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Certification – the Big Picture

In the United States today there are over 200 different certification categories from asbestos to zoology. Each category may have thousands or even tens of thousands of people certified. These professionals have found that becoming certified has brought value to their personal lives. The benefits are both personal and professional.

So why has our industry developed this certification program? Like other industries, the outdoor power equipment community recognizes that new, sophisticated equipment continues to be developed, and it needs qualified technicians to maintain and repair it. There has been no industry-wide method for measuring a technician’s skill level–until now. Most dealers will tell you that when they are looking to hire a new technician, certification is a highly respected credential and can make the difference when it comes to choosing the right person for the job.
Certification and You
The EETC recently conducted a survey of certified technicians and asked them, “Why did you become certified?” Here are their Top Ten Reasons:

  • Because I’m proud of what I do
  • Certification makes me feel like a professional
  • To improve my skills and abilities
  • To get national recognition
  • To gain the respect of other techs
  • Because my dealer offers salary increases for certification
  • In order to be eligible for promotion
  • To gain more credibility with distributors
  • To open up more job opportunities
  • It shows customers my commitment to service

You can see by these answers that becoming EETC certified is a plus no matter how you look at it. Although its value will be personal to your goals, you will be recognized by everyone in the power equipment industry for your achievement.

Getting Started

1. In order to keep the EETC certification tests secure and of value to you as an individual technician, all of our tests are given by a test administrator or proctor. Your first step is to find a proctor near you. There may be several different proctors in your area. You may contact any or all of them to arrange the best date, time, and location for you to take the test.

2. Complete the test registration form. Be sure to enter the test administrator’s name and information, the test date and time you have arranged, and send the fully completed form, along with payment, to the EETC Certification Center.

3. We strongly recommend that you order your study guide at the same time you send in your test registration form.

4. Study for your test. There are sample questions taken from the test in your study guide so that you can check yourself. The answers for the sample questions are in the back of the guide.

On Testing Day

1. Arrive 20 minutes early on the day of your test. This will give you time to sign in and receive instructions. You will have two hours to complete the test.

2. You will be allowed to use scratch paper for any mathematical calculations during the test. You will need to turn in these “scratch sheets” at the end of testing time.

3. You will not be allowed to use your study guide, calculator, or cheat sheets during the test period. All cellular telephones must be turned off and stored.

4. When you have completed your test, take the test booklet, score sheet, and any scratch paper and submit it to the test administrator/proctor. You may finish the test earlier than the two-hour time limit. Be respectful of other technicians while leaving the room.

Test Results

EETC Certified Technician Patch

1. You will receive notification of your test results in the mail within ten days.

2. If you have successfully passed the test, you will receive a certificate, patch, and chevron along with a congratulatory letter.

3. If you are unsuccessful in passing the test, you will receive a letter outlining the areas of the test that will need improvement. You can re-take the test by contacting the test administrator/proctor to arrange a date, time, and location. You will need to complete a new registration form and indicate on the form that you are re-testing.

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