Machines of all kinds help make our lives a lot easier, but they themselves must be worked on to function properly. A key component to their operation is a proper amount of lubricant around the moving parts, such as joints and fittings. Grease guns make this easy but due to lots of designs, finding the right one for your intended purpose could take some time.

The info below aims to help you find the perfect grease gun, one that isn’t hard to use, is easy to maintain and works as expected. Read the reviews for each product, then follow up with the Buyer’s Guide to pinpoint which type and brand align with your preferences.

Top 10 Best Grease Guns

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun (DCGG571M1) – Best for Heavy-Duty Lubrication

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun (DCGG571M1) - Best for Heavy-Duty Lubrication<

The Dewalt DCGG571M1 is a cordless grease gun that’s battery operated. There are several advantages here, but the one you’ll see first is its performance with zerk fittings. Never will you find yourself fidgeting to feed grease into valves, or whatever else you’re lubricating.

High psi with Great Handling

Of course, this assumes you’re using zerks with bearings in them, which is recommended. The second advantage is the battery itself. Dewalt batteries are proprietary but are usually compatible with a majority of products manufactured by the company. That means you and use any battery under the same brands, just as long as it’s 20 volts.

You’ll get up to 16 cartridges emptied before needing to charge the battery again. That’s more than enough for most people, especially when lubricating one-off tasks. The DCGG571M1 is suitable for lubricating heavy-duty machinery, or moving parts that aren’t greased regularly. The psi is sufficient for pushing fresh grease into the toughest of fittings.

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  • Zerk fitting hardly ever builds up lubricant when feeding
  • Long battery life
  • Functional bleed valve that purges air as expected
  • At times, the pressure could cause grease to come out of the top portion of the gun, instead of the nozzle

Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun – Best for First-Time Users

Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun - Best for First-Time Users

Manual grease guns are very popular, and the Lumax LX-1152 makes it easy to see why. Its pistol-grip design is familiar but easy for beginners to pick up on. Looking for something operable with only one hand? This is as good as it gets. Just make sure everything’s tightened, and leaks will be kept to a minimum.

How to Prevent Leaks

While the handle’s coating might look a little thin in the product description’s photos, it’s anything but. You’ll never lose grip of it, even if things get a bit messy. But the gasket does a decent job of mitigating leaks; just ensure that the grease tube is tightly screwed on. Let the pull rod handle the rest. As a preventative method, be sure to store it in a plastic bag unless the grease canister is emptied.

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  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Handle never gets slippery, regardless of how long that it’s held
  • Blocks unwanted discharges with the pull rod
  • Leaks could happen after using the grease gun, though minimal

Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun – Best for Hard-to-Reach Lubricating

Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun - Best for Hard-to-Reach Lubricating

Third in line is the Lincoln 1162, a pneumatic grease gun with good pressure and even better durability. The trigger and handle are comfortable to hold, especially when working in areas where there’s poor visibility.

A nozzle protector is included, which also serves to reduce dirt in getting inside when you’ve got it stored. The air bleed on top of the grease tube keeps air pockets from making their way toward the nozzle, reducing the amount of time you spend stopping to adjust zerks during lubrication.

Flexible Hose

The hose featured with the 1162 measures 30 inches. Very flexible, it bends well in small crevices so you can lubricate without turning the handle at awkward angles. For people that aren’t used to lubricating with a pneumatic gun, watching an informational video online is suggested. Instructions for preparing the gun don’t cover directions for using the air valve well. Besides this tiny hiccup, there’s nothing controversial about the Lincoln 1162 itself.

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  • Built to withstand heavy-duty use
  • Long hose that doesn’t brittle or chip when stored in dry environments
  • Comes with a nozzle protector and retainer, preventing it from getting dirty when put away
  • Air bleed to stave off discharge
  • Poor user manual (better to watch instructional video, especially for beginners)

Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Best for Fast Priming

Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun - Best for Fast Priming

Similar to its sister product on the list, the Lincoln 1134 has a pistol grip design but subcategorized as a manual grease gun. It has a bit of weight and is not prone to damages. This is the sort of grease gun that’ll stay in your garage for years to come. But the body alone isn’t the selling point.

