Principles for Successful Product Distribution

Think of your own purchasing habits. Would you consider going to one store for milk, another for eggs, and yet another for bread? Business purchases by dealers are very similar. In today’s market of tighter dollars, efficiency in purchasing makes good, sound business sense that positively affects the bottom line.

Effective distribution is, in essence, the matching of buyers and sellers. The goal then is to match as many buyers as possible to the sellers we represent. We do this through a process we refer to as synergistic marketing.

Synergistic Marketing

Synergy may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce results that cannot be obtained by any of the agents working independently. This is both an internal and an external process.

Internally, all our departments – Outside Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Purchasing, Warehouse, and Accounting – are working toward common sales performance goals and toward the most important goal of serving the customer well.

Externally, we leverage our multi-line strategy to become more valuable to our dealer-base by functioning as a one-stop shop, allowing dealers to place combined orders for a range of products and to save on shipping costs by combining orders for delivery from a single source.

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