Complete Sales & Service Support Network

Billiou’s offers the best value to manufacturers and dealers needing a strong sales & service network for consumer and commercial products.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales staff is well-trained in the execution of sales plans, whether the goal is to introduce a new product line or to maximize the market potential of existing lines. We offer complete customization and implementation with field, phone, mail, and electronic support.

We know the marketplace and we know our customer base. When you choose us, you put a company with 65 years of experience to work on the projects you need to succeed.

Customer Service

From order processing to problem solving, Customer Service isn’t just a department — it’s a way of doing business. Part of our corporate culture. Whether it be order entry, parts research, answering customer FAQ’s, or providing inside sales assistance, Billiou’s personnel are trained and motivated to provide the satisfying experience that keeps customers coming back. It’s not just customer service, at Billiou’s it’s customer satisfaction.

Logistics Management

You can’t sell if you can’t supply, and Billiou’s offers premium level warehousing, shipping, and inventory management. Our warehouse is designed for maximum efficiency, providing the lowest cost of operation and the highest level of fulfillment.

Billiou’s provides “next day” ground delivery to most major markets in California and Nevada, and within two days to Arizona.

A well-managed inventory providing great fill rates with adequate depth and breadth is maintained by continuous and consistent analysis of growing and declining sales trends in real time using the latest software and data interpretation techniques.

Technical Service & Warranty Administration

Billiou’s knows the equipment and knows factory policies and procedures. You can count on quick, knowledgeable answers to field service issues coupled with effective policy and procedure implementation and support.

Education & Training

We share what we know in programs designed to meet the needs of internal staff, dealers in the field, or customers in the marketplace. We take the knowledge “on the road” with travelling schools, workshops, and seminars for dealers and customers.


Channel Development

  • Penetrate new geographical territories
  • Reach more customers at a lower cost point
  • Penetrate specialized market segments that require particular skills or specialized knowledge
  • Test new markets with reduced levels of risk
  • Scale the sales operation very quickly in response to new or unexpected demand


“When we can identify a problem and face the problem with confidence and enthusiasm, the solution is on the way.”

– Zig Ziglar

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