Trying to drive a screw with a simple tool is time-consuming at best, and painful at worst. Some people can’t use ordinary screwdrivers, either through their being disabled or swearing them off from frustration. Then there’s the risk of stripping, a common occurrence that damages the screw and makes it nearly impossible to get out.

Electric screwdrivers solve most of the issues found in hand-operated drivers. They’re battery-powered, some containing enough RPM and torque for use as a drill alternative. There are ten popular electric screwdrivers reviewed below, with brands made for home fixtures and others suited for electronics, including smartphone repair. Have a look at each, then choose according to your needs.

Top 10 Electric Screwdrivers


NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver – Best Driver Bits

NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver - Best Driver Bits

The NoCry Electric Screwdriver comes with a set of bits, though no carrying case is available. Aside from the lack of storage accessories, it’s still a great product, one with 7.2 volts of power and 230 RPM.

While that might not seem like a lot, remember that most electric screwdrivers harbor fewer rotations than this, averaging between 100 to 200. The boost is easy to notice when pulling the trigger of the NoCry for the first time. It also works well for sinking in screws. You won’t find yourself touching up what you work on from the screws being too loose.

Battery and Charging

Use the battery indicator to your advantage. It’s very precise and won’t go dead when it reads high. Charging takes about 45 minutes and gives you an hour of battery life with nonstop use.

Magnetized bits are a great perk, specifically when aiming the screwdriver in a downward position. That might be difficult to do with the NoCry since there are no magnetized components around the tip of the chuck. It might not fall out in most instances, but the possibility is there.

Use the NoCry for its fast speed and high voltage. If you can, buy a separately-sold carrying case to go with it and you’ll have a tool that lasts for many years.

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  • Good variety of bits and extensions
  • Its speed is controlled by how hard the trigger is pressed down with the fingers
  • The battery indicator is precise
  • Holding for a long time may cause the wrists to tire out
  • No magnetized bits

SALEM MASTER Cordless Screwdriver – Best for Power

SALEM MASTER Cordless Screwdriver - Best for Power

The Salem Master looks about the same as any other electric screwdriver. But there are unique features regarding the way it operates. One might not be easy for you to notice until it’s turned on. Looking at the trigger, you’ll find two indicators, one for forward and the other for reverse.

How it Handles

Most electric screwdrivers are identical to power drills, having the reverse switch separate from the trigger and built near the side of the handle. But building it into the trigger allows for faster position altering. Depending on what you’re working with, this may drastically improve the speed at which you finish a project.

Don’t worry too much about noise emanating from this tool. It makes noise but is low enough to prevent unwanted disturbances to anyone in the vicinity of your work area.

If something were to happen to the batteries, take note that you won’t be able to replace them, they must be replaced with the manufacturer. There’s a two-year warranty given at purchase, a good enough time period for battery malfunctions to arise if they exist.

Try out the Salem Master for its strong motor, low noise pollution, and fast trigger switching. It has good quality bits and can even drill through some objects, such as woods that aren’t too dense.

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  • Strong enough to drill
  • If pointed at a downward angle, the secured bit won’t fall out of the chuck
  • Quiet enough to use without interrupting others nearby
  • Non-replacable batteries
  • Not meant for operating in cramped spaces

Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 Electric Screwdriver – Best for Laptop Repair

Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 Electric Screwdriver - Best for Laptop Repair

Not everyone requires an electric screwdriver for cabinets or upholstery. Maybe there’s a smartphone lying around that you’ve been meaning to change the battery on, or even a laptop or PC that needs an HDD replacement. In these cases, you’ll want a screwdriver with precision bits.

The Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 has more than enough to work on your home electronics. Open the backs of Android phones, change out circuit boards, and remove fans for cleaning.

Size Advantages

The driver itself is about the size of a large ballpoint pen. There are LED lights in the front, letting you see what you’re working on. As anyone that has experience with electronics repairs can attest, seeing what you’re doing is crucial to solving a problem. You don’t want to damage something by mistake. More light illuminating the intricate parts being handled greatly reduces that risk.

As you screw, you’re bound to come to a point where you learn firsthand that the torque isn’t sufficient enough to move some screws without manual assistance. You can try turning the body of the driver, but this defeats its purpose in some ways. It won’t happen on most tasks but could, especially if they’re slightly corroded.

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  • Has an unconventional shape that’s easy to hold
  • Stays on for about eight hours before needing to be charge
  • Has 56 bits, many of them suitable for repairing electronics
  • The motor isn’t powerful enough to budge screws that are tight without manual assistance
  • No torque or speed adjustments

VIGRUE Electric Screwdriver – Best for Travel

VIGRUE Electric Screwdriver - Best for Travel

The Vigrue Screwdriver looks nice with the pink plastic exterior. If you have other tools with the same theme, they’ll fit them well.

