the RPMs automatically for added power or an extended run time. Plus, the three-speed control options allow you to fit the speed of the blower to the activity you are participating in.

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  • It has three-speed options to choose from
  • This is not a very noisy blower
  • It cuts quickly and gets the job done
  • It doesn’t work well with overgrown weeds and grass
  • This blower doesn’t have the same power that you see in a gas trimmer

Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower – Best Blower for Yard Work

Makita XRU12SM1

Featuring low noise and zero emissions, the Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower is a great tool when you need to tackle an overgrown yard. Efficient and offering a long run time, this string trimmer is perfect for edging and trimming. It also uses an efficient charger with a battery that charges quickly in just 40 minutes.

With increased speed and power, the Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower gives you up to 6,000 RPMs providing faster cutting. The included Automatic Torque Drive Technology can shift automatically from 4,000 to 6,000 RPM depending on the application’s density. It also has three-speed options that can fit the speed needed for the job.

Overheating Protection

Equipped with a protective seal, the Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower has a protective seal inside the blower and has a design that improves operation when used in harsh working conditions. With fast charge times, this blower uses Star Protection, which is a technology that communicates between the battery and Star Protection tool to monitor conditions and exchange data to protect against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.


Some users were not that impressed with the power on the Makita XRU12SM1 when using it for yard work. There were also comment about internal issues like a wobbly shaft that can be annoying.

Speed Control

This brushless cordless blower is perfect for edging and precision trimming. The Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower also includes three-speed control and is a great choice when dealing with overgrown yards. It also offers increased speed and power that can also adjust to fit the speed you need for the project you are working on.

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  • It is a great option for trimming and edging
  • You can adjust the speed to match what you are doing
  • It protects against dangerous overheating and overloading
  • It is not very powerful
  • The shaft is a little wobbly

Comparison Table

Makita Combo Kit XT286SM1
Power Source: Battery-Powered

Dimensions: 37 x 15.5 x 7 inches

Weight: 18.96 pounds

Makita Cordless Blower XRU15Z
Power Source: Battery-Powered

Dimensions: 7.09 x 72.84 x 8.78 inches

Weight: 11 pounds

Makita String Trimmer XRU02Z
Power Source: Battery-Powered

Dimensions: 5.16 x 19.13 x 13.27 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

Makita Cordless Blower XRU12Z
Power Source: Battery-Powered

Dimensions: 7.95 x 37.8 x 7.8 inches

Weight: 9.18 pounds

Makita Cordless Blower XRU12SM1
Power Source: Battery-Powered

Dimensions: 7.95 x 37.8 x 7.8 inches

Weight: 12.07 pounds

Considerations When Choosing a String Trimmer

How Does a String Trimmer Work?

A string trimmer is one of the essential landscaping tools. Putting the finishing touches on a well-manicured lawn, a string trimmer cuts back weeds and grass around trees and edges as well as other areas that are hard to reach using a lawnmower.

Why Do You Need a String Trimmer?

When you want to remove weeds and grass in tight spaces, you will need to use a string trimmer. Featuring a compact head, a string trimmer easily reaches these hard to reach areas allowing you to keep your lawn well-manicured and level. A string trimmer can also be used to remove weeds and grass that grows through cracks in the sidewalk, driveways, and other areas that are paved.

Who Should Buy a String Trimmer?

Also called a weed wacker, a string trimmer complements the lawnmower and adds nice, finished edges to your lawn. While a lawnmower is used in a wide-open area, a string trimmer is meant to be used where a lawnmower can’t go and to clean up your lawn’s edges. It is particularly helpful for tight spots under a hedge, steep inclines, narrow paths, and close areas near a tree, lamppost, walls, and fences.

A powerful and reliable yard tool, a string trimmer helps with weed clearing and clean up after you mow. You want to look for a string trimmer that is durable enough for occasionally regular use and powerful enough to use on thick weeds, grass, and shrubs.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right String Trimmer?

It is important to give your law the best possible care. You want something durable, precise, and powerful. If you are looking for a convenient model, many battery-powered string trimmer models don’t require a lot of maintenance and are easy to use.

Features to Look for in a String Trimmer

Type of Engine

The engine type is a huge factor when considering a string trimmer. Dictating a lot of your other choices, the engine type can be either electric or gas-powered.

An electric string trimmer can either be battery-powered or use a cord. This type of string trimmer tends to be less powerful, although there are many models to choose from that vary in total output and degree of torque. A battery-powered string trimmer will give you the most mobility, but it will also need to be charged frequently. A corded model will limit your mobility to the area surrounding the electrical outlet.

Gas-powered string trimmers are larger and more powerful, which makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications. However, they can be more expensive to maintain when you consider the gas they require. They are also noisier and put out emissions.

Remember that it’s important to choose the best engine type that suits your yard’s size and the resources you have to power the string trimmer.

Feed System

The feed system is the mechanism that controls how much of the string is fed out the head. There are two main types of feed systems that include the bump feed and the automatic feed.

The bump feed requires you to press on the guard to manually release the line. Providing more control on the amount of line use, the bump feed is handy if you know what you are doing. This is a system that will also raise the chances of damaging the string trimmer since you have to use a little force during operation.

The automatic feed automatically feeds the line as you work. Typically, these systems use the spinning line’s centrifugal force when releasing more of the line as it begins to wear down. However, you won’t have to do anything special to continue to trim, but these systems are often hard to fix when they break, plus you don’t get the same amount of control.

Cutting Width

The cutting width is measured in inches and refers to the area that a string trimmer can cut down grass properly without you having to move the trimmer at all. A large cutting width is a great benefit since it doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part. Ideal for large yards or getting the job done faster, remember that the cutting width does not make a string trimmer more efficient or effective. In comparison, a small cutting width is typically easier to control. The size of the cutting width is really a personal preference and is determined by your yard’s size, your physical ability, and your personal comfort level.

Safety Features

Safety is always an important consideration when choosing a power tool. Most of the string trimmers on the market have a lot of great safety features to keep you safe. Always look for a safety guard that surrounds the head. It can also include smaller guards that are intended for users that have a high level of experience when operating a string trimmer. Just make sure that the string trimmer doesn’t require that you come too close to the head during operation to use a special feature.

Size and Weight

It’s always important to consider the size and weight when purchasing a yard tool since you want to make sure you can handle it. If you aren’t very tall, you will want to avoid large yard tools that can be hard to handle. This is also true if you have physical disabilities, joint problems, or are older. The weight and shaft length should be listed on the trimmer, so you will be able to determine if the size is appropriate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you clean and maintain a string trimmer?

Each time you are done using your string trimmer, wipe down and clean all the blades and the body. You should focus on the areas that can trap dirt and grass. Always swap out blades and string when they become blunt or break from wear and tear to guarantee a long lifespan.

Can you use a string trimmer for weeding?

It all depends on if the trimmer has enough power. You can always use it for some weeding, but avoid branches and hard twigs that could damage the trimmer.

What safety measures should you follow when using a string trimmer?

Make sure you wear a good quality pair of goggles to keep your eyes protected from debris that could fly up and damage your eyes. You should also get a nice pair of work gloves for basic protection.


With all the options and models on the market, finding the right string trimmer can be daunting. knowing the reputation and quality of a company like Makita makes it easier to trust that the product you are buying will work well and last you a long time. When you consider your needs and your yard’s requirements, it makes it easier to determine which Makita string trimmer you need to ensure easy and flawless lawn maintenance.

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