Two Useful Accessories Included

Accessories wise, the 1134 is outstanding. It comes with an 18-inch whip hose and a six-inch rigid extension. But have their uses, with the rigid extension ideal for easy-to-reach fittings that won’t require a long tube to grease down.

The short length makes lubricating work for an abundant amount of fittings much faster to treat this way. You’ll spend less time screwing on the coupling, and the grease has a shorter length to travel. Attaching a zerk to the coupler could prove annoying, however. For lubricating that necessitates zerks, save them for last to avoid any frustrations.

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  • Heavy; feels durable and expensive
  • Fast priming time
  • Grease doesn’t cake on the nozzle
  • Rigid grease coupler is firmly attached to the zerk, and is hard to take off

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Best Coupling Accessory

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun - Best Coupling Accessory

The GreaeTek Premium is accessorized to the fullest, keeping you from having to shop for additional supplies to use the grease gun. An extension pipe and hose are featured, the former containing a coupler housed in the front. Handling is on point and to the level that you would expect a standard grease gun to perform.

Easy One-Hand Operation

It’s slightly abrasive to the touch, well suited for people that like to use grease guns with a bare hand. The pistol rod stays secure once set, never leaking grease from the bottom end. However, the gasket seepage could occur around the air valve, most of which seems to occur when the gun is stored. To prevent this, consider removing the cartridge if you know that it won’t be used again for some time.

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  • Good spring strength
  • Handle grips the hand, even if when there’s a bit of grease on it
  • Includes hose and extension pipe
  • Must be stored in a plastic bag, due to leaking]
  • The flexible coupling is tightly fastened to the grease fitting

Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun – Best No-Leak Grease Gun

Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun - Best No-Leak Grease Gun

The Astro Pneumatic Tool is recommended for small lubricating jobs. Looking at the physical makeup of the product, it differs a bit from conventional grease guns, having no attached hose. You could connect one, but this isn’t featured with the product itself. No grease should ever come out of the back, which translates into less waste. The vacuum pump pushes grease towards the front well, not relying on an interior spring mechanism.

Lubricate All Manner of Tools

Take a look at the nozzle. It has the shape of a blunt needle. This is useful for lubricating objects other than heavy machineries, such as bike chains, ball bearings, and lawn equipment. Add it to your tool collection if you’re keen on having fittings of varied shapes greased in an efficient manner that won’t take all day to work on.

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  • Unconventional mechanics keep grease from leaking from the sides, keeping it clean and dry
  • Uses a vacuum pump to force grease toward the nozzle, instead of a spring
  • Has a needle-tipped nozzle that opens up its use for greasing objects other than zerk fittings
  • Must be filed at the tip upon arrival, as there’s no hole for grease to discharge (a 2 millimeter holes is recommended for this model)

STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Best Plunger Control

STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun - Best Plunger Control

The SteinBrucke Bravex Grease Gun is another manual pistol grip, built well with no loose fittings throughout its design. There’s a coupler provided, strong enough for you to avoid buying an additional one as a backup. Sure, you can if you would like, but the one that’s attached will suffice for a while. Plunger leaks are rare, or will never happen.

Fewer Leaks

Unlike cheap grease guns that leak from the bottom of the piston rod over time, all grease stays at the top cylinder’s top. Try out for any of your lubricating purposes, whether they be at home or on the job. The product is made in Bangladesh and comes with instructions that might not be as thorough as you would expect. Unless you’re completely in the dark on operating a grease gun, give it a shot.

