What's New in BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

The new generation of BOB-CAT® mowers is designed with a difference you can feel, from the time you set foot on the vibration-isolated footplate to when you settle into the supportive best-in-class seat. No numbing vibration or bobble-head rides. Simple controls. Easy-access maintenance. And mowers you can rely on for a great cut hour after hour, day after day.

While others continue to add complications disguised as innovations, BOB-CAT® continues to focus on smart mowing solutions that never stop moving your business to success!


Superior Ride Comfort with ISO-Ride™ and Custom Operator Zone

BOB-CAT Operator ComfortSit down and make yourself comfortable. From best-in-class seat design to vibration dampening and stretch-out leg room, the new BOB-CAT® ISO-Ride™ comfort system keeps operators fresh and productive over the longest days. The custom operator zone lets you adjust to higher productivity and makes BOB-CAT® a perfect fit for any operator.

  • Elastomeric fabric seat suspension to isolate vibration and absorbs shock for a better all-day ride
  • Elastomeric radial bearings isolate against shock and vibration
  • Vibration isolators help prevent fatigue and numbness in feet and legs
  • Operator position lowered by 2" to provide a more stable center of gravity, better balance, improved traction and handling
  • Restyled and improved motion control levers yield more legroom and provide smoother control

The Custom Operator Zone lets you adjust to higher productivity and makes BOB-CAT® a perfect fit for any operator.

  • Improved, intuitive controls
  • Adjustable armrests are a perfect fit for any size
  • On-the-fly tracking allows fine-tuning for easy straight line operations
  • One-hand height selector with fingertip control
  • 4-position hydraulic dampeners are adjustable to provide a smooth, responsive feel
  • Quick-lift assist adjusts deck quickly for uninterrupted cutting; can be mounted on left or right side
  • Simple, one-hand height selector offering fingertip control

ISO-Ride™ comfort system and customer operator zone features are standard on all Predator-Pro™ and ProCat™ zero turn mowers.


Extreme Discharge System Design with DuraDeck™ Sets the Standard

BOB-CAT Discharge SystemSetting the standard for discharge design, the Extreme Discharge system allows you to produce a world-class cut on all types of turf. Providing unparalleled clipping dispersal and preventing scalping and damage to turf, the DuraDeck™ helps you take charge and get the job done right. Equipped with a new resilient molded rubber discharge chute, BOB-CAT® keeps you moving forward.

  • Better cuts in sparse, tall, wet or lush grass
  • Deck openings up to 30 percent wider for smooth, more even dispersal of clippings
  • Innovative chute design that controls airflow to improve clipping dispersal and help prevent clumping
  • Up to seven adjustable anti-scalp rollers to prevent scalping and damage to turf at all corners, front and rear center
  • Resilient molded rubber chute to resist hard knocks
  • Adjustable cutting range from 1 to 5½ inches in quarter-inch increments
  • Easily adjust deck height with one hand


Built for Easy Maintenance

BOB-CAT Easy AccessWe engineered the new BOB-CAT® to make life a little easier. Heavy-gauge steel decks help it withstand whatever the terrain dishes out. New modular design means fewer parts to inventory. And for routine maintenance, quick and easy access equals less downtime. That may make this the mower of the year.

  • Quick access to belts, filter, battery and hydraulic reservoir
  • Single-belt deck drive and improved electric clutch
  • Sealed, maintenance-free bearings on deck spindles and caster wheels
  • Flat-free caster wheel assemblies


Peace of Mind with Industry Best Warranties

BOB-CAT Peace of MindBOB-CAT® gives you peace of mind with the best mower warranties in the industry. Whether you are purchasing a mower for commercial or residential use, there is a warranty option available to you.

  • Predator-Pro, ProCat, and FastCat Pro models are available with a 2-year / 2,000 hour warranty or a 5-year / 500 hour warranty for commercial or residential use
  • Predator-Pro and ProCat models carry a Lifetime Warranty on the deck, deck cradle, and engine deck.
  • All BOB-CAT mowers (except FastCat RZ) are backed by a 2-year commercial limited warranty.
  • FastCat RZ models include a 3-year residential warranty.

Learn more about BOB-CAT mower warranties. Or see your dealer for details.

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