The case follows the same color, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is a frail toy. Parts are strong and durable. Place it in the case when you’re done working and no water will ever penetrate the edges. It’s completely waterproof and safe for storage in semi-outdoor locations like open garages.

Suggested Uses

Sockets and bits are provided with the screwdriver set. Use indoors or outside if you wish, there’s a DC adapter for your vehicle included. Charging takes about 50 minutes to reach full, though the battery could be better.

Even with 200 RPM, the battery will go out between 30-40 minutes. Always have a charging station nearby when you know that the anticipated work with go over this time. It virtually eliminates the need for a manual screwdriver if you can keep a power source nearby.

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  • The case is strong and prevents all moisture and dirt from getting inside, even if left in an outdoor setting
  • Has enough bits and sockets to screw small appliances and larger pieces of furniture
  • Comes with DC and AC power adapter
  • Its speed is inconsistent with its battery life, which is short
  • Low-quality drill bits

Hi-Spec Electric Power – Best for Ease of Handling

Hi-Spec Electric Power - Best for Ease of Handling

The Hi-Spec runs at 4.8 volts and has 180 RPM. That’ll afford you the ability to move most screws into place in a hurry. If you like to work fast and have lots of carpentry and home fixture-related tasks to complete, it’ll be your new best friend.

Body Size

Don’t raise your expectations for tight cabinets ad other narrow spaces. The body is pretty thick and the handle doesn’t change positions. It’s lighter than it looks, weighing less than two pounds. A lanyard hangs from the handle’s tip, long enough to hook onto a utility belt. It’s a great tool for anyone with medium-duty work.

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  • The direction of rotation is controlled by pressing the trigger up and down
  • Lighter than it appears
  • Has a lanyard that hooks well to utility belts
  • Just a solid body with no adjustable handle
  • No carrying case provided

Pink Power 3.6 Volt Rechargeable Cordless – Best for Interior Decoration

Pink Power 3.6 Volt Rechargeable Cordless - Best for Interior Decoration

At first glance, the Pink Power looks something like a small Nerf gun. Its gatling-like shape contributes to this, though you can rest easy since it has no shooting capabilities. The slots are permanent storage areas for the bits featured with the screwdriver. Place one in the center when you need it, then move it back into the slot once the job is over.

Who it’s Useful For

It’s a good tool for people that are prone to losing things since there’s no additional storage container included. This could also be a turn-off for anyone needing something to carry the product in. But it works and features a rotating handle for cramped working conditions. Each product is made and produced in the USA with a three-year warranty.

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  • The head of the screwdriver holds a maximum of six variable bits, plus a socket slot
  • Lever included for adjusting wall decorations and frames
  • Rotating handle pivots to a straight shape
  • Other than what’s attached to the head, no additional bits are included
  • No case for storage

AsFrost Electric Screwdriver – Best for Torque Control

AsFrost Electric Screwdriver - Best for Torque Control

The AsFrost Screwdriver is another set with a case and multiple bits in one package. Battery power is great, keeping the machine powered for around an hour and 20 minutes. You can change torque by turning to chuck to the number you need. This slows or increases the power of the screws or nuts you turn.

What you Should Know

For stubborn screws, a higher number is better. The bits may fall out of the chuck’s tip when aiming it down. There are no magnets to help hold it into place. But if most of the work will be done from a level position, you should consider the AsFrost for purchase.

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  • The battery should last over an hour
  • Seven gears, seven torque variations
  • Multiple socket bits
  • The chuck does a poor job of locking the bits in, resulting in them falling out when the screwdriver is tipped
  • Take longer to do what stronger drivers could manage, not appropriate for construction duties

ONUEMP Mini Electric Precision Screwdriver – Best for Smartphone Repairs

ONUEMP Mini Electric Precision Screwdriver - Best for Smartphone Repairs

The Onuemp Mini is for hardware appliances, having 55 precision bits suited for various electronic parts. It makes repair jobs and installing replacement parts much easier than trying to do it with a tiny T-handle screwdriver. Just to note, there are bits for this series and a few smaller shapes.

How the LED Lights Help

Charging should take about 40 minutes to complete. The LED lights are bright and do a great job of helping you to stay on target. Don’t expect any torque adjustments here, there aren’t any. And placing the bits back into their designated positions is difficult since nothing indicates where they should go. But aside from these minute inconveniences, it does what it’s advertised to do.

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  • Useful for repairing or taking apart smartphones, laptops, PCs
  • Comes to a full charge in about 40 minutes
  • LED lights in the front allow the user to see details while operating
  • No torque adjustment
  • No indicators on the bit slots to indicate where to put them back once finished

WOTOW Mini Electric Screwdriver – Best for General Electronics Repairs

WOTOW Mini Electric Screwdriver - Best for General Electronics Repairs

The Wotow Mini is a precision screwdriver with a strong magnet on the tip. You can magnetize or de-magnetize any screws that you’re working with. The included tool for this helps when working with screws that are fixed to laptops and HDDs. Feel free to charge the battery as you work.