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  • The coupler stays firmly attached to the fittings; never comes off on its own
  • The plunger will never leak or seep in areas where it’s not supposed to, both inside and externally
  • Built for a multitude of uses, both in industrial settings and home usage
  • Poorly-instructed manual

Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun – Best Hose Accessory

Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun - Best Hose Accessory

The Milwaukee 2646-22CT is the second cordless grease gun featured. It’s best for people that wish to automate the lubricating process to a higher degree than what’s possible with a pistol grip. The hose is very strong yet surprisingly flexible, taking away the need to move around when lubricating in narrow areas.

Good Accessories

It’s particularly suitable for people who work on automobiles, and the small framing never feels like it’s in the way. A hard case is provided, easily carrying all parts shown in its description. A battery comes with it, though it loses power pretty fast. Charging won’t take too long, but there’s only one. If you choose the 2646-22CT over the Dewalt shown earlier, get another battery to have as a backup.

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  • Fast pumping action
  • Good hose quality; doesn’t loosen from the nozzle
  • Has a light built into the grease gun; ideal for lubricating hard-to-reach and inconspicuous spots
  • Weak battery dies out after pumping five or six grease tubes

LockNLube Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun – Best for Home Use

LockNLube Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun - Best for Home Use

The LockNLube Pro has a simple pistol grip design, pushing out the grease at a maximum of 8,000 psi. Fittings are well-made, not the cheap kind that other manufacturers like to bundle with their grease guns. The nipple top is built to block smears from getting on wherever you store it, but leakage could still happen if you’re not careful to keep everything tightened.

Pivot Design

Do a quality control to all connectors before and after every use, and leaks should never be seen. Make use of it for the swivel design. This turns the base is a 360-degree angle for those fittings placed in blind spots. No couplers or zerks are given, be sure to acquire one when choosing this LockNLube.

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  • High-quality nipple top blocks smears and keeps the front end clean
  • Spins in a complete circle, thanks to the swivel design of the grease gun’s base
  • Never leaks with regular tightening around the openings
  • Heavy leakage unless connectors are tight

Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Best Zerk Compatibility

Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun - Best Zerk Compatibility

The Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip concludes the list with a simple, easy-to-hold trigger and handle. Lubricate in narrow spaces of all kinds with this, you’ll be happy to have it around. Working alongside the plunger, its gasket at the top of the cylinder is strong, holding on pressure well and never leaking from the sides.

Good Pressure and Control

Volume and pressure control is easy here. Control the flow rate by squeezing the trigger harder or softer, depending on the amount of pressure exerted by the plunger. Its flex hose, while useful, doesn’t match the unit’s max psi. Buy a replacement if you want a bit more pressure than what the included hose can handle.

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  • Ideal for cramped zerk fittings, thanks to the pressurized toggle
  • Seal leakage is rare; the plunger does a great job of keeping grease moving in the direction of the nozzle
  • Pistol-grip operation that allows the user to add more pressure or volume of grease to zerks
  • Flex hose is 6900 psi, yet the gun itself has a rating of 7500 psi

Comparison Table

Dewalt DCGG571M1
Max PSI: 10,000

Type: Cordless

Hose Length: 42 inches

Dimensions: 23.5 x 4.31 x 13.38 inches

Weight: 14.8 Pounds

Lumax LX-1152
Max PSI: 7,000

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 18 inches

Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 2.5 Pounds

Lincoln LIN1162
Max PSI: 6,000

Type: Pistol Grip (Pneumatic)

Hose Length: 30 inches

Dimensions: 17.25 x 7.5 x 3 inches

Weight: 5.6 Pounds

Lincoln LIN1134
Max PSI: 7,500

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 18 inches

Dimensions: 7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 3.9 Pounds

GreaseTek 910100
Max PSI: 4,000

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 18 inches

Dimensions: 13.5 x 5 x 2.25 inches

Weight: 2.65 Pounds

Astro APT-101
Max PSI: 2,900

Type: Pistol Grip (Pneumatic)

Hose Length: Hose not included

Dimensions: 9 x 5.25 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 10.4 ounces

