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Do You Need to Increase Your Market Share?

Palms GreenBilliou's has proven repeatedly its ability to do that through a primary focus on dealer development and leveraging our individual relationships with our dealer base, using the synergistic efforts of strong cooperative support to strengthen the path from manufacturer to consumer and outpace the competition.

The reality is that we have experience with increasing sales from marginal to massive in one to seven years. During discussions we can show you how we increased major lines from $100K to multi-million dollar profit centers. Let us do the same for you through an effective and mutually beneficial partnership.

Dealers have come to trust the lead and foresight Billiou's has shown in an ever-changing industry. Because of that trust and mutual respect, the creation of renewed dealer channels takes place at a quicker rate, and a robust pipeline supply is grown in a relatively short time.

This effective pipeline is the key to rapid deployment of a product base in an emerging marketplace. With Billiou's support, dealers quickly gain the strategies proven to succeed in the unique Western US market. Let a strong dealer base 60 years in the making go to work for you today and start seeing results you'll appreciate.


Billiou’s knows that manufacturers and dealers require the support of a strong, customer-focused central warehouse distributor to properly meet the consumer’s needs.

We’re here to make it work.


Team Effort

Nobody can do it alone.

A strong, goal-oriented network support specialist will work with you to ensure the successful implementation of your plan from concept to collective commerce.

Billiou’s Helps You Succeed in your Sales, Marketing, and Service Goals

  • Proven track record of more than 60 years
  • Established Western US dealer base
  • Strong working relationship with major mass retailers
  • Key supporter of manufacturer programs
  • Factory Authorized Central Warehouse Distributor of major national brands





What Billiou’s Can Do for You

While each manufacturer has unique needs – which we recognize and respect – all effective distribution strategies share common components

MapCustomers Need it Quick

Overnight delivery at surface rates is available to most major population centers in our territory, and we are currently expanding this coverage. Combined with our
industry leading fill rate, this insures the customer gets the right part, on time, every time.

One-Stop Shopping

Independent dealers are still the primary channel for moving products through venues outside the high-volume retailers who quickly erode manufacturer profit margins. As a one-stop source for most product lines we’ve become the dealer's preferred choice for purchase decisions, and we can effectively position your products in a strategically located dealer-base.

Complete Service Solutions

Billiou’s has the ability to service the complete product line through the capability of its call center agents to answer service questions and provide technical support via
phone, fax, or email. This is supported by established service centers to provide “hands-on” service when needed.

Market Penetration and Development

Billiou’s trains dealers to provide more than just technical repairs. We also provide training on marketing techniques, improved product displays, and proven best practices for selling. We also match up appropriate dealers to retailers to provide efficient localized customer service.

Market Research

Extensive research and evaluation is given to each product line to assure the programs we develop will best position the products we represent for the greatest penetration.

Dealer Relationship Development

We ensure ample opportunity to get to know our customers so we can better understand their needs and then provide appropriate solutions. We do this through
regular contact via our field sales force combined with various promotions, a highly-trained call center staff, individualized dealer line cards, and field technical training.

Marketing Programs

Various methods are used to further penetrate the market through monthly newsletter promotions, box stuffers, seasonal promotions, and online marketing,
all customized to specific territorial needs.

Moving Beyond the Traditional Market

With the key similarities of the Agricultural and Rental markets, we are growing beyond the traditional Lawn & Garden Market into related businesses that serve a similar customer-base. We are focused on multiple channels to maximize opportunity and to provide the best distribution possible.




Principles for Successful Product Distribution

John BilliouThink of your own purchasing habits. Would you consider going to one store for milk, another for eggs, and yet another for bread? Business purchases by dealers are very similar. In today’s market of tighter dollars, efficiency in purchasing makes good, sound business sense that positively affects the bottom line.

Effective distribution is, in essence, the matching of buyers and sellers. The goal then is to match as many buyers as possible to the sellers we represent. We do this through a process we refer to as synergistic marketing.

Synergistic Marketing

Synergy may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce results that cannot be obtained by any of the agents working independently. This is both an internal and an external process.