Power Limitations

Torque maxes out at 200 but it doesn’t seem to have the power to handle tightly-fastened screws very well, at least without resorting to manual screwing. But it remains a good tool to keep for DIY electronics repairs.

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  • Lots of precision bits that are perfect for DIY electronics repair
  • Charges and operates simultaneously
  • Has a magnetizer/de-magnetizer
  • Not strong enough to tighten screws from the torque alone
  • The case won’t protect the tool from moisture

TACKLIFE Cordless Screwdriver – Best for General-Purpose Repairs

TACKLIFE Cordless Screwdriver - Best for General-Purpose Repairs

The Tacklife Screwdriver is an all-around good tool for mid-duty work. You can use it around the home, or even as an alternative to other powerful screwing tools you may have in storage. As a standalone product, it’ll perform well for what you want it to do.

Exterior Features

There’s a rotating handle on its body, one that turns a full 180 degrees. Since that’s a half-circle, there’s enough movement to warp the tool to a straightened shape. After doing this, you’ll have better angling positions in areas that would’ve been hard to reach. Your cabinets, closets, and heavy furniture screws and bolts will now be accessible.

On the downside, there’s no padding around the handle. For anyone that’s used to handling power tools, this might not be of concern, particularly when wearing gloves. But if your hands are sensitive, it might be a good idea to break in between. That way, you can avoid any discomfort in the palms and fingers.

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  • The handle is adjustable to a maximum degree of 180 degrees
  • Powerful magnet along the chuck holds the bit in place, no movement during screwing
  • Has an extension bit that helps for screwing difficult to reach areas
  • No padding is built into the handle
  • The plastic exterior scratches and dents if dropped or hit with another dense object

Comparison Table – Electric Screwdriver

NoCry 10NM
Power: 7.2 Volts

Max RPM: 230

Power: 3.6 Volts

Max RPM: 180

Wowstick 1F+
Power: 3.7 Volts

Max RPM: 200

Power: 4 Volts

Max RPM: 200

Hi-Spec 26
Power: 4.8 Volts

Max RPM: 180

Pink Power
Power: 3.6 Vols

Max RPM: 200

Power: 3.6 Volts

Max RPM: 220

Power: 3.7 Volts

Max RPM: 150

Power: 3.7 Volts

Max RPM: 200

Power: 3.6 Volts;

Max RPM: 200

Buyer’s Guide – Electric Screwdrivers

How do Electric Screwdrivers Function?

You can think of an electric screwdriver as a normal one, but with a shortened bit and a motor attached. Most sold today are powered by lithium-ion batteries, though some might not be replaceable. They resemble a smaller form of a power drill, and some of them are strong enough to be used as one. Electric screwdrivers may contain a clutch on the chuck, which increases and lowers the power driver into the screw.

Why Should Electric Screwdrivers Be Used?

They by and large get rid of the frustrations of trying to repeatedly turn a handle left and right. Attempting this on lots of screws in one setting is very hard on the hands. Torx screwdrivers for electronics are even worse.

Their small dimensions and shortened handles can cause tiredness in the hands, and lead to damages on the screw’s base from being unable to see properly. Most electric screwdrivers have flashlights and enough RPM to save your fingers during work.

Who Would Electric Screwdrivers Help the Most?

Everyone from carpenters, construction workers, interior decorators, and DIY enthusiasts will find electric screwdrivers very useful. And when precision drivers are factored in, this includes people who prefer to make small electronics repairs on their own.

Tips for Choosing the Best Product

Electric screwdrivers come in different sizes. Pick one that has the right bits for the job you plan to carry out. If your primary focus is to work with upholstery or wall and door fixtures, the larger drivers are suggested. For cabinets and other tight spaces, get a product with a flexible handle. And for electronics, stick with the pen-sized screwdrivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can an electric screwdriver replace a drill?

For the most part, no. Although some brands might have the power to drill small holes, most aren’t built as a primary tool for drilling.

Are electric screwdrivers travel-friendly?

In your own transportation, the screwdrivers are great to travel with. For outdoor events, pick one that charges with DC power, if possible. When flying, taking it in your check-in luggage is a possibility. Inquire with your airline for more information.

Should torque and RPM be considered?

Torque is the power that your screwdriver outputs and RPM is the number of rotations it moves every minute. The higher both are, the more powerful your electric screwdriver will work. Heavy-duty work activities should pick the strongest. But as a home-use tool for small repairs, lower torque and RPM are fine.


If you’ve chosen an electric screwdriver from the list, remember to compare it with the others before you buy. Consider what you’re using it for and whether it might be better to get more than one for separate activities.

You could have one screwdriver for general-purpose repairs and another for your electronics. It’s a great feeling when upgrading from manual tools, and the electric screwdrivers shown are guaranteed to help you do so!

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