Max PSI: 7,000

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 18 inches

Dimensions: 15 x 5.5 x 3 inches

Weight: 3.59 Pounds

Milwaukee 2646-22CT
Max PSI: 10,000

Type: Cordless

Hose Length: 48 inches

Dimensions: 4.9 x 24.5 x 13 inches

Weight: 18.1 Pounds

LockNLube LNL252
Max PSI: 8,000

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 20 inches

Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 3 inches

Weight: 3.59 Pounds

Alemite 555-E
Max PSI: 7,500

Type: Pistol Grip (Manual)

Hose Length: 18 inches

Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 4 inches

Weight: 0.010 ounces

Grease Gun – Buyer’s Guide

How do Grease Guns Work?

Grease guns use pressure to feed lubricating grease into fittings. This is done manually with a pistol grip, or with a cordless gun that’s battery-operated. When using a manual, the grease must be primed before lubricating.

It’s done by opening the cylinder, inserting a grease canister before screwing it back on, and then pumping air out of a bleeder. The bleeder is also called an air valve. Simply using the trigger with the plunger pulled down, until grease is seen at the valve’s tip. Once that’s done, you’re ready to begin lubricating.

Why are Grease Guns Needed?

Ask any mechanical engineer and they’ll tell you that machines must be built to flex and move and joints. These moving parts are what keeps things from breaking under tension.

But for this to work like normal, the fittings around the joint must be properly lubricated. Grease guns are used for this, forcing grease into moving parts and preventing them from rusting inside. No matter at home or work, machines of varied sizes need lubrication.

Why to Buy a Grease Gun

A grease gun is built for moving machine parts to work over a long period without breaking down from rust and stress. With one, all of your home tools such as lawn equipment, generators, garage appliances, and even automobiles could potentially have their life extended from being properly lubricated. As for mechanics, you’re likely already dependent on grease guns.

How to Distinguish the Good from The Bad (and Why It’s Important)

Cheaply-made grease guns are a dime a dozen. Finding one for a quick one-off job is easy but it could take a bit more knowledge to acquire a gun that’s built to last for years. Online, the easiest way to tell the difference between a poor-functioning grease gun from one that’s superior is their weight and psi.

Anything that’s over 2000 psi will be generally well-suited for at least general-purpose lubricating, but get one that’s high in psi when heavy machinery with difficult-to-reach fittings need greasing.

Looking at the Specs

Even with psi and a heavy build, you should also pay attention to other specifications when shopping for a grease gun. This can include type, number of accessories, and extension pipe length. Longer pipe length is easier to lubricate within confined spaces, but a grease gun may also have a rigid extension, useful for numerous fittings/valves that must be done with haste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Get a Cordless Grease Gun if I Have a Battery That’s Made by The Same Manufacturer?

This is entirely up to you, though some grease guns might include only one battery that drains fast. Get a manual if you’re not sure, but a cordless (that’s the same brand as your battery if rated well) for heavy-duty lubricating.

How many lubricants Must I Use for A Fitting?

Most fittings are designed in a way that makes it easy to tell when you’ve got enough lubricant inside. Just pull the trigger until you see it begin to seep out of the fitting’s other end.

How To Properly Store a Grease Gun?

Unless your grease gun comes with a case, you should store it in a plastic bag to prevent dirt and dust from clinging to its surface. But if you’re cleaning the gun after every use, storing outside of a bag is possible, assuming that the gun doesn’t leak.


It’s hard to say what grease gun is the best, since they’re all able to lubricate well, and with good pressure. Get a cordless one when longevity is of concern, or if you don’t want to worry about priming and heavy leaks. The Dewalt DCGG571M1 reviewed in number one is swell, as is the second pistol grip that follows it, the Lumax LX-1152.

The rest are useful as well, but base your decision on their comparison to the first two (and of course, your preferences). But when all is said and done, you’re in good hands regardless of which of the ten you end up with.

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