Internally, all our departments – Outside Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Purchasing, Warehouse, and Accounting – are working toward common sales performance goals and toward the most important goal of serving the customer well.

Externally, we leverage our multi-line strategy to become more valuable to our dealer-base by functioning as a one-stop shop, allowing dealers to place combined orders for a range of products and to save on shipping costs by combining orders for delivery from a single source.




Complete Sales & Service Support Network

Billiou's offers the best value to manufacturers and dealers needing a strong sales & service network for consumer and commercial products.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales staff is well-trained in the execution of sales plans, whether the goal is to introduce a new product line or to maximize the market potential of existing lines. We offer complete customization and implementation with field, phone, mail, and electronic support.

We know the marketplace and we know our customer base. When you choose us, you put a company with 65 years of experience to work on the projects you need to succeed.

Customer Service

Customer Service AgentFrom order processing to problem solving, Customer Service isn't just a department — it's a way of doing business. Part of our corporate culture. Whether it be order entry, parts research, answering customer FAQ's, or providing inside sales assistance, Billiou's personnel are trained and motivated to provide the satisfying experience that keeps customers coming back. It's not just customer service, at Billiou's it's customer satisfaction.

Logistics Management

You can't sell if you can't supply, and Billiou's offers premium level warehousing, shipping, and inventory management. Our warehouse is designed for maximum efficiency, providing the lowest cost of operation and the highest level of fulfillment.

Billiou's provides "next day" ground delivery to most major markets in California and Nevada, and within two days to Arizona.

A well-managed inventory providing great fill rates with adequate depth and breadth is maintained by continuous and consistent analysis of growing and declining sales trends in real time using the latest software and data interpretation techniques.

Technical Service & Warranty Administration

Billiou's knows the equipment and knows factory policies and procedures. You can count on quick, knowledgeable answers to field service issues coupled with effective policy and procedure implementation and support.

Education & Training

We share what we know in programs designed to meet the needs of internal staff, dealers in the field, or customers in the marketplace. We take the knowledge "on the road" with travelling schools, workshops, and seminars for dealers and customers.


Channel Development

  • Penetrate new geographical territories
  • Reach more customers at a lower cost point
  • Penetrate specialized market segments that require particular skills or specialized knowledge
  • Test new markets with reduced levels of risk
  • Scale the sales operation very quickly in response to new or unexpected demand


"When we can identify a problem and face the problem with confidence and enthusiasm, the solution is on the way."

– Zig Ziglar




Billiou's Statistics

Billious HeadquartersIndustry Leading Service Standards

All orders in by 5:00 PM are shipped same day. Most areas in the Southwest are delivered within 24 hours at surface rates. On average, our fill rates are at 97.8%, phone calls are answered within 30 seconds. We continually challenge ourselves for improvements to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Call Performance Services Provided

We provide both inbound and outbound customer contact for the development and follow up on: sales promotions, dealer prospecting, market surveys, dealer retailer match up and new business referrals.

Effective Field Sales Team

Taking care of our customers is the most important job at Billiou's. With our experienced sales team we are able to provide our customers with the highest level of service and care. With a rapidly changing industry our sales team is always updating their skill and knowledge to provide the best service possible.

Marketing that Penetrates

The Lawn Clippings newsletter has been published for 300 months straight and is an effective communication tool coupled with seasonal programs, targeted promotions, monthly specials, and box stuffers to get the word out and keep it top-of-mind.

Web-Enabled Distribution

From Online ordering, to a secure dealer portal, to service information at your fingertips, to electronic newsletters via email, to Tweets of the latest industry information, Billiou's is positioned well for the electronic age of today's marketplace.



Service Solutions for the OPE Industry

Q: How do I know if Billiou’s is the right distributor for my uniquely positioned line of products?

A: Let’s talk.

Bottom line is that we will not join into a venture we will not be able to successfully accomplish. We openly admit that we are not the right solution for every product line, but we are indeed the right solution for many product lines.

Please join us in a frank, open conversation about your needs and desires and then let us mutually decide if we can benefit one another. We’ve learned throughout many years of experience that the only way we succeed is by helping you succeed. Once we partner, we’re in this together.



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